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For general discussion and dialogue about whatever issue is on your mind.  


Got a significantly different view? Got an opinion to spout? This is the area, but beware... We will continue to delete posts in all areas of the boards - including this one - that we do not feel are presented in a manner that is respectful of other viewpoints, or seeks to convert, or coerce, or attack.

If you do not subscribe to TCPC 8 points in principle and are a member of this forum, you are still welcome to participate as a member in this area as long as you keep in mind you are expected to behave accordingly. Calling a PC non-Christian or making any derogatory remarks of a personal nature to any other member is not an acceptable part of debate/dialogue on this board. It provokes and serves no useful purpose here. It is always safer to ask questions or just state your point agreement with or against or counterpoint. There need be no losers or winners in this section. We are all here to share, learn, support, understand each other better, encourage and grow in Love rather than to criticize, name call, or telling people they are wrong. PC also respects other religions as listed in Point 2 on the main board. De-meaning or putting down other religions accomplishes nothing and will also not be tolerated here.

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