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  1. Nah ! It's what we here in the US call a declarative question. I don't know the history on the phrase but i know an Aussie that has used it more than once.πŸ˜ƒ Yes, society as a whole thought slavery was okay at one point and that is the way society works and it usually and hopefully evolves beyond such beliefs as time passes. As far as making something right or not right goes, that to me is irrelevant. I simply do not view it that way since reality and the evolution of collective consciousness dictate societal norms that will ultimately change with time. Do you suppose that real
  2. You put those words in my mouth not me. Certainly the odds are against a minority group but society as a whole reaches an agreement in time as a majority of society or the elected representatives of society agrees with the issue at hand affecting the minority. Patience grasshopper. πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Yes the majority of people but not States, and we are a republic, not a democracy. I'm fine with that as it makes for in my view fairer representation for the States. I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.
  4. Speak for yourself when you use the word "we all" πŸ˜› In 2016 the polls were certain for a Hillary victory. A lot of people lost a lot of bets. πŸ˜› Just have patience grasshopper and the silent majority will speak when its time. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ Seriously, who ever wins , wins. Yet maybe this time it would be good for the Democrats to just eat crow and try to cooperate with the president instead of being so divisive after the election. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
  5. Yes but many of other ethic backgrounds may also agree with them. All US citizens are Americans first. Democracy is not the cry of a single ethnic background nor the loudest though it may sometimes seem so. I don't agree that all statues were place only to honor the man and "never just as historical markers"Most states are like Florida and I quote from their site... "The Florida Historical Marker Program is one of the Division of Historical Resources' most popular and visible public history programs. It is designed to raise public awareness of Florida’s rich cultural hist
  6. Well, i can't agree that people don't have a choice. While they may not be ready at this time to forgive, the choice will remain until they make it or destroy themselves. When Jesus is recorded saying "as you forgive others it shall be forgiven you " it seems to me he understood that lack of forgiveness was a self destructive tendency from which the only way out is forgiveness of the other. My personal experience is a testimony to that precept. There are physical laws and there are spiritual laws and forgiveness in my view is a spiritual one.
  7. On forgiveness...... The lack of forgiveness to me is like driving down a bumpy road that gets worse with fewer turn-offs. When it gets bad enough for an individual it seems to me from experience they will surrender the inability to forgive no matter what was previously making it incapable for them to do so. In extreme cases, it may take them to their dying breath. I have found there is no forgiveness for self until one forgives the 'other' because in my view of reality there is no 'other'. In our innermost being we are all One.
  8. Thanks for the introduction and welcome to the forum. May you find some benefit to your journey here.
  9. My life is a continuous prayer. I cannot separate myself from God no matter how hard i have tried in the past. Definition of Prayer = a spiritual communion with God The only separation between you and me and God is in your mind that perishes with the using. You can quote me on that. πŸ™‚ Joseph.
  10. I would agree with that. It seems to me that Sufism was meant to be a path from the heart rather than religious dogma and doctrine.
  11. I would vote to have it removed. If i lost the vote, i would let it go or if so inclined work toward garnering more votes to have it removed peaceably in the future. You take it out of context by quoting a partial sentence. (a no-no on this site) What i said "A statue if historical, does no harm to me and if anything acts as a reminder of the past not to be repeated." Besides what i am advocating is non-violence change by the majority rather than the minority who violently destroy them and encourage it There is a peaceful way for change and a violent way. While i
  12. That's right and it should be an expression of the community to determine what statues are displayed on public property and not a violent minority removing them by violence. As far as private property, we fought for freedom of speech and i am not bothered by one who wishes to display a confederate flag or statue or picture of Hitler though i would never vote for such a thing on community property. And in that case i would respect the vote of the majority. No harm to me either way but the point is obviously that the community at the time felt it appropriate whether to honor someone
  13. Hi 4BeanMix, Welcome to the community. You are not alone as a lot of x-Catholics have moved on to a similar more progressive stance. Many people have passed through this site on their personal journey and I'm hoping you will find discussions beneficial to your own personal journey until that time. Joseph
  14. First of all i am a human being. Second i am an American and of least importance i am an Italian. To me my ethnic background is of trivial importance to me at this stage of life. A statue if historical, does no harm to me and if anything acts as a reminder of the past not to be repeated. . In your hypothetical my answer would be i would be wisest to get over it and i would benefit by ignoring and not giving the inanimate object power over me. In America we have freedom of speech and expression and that goes whether i agree with what is being expressed or not. If my neighbor wants to fly
  15. As to do with Cancel Culture as relates to "doing no harm". If a statue offend you, then ignore them. History is to be remembered , not forgotten. If we are to be harmed by statues that to me represent history but to you may represent something else..... then where do we draw the line? Some people are sensitive and offended by the slightest thing. How do we identify doing harm to the other? and where do we draw the line over things that one needs to get over and things that do need to be changed? Exactly what does the statement in the other thread by Paul S. mean when he says "All power to yo
  16. VR, It would be best to put under our special topics forum under book discussions or media, whichever is more appropriate to the discussion.
  17. I would agree with that. I don't think it is a myth but the Bible version in my opinion may contain some past down confabulations.
  18. Here is a paragraph from the president of ProgressiveChristianity.com Fred Plumer. "I also suspect that even if a group of progressive Christians gathered to discuss the same subject, we would have a hard time agreeing on what we mean by the term God. It would be easier, I presume, for most of us to agree upon what we did not mean. We might be willing to let go, for example, the idea of some anthropomorphic being who may or may not respond to our prayers and supplications. Most of us would probably reject the idea of a supernatural theism that has haunted Western Christianity for over 160
  19. Many Progressive Christians today identify with Panentheism. In panentheism, God is viewed as the soul of the universe, the universal spirit present everywhere, which at the same time "transcends" all things created. While pantheism asserts that "all is God", panentheism claims that God is greater than the universe.
  20. Hi viatimor, I would not be interested in contributing through Zoom or Google meet. I think this site would be sufficient for your discussion and anything external would take away from this forum function. You could make arrangements to meet in a thread on this site for your discussions with those so inclined. Joseph
  21. Yes, welcome to the group. Feel free to present your specific ideas.
  22. Ellen, I think that your perception of the word of god is as good as any i have heard. What it is NOT seems to me to be easier to define.
  23. The 8 points while some may see them as dogmatic in my view they are not as they are subject to change as you have seen over the years. The 8 points in my view is not a belief system nor dogma. Here on our main ProgressiveChristianity.org site it reads ......... " Progressive Christianity is inherently always evolving and progressing. Please take these lightly but seriously. They are not dogma, they are simply a starting point to establish conversations and a foundation of values and beliefs that we have observed Progressive Christians generally share. It’s ok if you don’t agree with all
  24. It seems to me regardless of the location (US, Austrailia, UK, etc.) when ethnic origin becomes more important to an individual than assimilating into that established society, there will always be a THEM and an US , whether white against black or black against white or any minority based on color or religion or culture, racism will prosper and always provide an opportunity to pop up its ugly head. We can have diversity but it must include assimilation for peace and law and order to prevail. That's my two cents or if your Australian with more than 2 cents, 2 bobs.πŸ™‚
  25. Trump - great payout One may need to know Biden's running mate before betting. He seems to have a major problem affecting him.
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