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  1. Well this was sort of my point in the a/ignostic thread. Of course it is only an opinion that the Nazis who self identified as Christian are not Christian in actual fact. But I hope you see the contradiction in your two positions you have stated. Who is the censor that limits definitions? And more for Joseph than you Elen, if I were to express the opinion that may Germans had succumbed to a nonsense belief that Arians are somehow a master race and better than say Slavs or Jews, would that be inappropriate? After all it is just an opinion.
  2. For some this is the end suffering … not seeing the world in duality/
  3. Don't they get to define for themselves who they are?
  4. This was likely true for the senior ranks … by and large And likely not true for the rank and file that carried out the orders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Nazi_Germany And of course Gott Mit Uns was on most German soldier belt buckles - regardless of denomination.
  5. I get this Joseph. For me, calling a concept nonsense is being 'nice'. I think you may have pointed out reason alone won't persuade anyone. So from my point of view I am using the tools at hand. Whether it works or not is another matter. Also I think we have to consider bystanders who have not made up their minds. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, some opinions are just flat out wrong. I don't mean to offend and if I do offend anyone my apologies. But as you are likely well aware the responsibility feeling of offence lies not just with the offender but also with the offended
  6. Well this assumes God exists. I wanted to reply to this before I was away last week I'm not disagreeing with your experience here Joseph … I could argue I've had similar but my interpretations are different. Firstly, I think we need to be a little circumspect about how we interpret our experiences. I have given my example of the red kitchen chair. There are similar arguments around the experience of sound. I used to have (and I suppose I still do at times) a sense of free will. We both seem have come to a conclusion that this experience is an illusion. So we understand we do
  7. Pain, beauty, grief, suffering etc are a product of the brain chemistry.
  8. Perhaps I will, but you are confounding must be quantifiable with can be quantifiable. And which of these are not written in grey matter?
  9. I can't help thinking when people talk about god, they are somehow confounding the concept of god with the universe. I am not denying people's claims regarding the experience of god (or God). But we are definitely made up of stardust and in this sense we are connected to the universe. It would appear our mathematical descriptions of the fundamental forces suggest they extend to infinity. Quantum theories suggest that the probability of events happening are determined by the state of the universe. I think Carl Sagan's words We are a way for the cosmos to know itself … are quite telling (I
  10. No you were flat out wrong … but could not find it in yourself to admit it.
  11. I just strummed through my On the Origin … I did not see any table or graph (I was disappointed) And what I have read of On the origin I don't recall a single measurement being reported. Comparisons yes. Can you give me an example of non material. Things like concepts and ideas are writ large on paper or in grey matter.
  12. I could … but in the past when I have made similar requests of you, you have brushed me off. Try the the thread where you asked the question
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