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  1. To me its just gruesome thinking that the only way such a God can be satisfied is firstly, to have humans murder his son, and then secondly, that humans thousands of years later have to believe the stories or else they will suffer eternal punishment. An all-powerful God who's only way to prevent people suffering an eternal torture is to ensure his son is killed and then stories about him are believed, seems terribly gruesome to me and if any human alive today tried that on with their own child, we'd all call that person a lunatic.
  2. It is a gruesome verse when a non-Christian thinks about it. To think that a Father would require his own son to suffer and die a cruel death, just so that the Father himself is appeased by the act, is ludicrous! Yet, when you're on the inside, it seems as normal and acceptable as the air we breathe. That is for most - a few of us get away!
  3. Welcome to the Forum, NewLeaf.

    I hope you find the Forum of interest and look forward to your participation in any discussions.



  4. Thanks for the reminder Kellerman that not all Christian groups are so passionate about correct belief - maybe just the vast majority! :). It sounds like your mob have a much healthier focus than what I was referring to in my mind as traditional Christianity. No, you are exactly right. There well may be a Christian church (or some other spirituality as you say) that I enjoy participating in but to be honest, I think that horse has bolted. I don't really feel any desire to seek out any such church/spirituality and find my little bit here and my family/social life is all the 'communit
  5. I have that vague sense too, but do simply wonder if it is my imagination. But then again, if we all came from the same big bang, maybe there is somehow a connectedness that is beyond our current comprehension. There is something that stirs in my heart when I am in the company of people I love and we are all at peace and enjoying each other's company. That and the stirrings that pure nature give me. Strangely enough, so am I. Perhaps not completely prepared to throw it all away, but not sure either that any of it means anything. But comfortable enough in my not knowing. If only C
  6. Welcome Fuzzychaos, Personally, I think Church often gets in the way of otherwise perfectly healthy and rewarding beliefs for people. I'm ex-evangelical myself, you could probably say I threw out the baby with the bathwater and assumed an agnostic atheistic position as a young adult, but which I now find leaves a little room for me to wonder if maybe there is something 'more' to our existence, but at the same time fairly reconciled that I don't expect there is. Either way - I try to live my best life and am happy with that. I hope you enjoy reading and participating here. Some tim
  7. I liked the video, Lachlan. Whilst like Rom above I don't think I should care about what Revelation has to say if it's being interpreted as a message from or representing God, but I do find it interesting from a historical point of view. And I do think many Christians would benefit from a better understanding of where the bible's writings really comes from instead of what get's passed off in Church these days as 'fact'.
  8. I agree. I don't take the bible as THE literal word of a God, so most of the points made above mean very little to me. I take out of the bible the inspiration and interest that I find of value, and leave the rest.
  9. So Joe, do you think it is more meaningful to live a life one feels more satisfied with compared to living a life that one doesn't feel satisfied with? I know it's never going to be all beer and skittles, but still, is there any relevance to what we make of this life, whilst we exist?
  10. Hmm, that is a good point. I could be that person who I might be forgiving if not for the circumstances that I'm not them, but I'm me. So in a no-free-will world where we simply are what our experiences have made us, how could we do anything but accept another's actions as they are. That could have just as easily been us. No credit, no blame. Interesting. Yes, maybe!
  11. Thanks for those links. I'll enjoy having a rummage through there.
  12. Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I see forgiveness as something that benefits the forgiver more so than the forgivee. That is to say, by forgiving somebody who has trespassed against me, I am choosing to 'let the matter go'. So the issue is really less to do with the forgivee, and more to do with how the forgiver feels. Much like how the forgiver applies meaning to their own life and how they enjoy a red chair. Obviously we live in a society (the entire world) that approaches justice from the point of view that there is wrongdoing and acts that are judged as 'wrong' by whateve
  13. Yes, that's why I think we should take 'meaning' with a pinch of salt. But if during my existence I personally feel that I somehow benefit from doing something, that would seem to personally give my life meaning to me, wouldn't you agree? I just think it might be a nicer way to live out one's existence, with a feeling that there is some sort of meaning & purpose to this brief existence simply in and of itself, with zero expectation following it, if one can. Yes, there is still a long way to go for many to understand suicide. Most suicides unfortunately, are people who don't reall
  14. I think it may be open in that people 'believe' there is an opening, but I'd be pretty comfortably betting nobody can demonstrate consciousness outside of our brain. That there could possibly be 'something' after death has to be open by the very fact that we cannot prove what happens after death. But the lack of information coming from those who have already died is deafening! I don't know about it being the 'best' - I would say Buddhism is up there but it is not as familiar because of my culture - but I do find it (or how I interpret anyway) as a good model. That is, to try and li
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