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  1. Wouldn't disagree with any of that. And by "paganism" I meant broadly pretty much all belief before it getting started getting formalized into "religions." Out of interest, which country/area do you live in? (Apologies of course if that's an an inappropriate question).
  2. Good question. I grew up in a very evangelical household, and spent a couple of years involved with an organization called Navigators, which was basically about going around converting people. I still think of myself as Christian, though most Christians would probably call me a panentheist. I feel more communality with some Sufis, Buddhists etc. Even paganism - after all, it’s by far the oldest religious tradition, alongside which Christianity is scarcely a blip; it’s based on a respect for Nature, which we’re all going to have to adopt if civilization is going to survive; it’s decentralized t
  3. Similarly, I've checked Christian forums over the last month or two, and gone thrown off a couple of them because I don't believe in the Trinity. The abiding image in my mind from the last month is protestors/insurrectionists waving banners/confederate flags as they stormed the Capitol that said "Jesus is my lord, Trump is my president".
  4. Can't argue with that. was just trying to get a conversation started.
  5. Seems to me that Jesus gave two "great commandments", (Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-312, Luke 10:25-28, etc), which were to love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. The rest, basically, is waffle. For me, the idea of God is pretty elastic. As it is for the Church, from fundamentalists on the one hand to Quakers and Unitarians on the other (where you don't really need to believe in any kind of God at all).
  6. Quite true, but you can only interpret your experience through the prism of what you already know/believe. A good Christian in America would be a good Muslim if they'd been born in Saudi Arabia, and vice versa. Brain scans suggest that heightened religious experience is the same whatever god/spirit/ideology you believe in.
  7. I'm new here, and haven't figured out how it works yet, and am hopeless with websites etc....more of a quill pen and paper kind of guy. I haven't really been on any forums till the last couple of months, and have been searching for spaces where "liberal/progressive" Christians congregate, but haven't really found anywhere, apart from this place.
  8. Agree with that completely. But those are long term goals, and in the short term I can envisage leaving home for higher education reducing, rather than increasing. Too expensive. And online spaces are increasingly dominated by extremes. So what are the "hooks" which would get people interested in an intelligent conversation and find help from a liberal Christian perspective....
  9. Perhaps science and religion just seem oppositional, because so many Christians refuse to accept the place of science. For instance - the world is a sphere, not flat; it's billions of years old, rather than 6,000 or so; humanity is hundreds of thousands of years old, not 10,000; and life evolves. These are "facts," in terms of science - our understanding of them will develop, but they are not unproved hypotheses. But one in six Americans believe the world is a flat disc (14 references in the OT), and among millennials that's one in three. A quarter still believe the sun circles the e
  10. There was a thoughtful post recently, which got me thinking, that included the phrase "who controls the media controls the narrative." Which of course is broadly true - around the world new autocrats' first step is to seize control of the media. Might I respectfully suggest an alternative view though, that perhaps current political problems are because the media are out of control. I think it was back in 1987 that Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine, which required media to report both sides of an argument, if they weren't just reporting straight news. Then in 1991 web serv
  11. Three days ago the US Joint Chiefs of Staff felt it necessary to write a letter, unprecedented in its nature, confirming the inauguration of Biden as President - https://www.npr.org/sections/insurrection-at-the-capitol/2021/01/12/956170188/joint-chiefs-remind-u-s-forces-that-they-defend-the-constitution They refer to "sedition and insurrection". Some of the rioters had body armor, handcuffs, bombs, they built a gallows. 5 people died. A policeman was battered to death. It was planned - some rioters were wearing T-shirts emblazoned with "Civil War 6th January". The riot was incited b
  12. Thought I'd been following the US election closely, and that claims pf problems with mail-in ballots were just made by people who didn't really understand the process or didn't want to or were prepared to lie about it, so thought I'd double check; Here's a useful summary of who has actually been accused of fraud in the 2020 election, seems to be mostly Republicans -https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/voter-fraud-investigations-2020/2020/12/22/bdbe541c-42de-11eb-b0e4-0f182923a025_story.html And a summary of the overall claims/rebuttals- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2020-
  13. Remember Trump's tweet "Liberate Michigan"? Encouraging protestors who opposed Covid restrictions? Two weeks later, armed demonstrators invaded the statehouse. Trying to keep the churches open? Interesting that "Spanish flu" hit rural conservative areas worse, because priests encouraged everyone to come to church, take mass and spread the virus around. The Trump rallies had the same effect, "superspreader" events. Which is why many sensible people used mail ballots. Which is why Trump said they shouldn't be counted. It led to the line of argument "the election must have been rigged, look
  14. Sure Joseph. (Btw I hope I'm getting this reply thing right, systems-wise). I do look at the figures per head of population,and take the kind of factors you're talking about into account. Very broadly speaking, I figure that countries in the East, like South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, have outperformed countries in the west like the USA, UK, Italy etc by factors of 10. Take Vietnam for instance. Coming up to 100 million population. They have a 1000 mile border with China. They have big cities...Hanoi is 8 million+. They've had 3 dozen deaths (and experts don't seriously doubt the v
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