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  1. I think to be fair we can say just as there is evidence that people are born homosexuals , there is also evidence that people are born pedifiles.. Either one can be classified at times and has been classified in the past by society as a crime. Some are homosexuals yet are able to resist the urge and some are pedofiles and are able to resist the urge. Others are not able to resist the urge regardless of how society classifies it. I'm heterosexual and it appears to me I was born that way. It's the attraction and urge i remember since i was young. Does that make me better or worse than other alternatives? I don't think so .... yet in general, society makes their own rules and defines acceptable conduct and it does seem wise to me to try and fit in. Just sayin.
  2. Welcome Randy, Read a bit of your "Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World". Excellent, easy to read and follow. Thank you for all you do to contribute to Unity utilizing Books and Art and personal change. Joseph
  3. Life can be likened to a complex Computer Program with a multitude of individual subroutines that interact with each other. While each subroutine performs its own actions modified by its code, variables and the inputs and outputs of other subroutines or groups of subroutines and meaning might be supposed by a limited interaction and view, the real meaning of the Program is not in the subroutine but rather the whole of the Program. Program meaning cannot be ascertained as long as the subroutine is limited by ones own code even with the limited interactional view with other subroutines.
  4. Yes, You can search for "the meaning of life" for a lifetime or you can come to the realization that life itself is its own meaning.
  5. Hello Anthony, Welcome to the forum. You are not alone in your quest. Starting your own small support group to meet in your homes would be great if you can find some like-minded individuals. Too much structure seems to me inevitable with larger groups. Best of luck in your endeavors. Joseph
  6. patrolwagon, In context of the entire Bible writings, it seems to me, the Mark of the Beast is invisible to the natural eyes and nothing more than the mind that minds the things of man and the flesh (the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life) , and those whose right hand of fellowship is with such. The Beast itself is nothing more than the thinking mind of man that is no longer used as a tool but rather sits in the temple (body) of man as if it is god directing ones path thinking it is in control. However it fears knowing it has a short time to live and perishes with the using because the Beast surely dies with the body. Joseph
  7. In reality, it is no more or less meaningful. Yes, it is usually more favorable to one to feel satisfied with the living of his/her life. What that encompasses can be different for each individual. Life in this body is subjective at best and ones desires and fulfilments usually affect ones satisfaction with ones living. Having said that, i have found, the only lasting satisfaction while living here, disregards self in favor of the whole.
  8. Yes, there is benefit in "understanding there is nothing to forgive" But that is an understanding normally gained through passing through the dichotomy of unforgiveness and non forgiveness and belief in an independent or objective good or bad which leads most often to guilt. It seems to me, life is a journey and that understanding usually requires passing through the dichotomy of it . In my view, as far as the meaning of life goes, that is to me a non-question. Life is its own meaning in that the meaning is in itself To search for " THE meaning of life" is fruitless because that which gives this life existence is Life, of which source is in, yet also, outside physical boundaries and mental explanations and can only be marginally understood in any sense of the word by being/living That. And then we are left without words. Joseph
  9. Why would that be so, Daniel?
  10. Yes, Just because we may not have a way "at this time" that is available to test/verify something does not make it incompatible with science. Science is an evolving process and not having equipment available at a particular moment in time to test something in my view should not be construed as incompatibility with science in general. Unless of course ones definition of compatible to science is limited to present time science capabilities.
  11. Of course not! 🙂 And if I could move objects without my hands it still most probably would not be free. 😃
  12. Yes, the mind can change the course of events and not only that but also move objects. I do it everyday. My mind says to pickup a glass of water and my hands obey and move it from the table to my mouth. My mind thinks golf would be nice today so i go play golf and in doing so the course of events is changed. It can even be photographed. 🙂😃😄 Just a little bit of humor to change the course of events. lol Joseph PS. Rom, good to see you back. Delete requested done.
  13. That seems like a great starting point to me.
  14. While there may be a myriad of reasons, it seems to me, ones personal life experiences contributes most greatly to ones beliefs.
  15. Hindsight is always better. If the other party was in control, who can say what would have been done. They most often take opposite points of view even if they might agree. One thing that is wise to remember.... Whoever controls the media, controls the narrative and whoever controls the narrative controls the minds of the masses. With the latest impeachment, there will be only be further division. Parties need to stop acting like children and if unity is wanted a party needs to move on , not further agitate those who believe differently. Trump would be gone in another week anyway and now his supporters have something else to be angry about. It seems to me, the divisiveness is not over.
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