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  1. The numbers I am talking about were the number of deaths extrapolated by the cdc formula to get a more realistic number of the people actually infected. Also the 3 months haven't really expired now except to only to a minority of those infected who had a weak antibody response. (about 17% of the people.
  2. Absolutely without a doubt. I also think that as you indicated , one needs to be open to it and consciously very present.
  3. Well it seems logical to me that the more people that have recovered regardless of reaching true herd immunity the less the 2nd spike will be on start-up. The data from those 4 states is no coincidence and the 5 million people in NY that have recovered will definitely have an effect on a 2nd spike. The numbers don't lie and the graphs on the 2nd spikes are calibrated by the first spike which was greatest in those cities.
  4. If one takes a look at the deaths per million for NY, NJ, MA, and CT you will see the death rates per million is over 1000 for each of these states and far higher than those states currently experiencing pronounced spikes.. If you extrapolate the number of deaths by the fatality rate for covid-19 by "The CDC’s current best estimate of the COVID-19 infection fatality rate of 0.65%" you will find all of these 5 states are closer to approaching a degree of herd immunity than others . That's why their 2nd spike is so much smaller than the first one. For example NY state has 32,817 deaths att
  5. Welcome Jerry, Feel free to enter any discussions that interest you. Joseph (open to living life rather than living the questions or holding all the answers)
  6. Where is your proof that God wrote Genesis 1? What even makes you think it is literal? Show me the talking snake and tell me what kind of fruit grows on the tree of knowledge of good and evil so i might believe !
  7. Cancel culture — the phenomenon of promoting the “canceling” of people, brands and even shows and movies due to what some consider to be offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies. Cancel Culture to me is an attempt to stifle and cancel free expression by the claim of harm because of what someone or some symbol says to a person that they find offensive. As Obama says its not activism ... its being judgmental so you can feel better about yourself. It's in my opinion toxic because it is so subjective it is often taken too far .
  8. When some protesters get violent, if you are a peaceful protester and have any common sense, you leave that area or else you become part of the problem and make it difficult for the police to protect the innocent from getting caught up in a dangerous situation.. At that point technically there are no more peaceful protesters because they have made themselves complicit by remaining with the troublemakers.
  9. That is the definition of forgive. for·give /fərˈɡiv/ verb stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.
  10. Elen, We can only change ourselves. Yes, we can influence others but requiring others to apologize or repent before we forgive them is to miss the point. The other has to deal with his/her own issues which is mostly not in our power to change. Our issue is to forgive. When one truly sees that to not forgive will harbor anger and resentment unconsciously and make it difficult for us to sense our connection with God and the Oneness of being and joy and peace in our life the choice for forgiveness will come. These are some of the strongest writings to confirm it if you need biblical quotes a
  11. Paul, Here is an interesting article from CNN that make change your bet odds . 🙂 https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/07/31/cnn-piece-on-what-critical-swing-voters-are-thinking-now-and-its-dynamite/
  12. That's not what she said. Don't you read posts?
  13. Yes, i agree with our constitutional system for the election of the president . Every government official on both sides swears up front to uphold the constitution of the US. If things don't go your way, change the constitution or live with it. State and local governments have their own system and if one doesn't like it they can try to change it within the law or move to another state that is more in line with their thinking. It's nice to be certain about another , isn't it? 🙂 Disagreement is allowed. Perhaps they do have power over you and some others? However,
  14. Communities have their own charter and way to change which is not bound to the constitutional system of electing the US president. I'm okay with that.
  15. Obviously you don't agree because your however statement negates agreement with what Burl said His entire statement is an important insight into what forgiveness really does. There is no burden placed on the other by any unforgiveness you might have. Unforgiveness is the burden.
  16. Get your facts straight Thomas. NY is not the most densely populated city in the US even if it was stated by ellen. NY city ranks 6th in density
  17. Depends on who you are polling. If what you say is the case then take it up with the community for a vote. I will abide with my community wishes here.
  18. Sorry to say but they probably have herd immunity by now and not because of a great job by the governor of NY. NY had 1685 deaths per million people. California had 234 per million people, Florida had 327 per million people, Texas 241 per million. The only one worse than New York was New Jersey with 1790 per million. You can check my figures here as they are current as of yesterday. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ There are even 2 states with more cases than NY but as far as deaths per population, NY and NJ are the worst.
  19. Perhaps when you get over your so called harm and hurt, then they can be removed grasshopper. 🙂 We Americans and a majority i might add want to retain these things. I hear your claim of harm and hurt and perhaps you may or may not understand what is going on behind the scenes but this isn't all about statues and monuments. We could cave in to it but that is not the real issue nor will it bring healing. Hurt and the harm spoken of is internal. The statues only have the power you give to them and it will not end there, in my view.
  20. Those are extreme examples and i understand the reluctance to forgive but when one realizes that they themselves if they were born into the bodies who did this to them and had the same genetic makeup and life experiences they would be that person. While we may deem one worse than the other the fact is we have all at one time erred and as James 2:10 says " For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." And as Jesus said in Math 6:15 and in the other gospels "But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
  21. The July 2020 Monthly Discussion Board Report follows:New Members Registered: 4Total Members 1773Total Posts 51244 New Members rejected: 0 Awaiting user email validation 0New Topics Started: 29New Posts: 443Personal Messenger (convers) 3Active Current Members this month 10Guest visits averaged app 10-20 at any one timeItems of Note:- NoneJoseph MattioliDiscussion Board Admin/Moderator/Forum Site Owner
  22. No problem. That is your opinion. Let the community decide. It expresses history. Brave and noble people on both sides who fought for what they believed in. What one believes in doesn't always win out. War is a terrible thing where there are no real winners. Do you suppose the Civil War was all about slavery? Read this historical take on it by author and historian Reed Lannom. "Putting aside the political and economic causes of the Civil War, when assessing the men themselves, the personal motivations of most who did the fighting on either side, had nothing to do with slav
  23. Carification, okay ... 'right' used as - morally good, justified, or acceptable. Society or the rulers at the time dictate and establish what is right , morally good, justified, or acceptable at any current point in time. It may or may not be agreeable to an individual and he/she may be ahead of their time but the consequences remain until the change occurs. "right" in the sense of true or correct as a fact is not applicable in my statement.
  24. Never bothered to count them. Key Largo fl has "Christ of the deep statue " I guess that could offend a non-believer or different religion. Islamorada fl has a hurricane monument. I wonder if it is to honor the hurricane. BTW, the monument is also a mass grave. Miami fl has a holocaust memorial. Who might it honor? It's history, not to be forgotten. Then let them say so without malice. There would be no disagreement here. We can't stop people from hero worship and we certainly can voice our dislike of it. Still, some will worship statues as heroes but there is a history an
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