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  3. I'm not sure you can call it gambling, Joe. Looks more like a guaranteed investment! Well, maybe not, but here are the booky's odds as of today:
  4. You Aussie's are real gamblers! I could be wrong but the polls often are slanted to affect the minds of voters. There are a lot of silent Trump supporters who keep quiet to avoid attack by Biden supporters. 😄
  5. Yes, If it goes to the 12th amendment it could be quite interesting as the house elects the president but the senate elects the vice president. In that case it could be if Biden wins with a house vote that Pence could win with a senate vote and becomes Biden's vice. If Biden doesn't make it through his term, Pence would become president and Republicans would take back the White House. (Strange but possible)
  6. I suspect that Biden will win. The polls give him enough of a lead to be comfortable, and the blocks that supported Trump in 2016 are not as strong for him this year. What happens if the results are close enough to be challenged? I think this is possible, but not likely. If the election goes to the House of Reps to decide, it's a tossup, unless the Dems take enough states.
  7. Not trying to reignite any passions either way, but clinically speaking, how do people think the candidates are fairing in their chances for winning the Presidency? At this stage, I think Biden is heading for a win, perhaps not overwhelming but not by the skin of his teeth either, in my view. Things can change, but I do stand to win $80 if Biden wins which I can donate to maintaining this Forum for a bit longer anyhow!
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  9. Heiser’s exegesis centers around God being unique, but creating and governing with a divine council. Heiser also shows how the Hebrew word elohim is the class of all supernatural beings. Angels, demons, ghosts etc. are all elohim. God is an elohim, but other elohim are not God. Not an expensive book either.
  10. Thanks @Burl. The Unseen Realm looks very interesting. Academic biblical studies used to be more of a focus of mine.
  11. N.T. Wright’s Paul: A Biography. Academic and lengthy but a new classic. Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm. Probably the most thorough Biblical researcher in original languages writes on the Bible’s concept of non-worldly beings and environments. Secondarily, his follow-on books Angels and Demons. Shorter and fascinating with lots of conversation material.
  12. I have a pretty good theological library...but I haven't added anything significant to it for about a decade. Yeah, "slacker". That' me. Bottom line: I used to be current. Now I am not. So what's good that's new? And by "new" I mean within the last 5 years or so.
  13. The TCPC Org site has made a small donation, but that is all so far in addition to Joe, Irreverence and myself. Indeed it may be time to move on, but irrespective I am prepared to cover any shortfall ($115USD at this stage) for the next 6 months to guarantee the site doesn't just disappear at short notice. All members have an opportunity to contribute in any way to keep the site running if they want it to. What happens after April next year is unsure at this stage. I will be looking at what can be done to keep the site alive, but options may be limited.
  14. Hi 4BeanMix, No, not a member there. Left those kind of sites 14 years ago. To rigid and filled with dogma and intolerance to alternative views. Yet some people are drawn to that kind of drama in their life. I would rather have peace and goodwill toward others prevail regardless of ones personal beliefs. Joseph
  15. Paul, I have no issue with a donation but I am concerned that no one seems interested in continuing. Certainly you and Joseph, at least for 6 months but other than ireverance, is there anybody else? Trying to determine if it is time to move on given a lack of sufficient numbers to make it interesting.
  16. Hi all. I joined the Christian forums (https://www.christianforums.com) around the same time as joining here. I was curious to know if anyone here is or was a member there, and if so, what were your thoughts ? There are two things I'd like to say, one minor, and one major : 1. The minor point is that I was banned from the site today. I was banned outright, without any warnings. I know the last thing I posted was somewhat OTT (although factually correct), and was in all likelihood the reason I got the boot. Apart from the lack of notification, I am not concerned about the ban, as I wa
  17. Tom, As Joseph said, keeping the site up and running for at least the next 6 months is a go. I don't particularly want it all to fall on me either as that is simply not going to be financial sustainable, but I don't want to see the site disappear either. There's way too much valuable resources to seekers here to simply ditch it all. But when I get back from work in a couple of weeks I intend to look into things more to see what options/choices there may be. In the meantime, I'm of course happy to receive any donations from anybody interested. Just Paypal at 1paulsmedley@gmail.com
  18. The stream that has influence me most is postmodernism. The authors that have influence me most are John Caputo, Peter Rollins, and Mark Taylor.
  19. I already paypaled my support in full . No need to wait. It's a go..... There is no pulling the plug in a week so if one is going to donate then go ahead and donate now so Paul doesn't have to carry the load for the rest of the 6 months.
  20. Pipiripi, If the 10 commandments are so important to God, what is your explanation for God not sharing these with other cultures in the world for several thousand years after their issue to Moses? For instance, the aboriginal people of Australia never even heard of the bible or a monotheistic version of God before Europeans started arriving in Australia in the 1600's (and aboriginal people had been in Australia for some 70-90,000 years before then). Why would God want to deny such cultures these 10 commandments for thousands of years? On that basis, why wouldn't God want aboriginal peo
  21. Seems we have 7 days for a final decision. Let's see if there are others (already Paul, Joseph, Irreverence, me) who are willing. If not then I guess it becomes a question of waiting 6 months or pulling the plug in a week?? I don't want it to all fall on Paul. Thanks Paul tom
  22. The September 2020 Monthly Discussion Board Report follows:New Members Registered: 2Total Members 1778Total Posts 52139New Members rejected: 1 Awaiting user email validation 0New Topics Started: 34New Posts: 164Personal Messenger (convers) 1Active Current Members this month 8Guest visits averaged app 5-10 at any 15 minute time average. Items of Note: Joseph Mattioli is retiring from Site Ownership and Paul Smedley is the new Site owner and head Administrator. Paul has decided to try an
  23. Irreverance & Thormas, Thanks for your preparedness to support the site somewhat and for all those excellent suggestions. I am definitely keen on keeping this forum alive but have to acknowledge that both money and time to maintain it may be an issue going forward. With Joseph's financial assistance and any other donations that you guys and hopefully others may be prepared to make, I will carry the balance for at least the next 6 months to keep the site running during this transition period and see what we can do about financial support. In short I am not going to be able to financ
  24. Now, with the 'revelation' of his (trumpster) taxes we see what many in NYC, most in the real estate world and many others knew: he is not a good business man, owes millions, has failing businesses and takes questionable 'business expenses.' And this clown questioned Obama's taxes years ago.
  25. This Discussion Message Board is an internet support community of individuals, mostly consisting of but not limited to those that embraces pluralism and the eight points of Progressive Christianity. An internet place of reaching out and encouragement to those for whom organized religion has proved ineffectual, irrelevant, or repressive, as well as to those who have given up on or are unacquainted with it. A safe place of discussion and sharing of ones views and thoughts concerning the journey or quest for truth and spiritual discovery. A place of challenging discussions where participants come
  26. Makes sense but I'll let others react as I have never been part of FB
  27. Interesting, I haven't thought of Carmelites in decades. I do like your idea of 'God in the silence.'
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