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  1. I guess I see the main hook as being the general topic itself: The relationship between the Bible and Science. If someone from a more moderate perspective were to put a website together that was intentionally geared at helping people from a more conservative perspective appreciate science, it would be easy enough. In order for it to work best, I think that teasing blog articles could get attention and lead to signing up for a regular email. That email (which goes to private accounts so people could read in secret) would create a narrative over time designed to empower readers to question
  2. I think this science vs religion divide is a major problem. But I think that part of the problem is that certain religious communities reject science and therefore delegitimize it as a source of truth...unless they get sick and have to go to the hospital. So, it's nearly impossible to overcome since they are exposed to the narrative from an early age. We see this rejection of science as an issue with how to prevent the spread of COVID and whether to accept vaccinations. I don't think the resistance to science is that unpredictable. After all, if your primary authority is the Bible, and yo
  3. Welcome, @Faith201! That's a great question. Whether one can be both Christian and pagan depends on who you ask. I don't have any issues with it. You might be interested in reading ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path. It's a really good book. And here's one I've not read yet, but would like to some day: The Path of a Christian Witch. Here's another one I've read, but I'm not so sure I recommend: Christian Wicca: The Trinitarian Tradition. The problem with this one is that the description of Christianity is exclusively of an evangelical type, and I would argue highly inaccurat
  4. I notice you posted this in two forums. I'm going to copy/paste my reply here to keep all the conversation in one place. @PaulS or @JosephM, can we lock or delete the other thread to focus this conversation? Here'w what I wrote... Hi phylmor! Welcome to the forum. You mention this is for a seminary assignment. It might help if you share the nature of the assignment with us. Knowing that in advance might help focusing responses.
  5. @John Hunt, great reflection. A book I read sometime back, An Atheist Defends Religion, argues something similar regarding values. While he was not religious himself, he argued that the human race needs religion because the values it promotes (in general) are good for humanity. This level of values simply can't come from the scientific world. Fwiw, I'm not sure the "isms" are less effective than religion when it comes to binding human beings with an identity. I would argue that religion is no more and no less effective. As elements in our meaning-making process, the effectively serve the
  6. I really liked this video. Love the way it includes both adherents and atheists.
  7. Hi phylmor! Welcome to the forum. You mention this is for a seminary assignment. It might help if you share the nature of the assignment with us. Knowing that in advance might help focusing responses.
  8. I love this. Neat! It must be great to be able to have all those insights at your fingertips at work. I appreciate the pagan perspective (if there is such a singular thing) myself. I think they have a lot to teach the world, especially when it comes to respecting the other. Well, at least in theory. From what I've seen, openness to others is a developmental task for all religions, and just like with Christians, pagans can also struggle with the ability to make room for others. But I love the de-centered approach to religion. Here's a question that I think paganism challen
  9. Hi John! Welcome to the community. We're glad you're here. I didn't even know they had a Christianity section on Quora. I should check that out. Do the answers come mostly from an evangelical perspective there? When you say "local parish" what denomination are you referring to? Just curious. Also, can you share what you are hoping to find here (or elsewhere on the web)? I'm interested in hearing where your spiritual quest is taking you.
  10. Speaking of news, I think it's important for people to know how biased or accurate their source is.
  11. @PaulS, thanks. Here's hoping things go as smoothly as possible. Meanwhile...
  12. Plotting and scheming. Just plotting and scheming...

  13. Funny you mention his accent. I was thinking last night that his accent seems to be slowly disappearing compared to his earlier vids. Good luck with his earlier stuff! I think he's talking about completely accepting relativism. Acceptance that my truth is relative to me doesn't mean it can't also be absolute for me, yet open to transformation. That opens the door for a co-created reality, which I find liberating and empowering.
  14. "I wanna push people right into the heart of darkness because that's where you're gonna find the light." I'm a big Peter Rollins fan.
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