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  1. Hindsight is always better. If the other party was in control, who can say what would have been done. They most often take opposite points of view even if they might agree. One thing that is wise to remember.... Whoever controls the media, controls the narrative and whoever controls the narrative controls the minds of the masses. With the latest impeachment, there will be only be further division. Parties need to stop acting like children and if unity is wanted a party needs to move on , not further agitate those who believe differently. Trump would be gone in another week anyway
  2. John, You have to look at deaths per million population and take other factors into consideration like density of population. Italy and the UK and others have more deaths per million population than the US. Were all their deaths unnecessary? We are 12th in death rate per million population. Also alot of countries like China and Russia may not be reporting accurately. Austrailia is a different beast as its population is spread out. except in a few big cities. NY , New Jersey and Mass which are tightly populated lead the US in deaths. I doubt anyone could have done better. On vot
  3. Well, while i don't have a conclusion of a cover-up of a fraudulent election here, i do see that the Associated press is very capable of and does use propaganda. The AP is a powerful non-profit cooperative published and may i say blindly in many cases republished by more than 1,300 newspapers and broadcasters. The AP operates approximately 248 news bureaus in 99 countries. Trump may be delusional among other things but if one looks at mail in voting one may plainly see it is more subject to fraudulent voting than voting in person with a valid ID. Only a small percentage are caught and
  4. Perhaps they are seeing something the media doesn't report? Perhaps free elections in the US are not as free as originally thought in schools or by past propaganda and many people are now realizing it?
  5. It seems to me "self" is indeed a creation of brain . However, there is a larger "Self" that is part and one with the All . One is fictitious in that it is not real as in a product of ego that perishes with the using and the other is part of the eternal substrate of existence itself. While it seems to me it cannot be proved, it is never-the-less capable of experiencing. Just my own take.
  6. That would be my view also. Some have changed more than others and I find myself hesitant to rate them as the thread title asks.
  7. Greetings Phyllis, Welcome to the forum. Also looking forward to hearing more about seminary school and your thoughts on progressive Christianity. Joseph
  8. Hi John, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have pretty well made the rounds in Christianity. Gardening can be a great pastime and pleasurable experience. Had a farm in Kentucky at one stage of my life and tried a little bit of everything. Hope you find this forum of some benefit and would like to hear some of your thoughts on Christianity today and some of your personal inspirational stories from your journey. Peace, Joseph
  9. 😄 No that's not the worst. I could show you many more Biden videos but what's the point? It is what it is and I am okay with what is and don't remember having been given the power to change it. Anyway if so, that would interfere with my golf, wouldn't it? 😃 On the bright side... golf today... the market is up... Going to the shooting range tomorrow and golf the next day.
  10. Paul, Well, basically the papers are the Democrats. (at least in control) They portray people how they want. It's obvious to me that the major TV and Newspapers are no longer journalists in this country just reporting facts. Personally, i am skeptical of anything they report and its not because of what Trump says but from listening to actual meetings and speeches and then reading the reporting and seeing their slant on things reported rather than letting the reader examine what was actually said for themselves and making up their own mind. As for Biden having a calming effect. Perh
  11. I think Biden MAY have genuinely won yet i don't understand why Democrats are worried about a recount or challenges. If everything is above board and the recounts balance then we will have more confidence in our elections. The number of mail in ballots were soo great that there is a real possibility for fraud greater than we have ever seen in the past. those who say there is no evidence only have to look at past proven fraud with less mail-in ballots. Not every case of fraud gets caught so in the close states it seems to me good to do some rechecks. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud/searc
  12. Good call Paul. Maybe you should gamble more ? 😄
  13. I can relate to what he is saying in my own life , however, personally i found it very hard for me to follow his words because of his accent. 🙂
  14. You Aussie's are real gamblers! I could be wrong but the polls often are slanted to affect the minds of voters. There are a lot of silent Trump supporters who keep quiet to avoid attack by Biden supporters. 😄
  15. Yes, If it goes to the 12th amendment it could be quite interesting as the house elects the president but the senate elects the vice president. In that case it could be if Biden wins with a house vote that Pence could win with a senate vote and becomes Biden's vice. If Biden doesn't make it through his term, Pence would become president and Republicans would take back the White House. (Strange but possible)
  16. Hi 4BeanMix, No, not a member there. Left those kind of sites 14 years ago. To rigid and filled with dogma and intolerance to alternative views. Yet some people are drawn to that kind of drama in their life. I would rather have peace and goodwill toward others prevail regardless of ones personal beliefs. Joseph
  17. I already paypaled my support in full . No need to wait. It's a go..... There is no pulling the plug in a week so if one is going to donate then go ahead and donate now so Paul doesn't have to carry the load for the rest of the 6 months.
  18. The September 2020 Monthly Discussion Board Report follows:New Members Registered: 2Total Members 1778Total Posts 52139New Members rejected: 1 Awaiting user email validation 0New Topics Started: 34New Posts: 164Personal Messenger (convers) 1Active Current Members this month 8Guest visits averaged app 5-10 at any 15 minute time average. Items of Note: Joseph Mattioli is retiring from Site Ownership and Paul Smedley is the new Site owner and head Administrator. Paul has decided to try an
  19. This Discussion Message Board is an internet support community of individuals, mostly consisting of but not limited to those that embraces pluralism and the eight points of Progressive Christianity. An internet place of reaching out and encouragement to those for whom organized religion has proved ineffectual, irrelevant, or repressive, as well as to those who have given up on or are unacquainted with it. A safe place of discussion and sharing of ones views and thoughts concerning the journey or quest for truth and spiritual discovery. A place of challenging discussions where participants come
  20. No. They would not negotiate. They said we should have been paying the higher rate already. Even reminded them we have been a paying customer since 2003. The $45 plan is their least expensive plan as of a year ago. They caught it on a recent change in software and audit of accounts.
  21. I took over in 2009 after our main site was shutting it down because it had deteriorated to name calling and a handful of people plus social media (Facebook) was on the rise. We built this site up to as much as 62+ active members each month and had 3-4 moderators in 2012 In 2014 it decreased to 1/2 of that and as social media became more and more popular has continued to decrease to present day 7-10 active members a month The main site was not interested in further financial support in 2017 and we became self supporting. I am retiring now as site owner and and if this si
  22. Thomas, BTW, This image has appeared with a link to how to become a Site sponsor over 319,000 times the last 2 years with zero response. http://content.invisioncic.com/r11202/monthly_2017_07/sitesponsor1.jpg.4e1d54aab9ea02a7654129fb64513c5e.jpg
  23. Well, if you look at our statistics in the News area you will find we have from 7 to 10 active members each month total (usually the same ones). As an active member, are you willing to contribute $5 a month every month to keep the site going? Ask the same of the other active members. Do you think you could get 8 other members? Would you even be willing to sponsor 1 month at $45 yourself which would be less? Otherwise October 7th will probably be the last day this forum is online. Lets see what kind of response we get here.
  24. Not a bad suggestion Thomas but our present bill of $20/mo couldn't even get but 3 willing to donate $20ea for the whole year . SteveS55 and Paul and myself. So Paul and myself picked up the balance for the rest of the year to this October. http://tcpc.ipbhost.com/topic/4350-help-our-annual-october-fund-raiser/ Perhaps joining Facebook or free social media may be the best suggestion as forums are on the decline. I'm working to see if they will make an exception for our pricing but if not perhaps there are free forums with advertisers paying the bill available elsewhere on
  25. I received the following message from Invision Power Services which is our software provider and host of this site ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rhett (Invision Community) Sep 22, 2020, 11:58 PM EDT Hello, I'm sorry for the trouble here, it seems your site has missed our internal audits, the 25 plan hasn't been offered in a few years now and doesn't include SSL, which has also been required for some time now. Due to a recent update at AWS which hosts our cloud, this is now showing an issue with any site not using SSL. Our m
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