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  1. I think that sums it up. Prayer works, across all traditions. I think of life crudely like a soap bubble. It materializes out of space-time foam and floats free, like a feather on the breath of God. For a fleeting second, threads of biology, history, culture are knitted together by personality. We have this microscopic moment to enjoy, and through a few simple actions hope to leave the world a fraction better than we found it. The actions are hopefully defined by love, which represents the fullest form of self-awareness that we know of. Developing this is cultivating a state of mind
  2. Got the email notification for this, thanks....
  3. Thanks Paul, sorry to be so dumb. John
  4. By that, Paul, you mean a notification on the site? I haven't had an email notification from the site, prompting me to look at something....just wondered if that kind of thing was possible. Without, it's something I just don't remember to do (looking at the site to see what's come in, and if there's anything specific to me).
  5. Interesting, pretty basic stuff. It's easy enough to say "different sources, different perspectives," which rather begs the question of why we should think either source/perspective is actually talking about something vaguely historical. You can find numerous contradictions in the story of Noah's Ark, for instance (two pairs of animals in one instance, 7 clean and 1 unclean in another; the 40 days or 150, etc..). And no doubt you can explain why there are two versions of the story there. But it doesn't alter the fact that a worldwide extinction-level flood within the last few thousand years is
  6. This looks like an old thread, and without some notification that there's an answer up here it seems very unlikely that the person concerned is going to see it. Is there some way of getting a notification system up here when a response comes in?
  7. Great letters. I'm not sure I've got the hang of the site yet (incompetent in all this stuff). Is there a way of getting an email when a reply has been made to a topic you've logged into? Out of interest - anyone come across the Essentia Foundation? I think it's just been set up. Seem to be some serious people there, talking not from a religious perspective, but a "mind before matter" one.
  8. Still is. Ironic how it parallels history. All we need now is for the Americans to buy Greenland, invade Mexico....
  9. "There are real world costs that need to be taken into account. I for one, would have no issue with an annual fee of $10USD. " Paul - I haven't quite figured my way around the site yet, a bit dumb at this.... I've spent a lot of time on Quora over the last couple of months, and was thinking of suggesting that you should just migrate there - you can set your own parameters, what you approve to go on the site etc...and there are vastly more people on it, some of who might come across a Progressive Christianity section... And maybe that's worth doing anyway. But there's a downside,
  10. Used to be my favorite game. I always used to try and get Australia, if I could, as a base, to expand from. Yakutsk was one of those "waste of time" places - it was too difficult to get Asia - too many borders.
  11. I think mainstream Christianity, uniquely today amongst the major faiths, is it does teach that humankind is basically lost, damned, in original sin. We’re condemned from the time we’re born, unless we accept God through His Son by faith (for Protestants), or through the sacraments (for Catholics). The logic is inevitable. If there’s no original sin then no savior is needed, no sacrifice by God to save humankind, no need for a literal resurrection. Conservatives are right in that once you start to pick the thread it all unravels – maybe God doesn’t live up in the sky any more, but then why did
  12. I have two kids (well, adults now), they're good people, I love them very much. I'd do anything to stop them having to spend a minute in Hell/burning lake of fire. The idea that there is a loving God who would condemn the vast majority of the 100 billion or people who have lived on the earth to trillions of years/eternity of torture because they haven't accepted His son as their savior - I just think that of all the teachings,of all the world's religions, this is the absolute worst.
  13. Wish I'd spent my life doing something useful like farming...
  14. I used to be heavily involved as a teenager with an evangelical para-church organization called the Navigators. For a confused adolescent, it supplied context, comradeship, direction, much like being a member of a street gang, or the Hitler Youth. We were the shock troops of God’s Army. The military analogies were often made explicit. I remember a week-long Bible study and leadership conference where the climax at the end was an all-night prayer session, in the manner that a medieval squire underwent in church before taking his vows the next day and being knighted. Praying for a few minutes, o
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