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  1. Well I mean that's kinda the point of the video, that Revelation had an ancient context and was not an Oracle for specific events in the future.
  2. So I made a video explaining the Mark of the Beast in its ancient context of Rome and persecution etc. Would love to know what you think about these topics.
  3. This video looks at contradictions in the Bible from an approach that doesn't seek to harmonize disaparate accounts but regonises their differing perspectives. Focusing on the ancient reasoning behind the differences.
  4. I saw this video recently, explaining how there are older flood stories than Noah's Ark. I won't spoil it, but its basically like Noah's ark is deliberately referencing other flood myths. Which got me wondering, do you think it matters for Christianity if the flood didn't happen? Because a lot of my conservative friends think you might not be a christian if you don't believe Noah's ark happened (that's a slight exaggeration). VIDEO (5 mins long, entertaining) https://www.youtube.com/embed/fXTxOOIVE6k
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