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  1. PS: I meant to add but forgot in my post above this one ... In Matthew 15:21–28, Jesus encounters a Canaanite (Syrophoenician) woman who begs Him to cure her daughter. Jesus initially refuses her request by saying, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs” (Matthew 15:26). Taken out of context, and especially in English, it’s easy to mistake this for an insult. In the flow of the story, however, it’s clear Jesus is creating a metaphor meant to explain the priorities of His ministry. He is also teaching an important lesson to His disciples.Jews in Jesus’ day s
  2. Hey, i don't even believe that the writings are the word of God. But if you want to use them in a debate like the meaning derived from calling the Gentile dogs, it has to be done in context of time and collaborated with the other writings in the book if you wish to get a clearer picture. I am not trying to second guess what Jesus meant as if i know but in the context of all the gospels he doesn't specifically exclude Gentiles from listening to his teachings. He trained Apostles to go out into the world . His mission was to the Jews we agree but not to the exclusion of the Gentiles sharing in t
  3. It seems to me you take it to an extreme in your example here. Being offended at something is not the same as being in slavery. A slave had little control over his situation as a slave but one always has an opportunity to change on how they think about things. Great social distancing (lol). BTW, They defied orders and there was violence and other problems just not as bad as in the US. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jun/06/australian-black-lives-matter-protests-tens-of-thousands-demand-end-to-indigenous-deaths-in-custody When darkness comes
  4. There is an easier way. Paul, just get over it. Change your thoughts and the offense goes away.🙂 No more than Australia. We just have 10 times the population and a whole lot more of crowed diversity. Heck , the newspapers make it sound alot worse than it is. They prey on the negative. Your welcome to come visit and see for yourself. I'll even provide a place for you to stay at no charge though you could help me mow the lawn if your up to it. I'll even throw in some golf. Let's not get racist Paul. 🙂 We are all Americans here except for the illegals. I don't see
  5. Elen, you may be right . For me, the president is not perfect but neither am i. I will not assume that i know what it is like to walk in his shoes and deal with the clientele that make up the rest of government and the slanted new media controlled by powerful people. We all live in the same country but with a myriad of views, different perspectives. It's a wonder with so many congressmen and woman and senator that anything gets done at that level. I am in awe over it. It's like over 400 cooks in the kitchen trying to determine which recipe for supper is best. 🙂 Why can't they?
  6. Beaches cater to the majority of people. Topless ones are usually segregated off so you can go to the regular beach instead. In the US, if there is a topless beach there will also be a non-topless beach. Choose your poison. One could look at anything and have their own opinion concerning it. Change your thinking and the hate goes away. Agreed it may bother you but tastes differ, you are responsible for your own negativity in my view. Yes, we have common ground here. I am all for that. Too bad some have to resort to more violent means than that. I think it is
  7. You have to read it in context with Mathew 15. We see in this passage that Jesus does not in fact call the Gentile woman “a dog” or even “a little dog.” Rather, He compares the situation of conflicting needs to the situation of hungry children sitting at a food-laden table with hungry little dogs underneath, and says that the children at the table must be fed first—to explain why He cannot accompany her to her home. His willingness to grant her second and amended request shows His great love for her, and for all the children of men. That love even bridged the gap between Jew and Gentile, gi
  8. Well, what kind of God wouldn't include everyone! 🙂 The OT shows a mixed multitude coming out of Egypt with the Jews. The word Gentile is not an original Hebrew or Greek word. It is not a blood line. Gentile (from Latin gentilis 'of or belonging to the same people or nation', Yes, Jesus was a Jew and his ministry was focused on the Jews . However this did not exclude Gentiles with faith as in the Mark and Mathew examples. All the Gospels include an emphasis on global mission not just Israel. That is plain to see from reading all 4 Gospels. Why else would he command his people to prea
  9. I think you will find that Jesus used a parable to indicate the gentiles were to be included in the kingdom. In fact many of the Jews were left out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parable_of_the_Great_Banquet
  10. Speak for yourself! You may be rudderless .. but each man/woman has their own rudder and a mind to chart their own course within the limits of the law.
  11. Why is their a need to look at it if it offends one? To me , it is history and i might enjoy the artistry and study the history. If i am offended at a topless beach, why would i go there? Should it be banned or closed? I think not. People are different and in my view need to learn to suffer others with differing beliefs. That is a hypothetical with no existence in reality. We are one country. But just to play along say we were 2 countries, who can say for sure? So why wonder? Countries join together when their is a mutual interest. I was born in a Yankee state (PA
  12. The U.S. Constitution uses federalism to divide governmental powers between the federal government and the individual state governments. The Tenth Amendment tells us that all powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. I think we sometimes expect too much of the Federal government which as designed was meant to have its authority limited. I like that. This gives me the freedom to move to a state that is more in line with my views in the way they operate and the laws of that state. For example i personally would not choose to live in California or New York because
  13. I don't disagree with that. Being over 70 i am particularly at risk and take the prescribed precautions you mention. What others do is up to them. Eventually foolishness will reveal itself to those who do not use wisdom. We can make suggestions to others but each ultimately must be responsible for their own actions. We can do our best to separate ourselves from those we believe might be choosing to act unwisely. The risk of harm is always greater in a free society and i prefer and am okay with that. I have confidence in the talented people we have in this society and believe we will have
  14. Elen, I for one think you are on the right track. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding is a powerful writing that will prove itself over and over. I don't worry about mistakes i may make on the way. God is well able to make me stand in spite of falls or any failings on my part. I know and have no doubt that live die, sink or swim, nothing shall be able to separate me from the love of God which is in Christ. A lot of it has been shared here over the last 11 years and that which is not can be found in a book with both factual and fiction inser
  15. Paul, Always 2 sides of the story on immunity... While this doesn't negate King study, it shows that its only a possible suggestion and more research is needed before it is scientifically proven immunity disappears at some point in time. ----------------------------------- But despite the anecdotal reports from doctors about patients becoming reinfected with the coronavirus, researchers say there's no evidence supporting the notion that people can become reinfected with the virus within a short time period. "I haven't heard of a case where it's been truly unambiguously dem
  16. In my experience no book is needed but ... sometimes the book or a book or person helps us to get to the point where we do not need a book or the other to receive directly for ourself. Some people never get past a book because they are caught up in their dependency on them or unwilling to wait on God for a more personal answer through trust and faith. I would agree with that. Personally i found only when i allowed God to tear down the building that i was taught in 4 years of Bible college and then allow God to build the building did i progress beyond the book part.
  17. 1 John 2:27As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him. Even the book disagrees with you!
  18. Well i am not joking .... life has taught me that only the naive brush off conspiracy as a viable possibility. Every organization i have been a part of has conspired at one time or another, some even which i have been complicit with. Men are not angels and they are always subject to the lusts of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Soros "open Society" may not be classified as secret though some is planned in secret, and some may dismiss it's lack of secrecy as not a conspiracy but the fact remains... his large wealth and views are being used to pervert the course of history whi
  19. Thomas , Why don't you tweet your thoughts to President Trump himself instead of thinking you are some kind of all knowing judge, jury and executioner here! You seem pretty good at ranting yourself. We acknowledge your hate and despise for him so why don't you think about just letting it go and allow yourself to heal?
  20. Or a degree of herd immunity that you don't believe exists. 🙂
  21. You can't believe everything you read. In fact 50 % is made up and the other 50 is questionable. I wouldn' trade living here for anywhere else in the world. No war here in the villages. Yhe protesters know better than to venture here. 3000 active gun club members. 🙂
  22. I don't think you understand Trump or what he is working with to make such a claim. I give him an A.
  23. Do you suppose that Italy and Spain are not as smart as Aussies? Or your Queen, federation of States, or monarchy is smarter. I think not. We all have our unique problems.
  24. It's easy to stop it in its tracks with the density of your country compared to ours. Don't give your country too much credit.🙂
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