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  1. Welcome Tom, An all too familiar story. Also had to sever ties as fundamental churches no longer invited me to teach or preach more than just their doctrine. Keep up the good work. Peace, Joseph
  2. Yes, it is through 'knowing' by grace that we are saved from living a life of conditioned unconsciousness that keeps us asleep from the truth.
  3. Well said. Christianity is heard to say sin is a trangression against God or Law. Yet, it also says where there is no Law, there can be no violation (sin imputed), and to be condemed there must a Law, an accuser and a judge. If Christ (as in the annointing or meshing together with our creator) has made a free from the Law and knowlege keeps us from judging ourself through our absence of accusation of others, such a concept as sin is dead. And in Christ there is therefore no condemnation because with that knowledge, our ignorance is absent. Just my 2 cents Joseph
  4. Progressive Christianity does not have a particular dogma concerning life after death. Speculation to me has no particular value . If pressed for an answer I would agree with tariki in his post above. Perhaps it is best left as a deliverence from the pull of the ego based mind. I would find it beneficial to not allow my mind to dbate such an issue. Joseph PS I think death of this flesh will come soon enough to alleviate such an issue.
  5. Hi Jo. In my experience i have found that the world is full of different views and life is filled with uncertainties. Take no views as absolute and uncertanties accept as the cost of being part of humanity. There is an old adage "Home is where the heart is" that perhaps is true but i have found it is not a physical place. Everything seems to me to come to us as we are ready. This journey is your own and it seems to me you can find rest in your own true Self and trust that whatever life force is within you, whatever you want to call that substate of your very being, if you trust with all of your heart, leaning not to your own self understanding, acknowleging 'that' in all your ways, your path will be directed. Worry is not necessary and failure is not an option.. It seems to me, Neither life, nor death nor any other thing or non-thing is able to separate you from the Love for the person you have chosen for us to call Jonielle. You are Home and loved and in time will become more aware of it as you recognize and become aware that everything you need is already within you. Home included. Love in Christ, Joseph
  6. Welcome Jim, You are definitly not alone in your observations concerning the mainstream Christian religion. In my view, there is a peace that awaits the end of our sruggles by the acceptance of our living in a world that is full of uncertainties. May the travels of others here be a blessing to you on your journey. Love in Christ, Joseph
  7. Greetings catnamedgoose and welcome to the forum, Thank you for the introduction. I think there are many that have traveled that same road before including myself. Some are still here and others have continued on in their journey. It seems to me you are on a path of deeper understanding of Christianity and you will find what you are looking for. Love in Christ, Joseph
  8. Welcome Jake, It seems Bart Ehrman has struck a chord with others here also. He has been often referenced in posts on this site. Happy to hear you are finding your studies and Christianity relevant in your journey. It seems to me no one religion or scope of study has a corner on truth and usefulness in one life. I also no longer consider myself a "seeker". Quite a few of the views you share in your post seem to be fairrly common on this site. Joseph
  9. Anna G, I think the first verse says it all..... Note the words that say must shortly come to pass. I don't believe the word shortly is an error so the things written in the book must be as Paul said above interpreted about events contempory to the author and their implications of their past, present , and things which were shortly to come to pass rather than thousands of years later. "1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: Joseph
  10. Personally, i would only saythe universe appears chaotic. However, it is my opinion that it is not.
  11. JosephM

    Back again

    Greetings Tariki (Derek) Interesting dream. Kind of a past dream buff myself. My quick take on it. Fish is a basic source of life to people and tape holds things together and the cheeks are a view of our emotional life. It seems to me you are finished with the emotional need of engaging to feed your basic need. The tape finished getting larger and larger and the fish was removed. While you may think you need to continue with this need (you mentioned). It seems to me it is no loger necessary. (But you already know this) Joseph
  12. I think to be fair we can say just as there is evidence that people are born homosexuals , there is also evidence that people are born pedifiles.. Either one can be classified at times and has been classified in the past by society as a crime. Some are homosexuals yet are able to resist the urge and some are pedofiles and are able to resist the urge. Others are not able to resist the urge regardless of how society classifies it. I'm heterosexual and it appears to me I was born that way. It's the attraction and urge i remember since i was young. Does that make me better or worse than other alternatives? I don't think so .... yet in general, society makes their own rules and defines acceptable conduct and it does seem wise to me to try and fit in. Just sayin.
  13. Welcome Randy, Read a bit of your "Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World". Excellent, easy to read and follow. Thank you for all you do to contribute to Unity utilizing Books and Art and personal change. Joseph
  14. Life can be likened to a complex Computer Program with a multitude of individual subroutines that interact with each other. While each subroutine performs its own actions modified by its code, variables and the inputs and outputs of other subroutines or groups of subroutines and meaning might be supposed by a limited interaction and view, the real meaning of the Program is not in the subroutine but rather the whole of the Program. Program meaning cannot be ascertained as long as the subroutine is limited by ones own code even with the limited interactional view with other subroutines.
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