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  2. Welcome to the Forum, Bible123. I hope you enjoy participating here and find the site of value. Cheers Paul
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  4. Hello to everyone, nice to be here and hope to grow in Christ through a better understanding of the gospel!
  5. Yes, the definitions they are applying are certainly a biased interpretation and not what is properly understood by the terms.
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  7. Clearly the poster has not thought this through. ie a celibate priest by definition would be considered asexual by his definition ... assuming a he.
  8. I think to be fair we can say just as there is evidence that people are born homosexuals , there is also evidence that people are born pedifiles.. Either one can be classified at times and has been classified in the past by society as a crime. Some are homosexuals yet are able to resist the urge and some are pedofiles and are able to resist the urge. Others are not able to resist the urge regardless of how society classifies it. I'm heterosexual and it appears to me I was born that way. It's the attraction and urge i remember since i was young. Does that make me better or worse than other alternatives? I don't think so .... yet in general, society makes their own rules and defines acceptable conduct and it does seem wise to me to try and fit in. Just sayin.
  9. Like I said, I don't know where you get your definitions from. Here's a proper definition for you that shows you that the true meaning of sexual and sexuality is not about sex acts alone like you portray. You are simply wrong: sexual /ˈsɛkʃʊəl,ˈsɛksjʊəl/ Learn to pronounce adjective 1. relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals Desiring to abuse a child is NOT a lifestyle. It is a sex act and it is a crime. It's like calling rape a lifestyle. Again, you are simply making up you're own definitions based on your bias. Homosexual love between two consenting people is nothing like pedophilia - this is a very common error in many Christians' mindset. No, they are not. Again, you are just making up your own definitions. Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. Hetero or homo sexuality pertains to the gender that people are sexually attracted to. Please, refer to a dictionary to better understand definitions rather than your personal bias. So you're saying heterosexuals as a defined ethnic group (that is, they are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex) is a lie? I'm afraid this is crazy talk to me. You are off on a tangent my friend. I hope you come to better understand the issue one day.
  10. So if some has a singular and intense desire for people of the same sex but are celibate, they are not homosexual? See ... here you say desire is a lifestyle ... So is pedophilia a life style or an act? Make up your mind. What ???? You seem to be incapable of not conflating gender and sex. Biological sex is simply an XX and XY binary with very rare exceptions with other combinations of X and Y chromosomes. Regarding gender, for me this gets a bit more complicated. What environmental forces are at at play for people to have/feel a gender that is not in line with their chromosome inheritance. Some argue it is societal, whereas my bet it is ultimately chemical. Incredible lack of understanding of how one's biases are fogging one's argument.
  11. I'm not going to continue arguing with you. But to be absolutely clear, I'm not trying to convince you to believe anything, or say that what you believe is wrong. I'm saying that *I* don't hold the same beliefs and that a lot of other Christians don't hold them either. But we're still Christians. You don't get to dictate what Christians have to believe, but you are 100% entitled to believe it yourself. Feel free to respond, but I won't be responding anymore on this matter. I've been as clear as I humanly can be.
  12. As i stated... You are a product of your "church", as you are defining what you say is wrong regarding what im teaching, based on what you have been taught. So, you are become, what you are defining me to be. Now, i explained that i am not a denomination. You do not hear me talking about my church or what my church says, as im not that person. Im not what my church told me to tell you, and that is why, i only quoted what Jesus said... "how do we know that is what Jesus said, said the skeptic"?, which is the same as me telling the Atheist,....."you can't prove that God does not exist'.
  13. I'm not the one trying to dictate some form of "truth" about what Christianity is to you though. I'm only sharing what my Church teaches as an example that Christianity isn't always a consistent monolithic message even though they use the same Bible. I'm not trying to convince you to believe what I believe, but you are trying to dictate that what you believe is the one truth that all Christians must believe. Sure, Jesus existed, but at the end of the day, you've read about him in a book written by people, and interpreted by people, and people are deeply fallible, and tremendous capable of interpreting the exact same things in wildly different ways. My whole point is that neither of us should have the hubris to try and dictate to others what the "truth" is. But you seem determined to try and tell me what my faith should consist of. Well...you can try.
  14. Isn't your point of view based on what you are describing as why i have mine? "fastguitars, you believe what you believe based on what you have been taught to believe". Well, Kellerman, welcome to yourself, as what you believe is based on your group, and your point of view is consistent with those you classify as your "church". As for me, im not a part of denominational thinking. Why is that? Its because Christianity is not a religion, and Denominations were not created by Christ or by the Apostles. Denominations are the work of MEN, who decided that "their opinion" was going to be the rules and regulations that defined THEIR Denomination., and so, they are defining your point of view, which you think, is you own point of view. Not quite. So, setting the traditions of men aside, and all the POV that create religious POV, let me just just say this... Jesus is real. He died on the Cross. He came out of the Grave. And He said that "No person comes to the Father by by ME". If this is not true, then there is no reason not to keep believing what your particular "church" teaches, which is...>"your opinion is truth, and all truth is relative".
  15. Homosexuality is not the attraction, its the sex acts. "Homo" = same or one. "sexual", = type of sex you enjoy as a LIFESTYLE. "homosexual sex" is what defines you as a homosexual. Desiring to molest little children is another type of sexual lifestyle....so, should we believe they are "born this way" and legalize them also? C'mon. Did you realize that every Transgender is a homosexual? So.....Notice that this is distinctly different than being "born black" "born a woman", "born a native American" "born a jew". See those? So, the issue..... the LIE, is when a "group" is given ethnic status based on "sexual attraction" and this is taught as "its the same as being born a "woman". "its an ethnic group". See that LIE? = Thats the media driven cultural shell game of nonsense.. See how they had to try to legit sex acts, as "ethnic group", ????? = so that they could legalize the FAKE "civil rights" of the person based on their sex life, as if this is the same as being "born black", "born a woman" "born a asian". "born a jew". = "born this way". Its incredibly deceptive nonsense, and some really bright people can't even realize it, because they have become media led sheep.
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  17. Welcome to the Forum, Randy. I hope you enjoy participating in current threads here and also enjoy the wealth of information contained in past conversation threads. Cheers Paul
  18. Welcome Randy, Read a bit of your "Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World". Excellent, easy to read and follow. Thank you for all you do to contribute to Unity utilizing Books and Art and personal change. Joseph
  19. Hello. I am a new member. So pleased to find this site. I am an author, artist, and speaker focusing on union, reunion, and communion with The Divine. (LinkToRandy.con) I've just released my sixth book on Amazon, "Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World." A workshop within a book, this book shows people of faith how to become architects, ambassadors, and workers for a new age of unity, sustainability, peace, and love by embracing Christ Consciousness through longing, presence and loving. I hope you'll check it out.
  20. Sorry, autocorrect must have corrected Rom to Ron. As for not caring and spirituality not being compatible, that's actually the *only* way for me that they're compatible. Like you, I can't resolve a spirituality that actually makes any damn sense, so it's only in letting go of trying to make any sense of it can I tap into any sense of spirituality. I feel *something*, I have no idea what it is, it might be a brain tumour, who knows, I don't really care because it doesn't matter. So yeah, agnostic, sure. My church makes space for that, we even have an openly atheist minister. That why I like my church, so that's why I identify as a Christian. I'm also Jewish, which also makes space for agnosticism and atheism, and makes space for us to shrug and say "we cannot possibly understand this, we just follow the rules". I'm none too fond of the rules though, which is why I'm just an ineffectual Jew, but I did always love that it was always okay as a Jew to have no clue what the heck was going on. As for my Church "begging the question", I have no idea what you mean. The church has an 8 page document outlining their position, and it starts with something along the lines of God is holy mystery, wholly unknowable. I like it. It works for me.
  21. it's rom Fine I will consider you an agnostic from now on. But when you say things like your church does not think it can know god ... Something similar anyway. I assume you buy into this notion to some degree. But then your church to some degree is begging the question. Having said that, theism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. Erh what ... I understand the words ... but definitely can't reconcile your behaviour with them? There's nothing "wrong" with your behaviour. Not caring and spirituality seem difficult to squeeze into the same can, at least for me.
  22. I think you would benefit by asking yourself....why wasn't Jesus required for more than 160,000 years of any God/human relationship?
  23. I don't know where you get your definitions from, but heterosexuality (or homosexuality for that matter) has nothing to do with being committed as a sexual lifestyle but rather gay people are simply attracted to people of the opposite (and heteros to the same) sex. It is who they are, it is not a choice. They can be no more committed to a sexual lifestyle than you are committed to breathing air. It is just part of them living. And if you understood what civil rights were you'd realize the gaps in your argument. Civil rights - guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. So you'll find that most of your heterosexual civil rights came about already, due to heteros being the majority group. Minorities, such as blacks, women and gays are still trying to gain certain civil rights pertaining to them because of bigots who don't think their lives should be treated equal as others. It's not hard really - treat everybody the same whatever their ethnicity, whatever their sex, and whatever their sexuality. Love your neighbor as yourself, as somebody once said. I think you're 'truth' is a little messed up.
  24. Tell me, where do you get your certainty as to the "facts" of God's will? Did human beings who are equally certain of said "facts" teach you this? Because I wasn't taught by such certain, "factual" clergy. If you and I traded upbringings, you would probably be the one who had more vague notions of faith and I might be berating strangers on the internet that their version of faith is "factually" wrong. Who knows. That's one of the most fascinating parts of studying religion. The inability to separate out faith from social conditioning.
  25. My church has a very, very abstract doctrine, and doesn't fuss too much about any "factual" details of the Bible. My church teaches of God as unknowable, not as a discrete being with a specific will, but as a larger concept of the interconnectedness of all living things. However, it doesn't really matter what my church teaches, I'm not trying to preach anything. My point is ONLY that YOU don't get to dictate what Christianity is. You are entitled to believe what you believe, entitled to preach what your particular version of Christianity claims to be the truth, but Christianity is not a monolithic belief system. There are different types of Christians all over the world with vastly different beliefs and moral systems. You don't get to define what they should believe. You don't have to agree with my church, but you also don't get to invalidate them. My church is not some obscure fringe, it's one of the oldest and largest Christian institutions in my Country. They have as much claim to Christianity as any. You've been taught what you've been taught, and you are entitled to believe it, but don't for a second assume that others aren't entitled to a different interpretation of what it means to be Christian. You don't own that. No one imbued you with the power to own that.
  26. Ron, I've already told you that if you want to consider me an agnostic, then go ahead. Please stop arguing with me that you think I'm agnostic, I'm perfectly fine with the label. Like the facts/theories/information conversation, it's largely semantic. I truly don't really care. And yes, I can tell that you and I are highly aligned in our thinking, but that we approach it semantically differently, which is also perfectly fine by me, but you seem determined to convince me of something, which you really don't need to convince me of, because I already largely agree with you except in the most abstract and truly not important of terms.
  27. Heterosexual, is defined as "sexual desire for the opposite sex, committed as a sexual lifestyle". Homosexual is defined as "sexual desire for the same gender, committed as a sexual lifestyle". Have you noticed that there are no "civil rights" given to "heterosexuality", but they are given to "homosexuals"? So, what does that mean? It means that civil rights are given to homosexuals, based on their sex life, as that is what defines them as "Gay". So, how can that be the same as civil rights given to women, blacks, or an ethnic group? A.) It can't, so, its a lie that is being legally performed, as "gay rights", based on this lie..."born this way". That's not a reality. That is a Lady GaGa song that has become accepted as truth by people who are media led sheep. However, its not truth.
  28. Well, its like i just told someone else. If Jesus didnt rise from the dead, then you have a point. However, if He did come out of the grave, and He did..... then you have a problem that you can't solve by analyzing it, or speculating about it.
  29. Christianity is built on 2 situations. 1. Jesus said that He is the only way God. John 14:6 and offers that you can be freely restored back to relationship with God. In Christian terms this is ..."reconciliation" or "Salvation". 2. Jesus rose from the dead proving that what He said, is true. Now, if both of those or one of those is not true, then dont worry about it., Live your life in search of...... But if Jesus came out of that Grave, alive, then that's a different alternative that you can choose to ignore, but it wont be ignored once you die. If the grave is the end, then, have fun and do what you will. However if Jesus came out of that tomb, alive...... and He did, i can promise you this.....then, you have till the end of your days to allow God's love, which is that CROSS, to deal with your sin. You get to choose this, and God will honor your choice after you die. That is a promise.
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