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  1. Why would that be so, Daniel?
  2. Yes, Just because we may not have a way "at this time" that is available to test/verify something does not make it incompatible with science. Science is an evolving process and not having equipment available at a particular moment in time to test something in my view should not be construed as incompatibility with science in general. Unless of course ones definition of compatible to science is limited to present time science capabilities.
  3. Of course not! 🙂 And if I could move objects without my hands it still most probably would not be free. 😃
  4. Yes, the mind can change the course of events and not only that but also move objects. I do it everyday. My mind says to pickup a glass of water and my hands obey and move it from the table to my mouth. My mind thinks golf would be nice today so i go play golf and in doing so the course of events is changed. It can even be photographed. 🙂😃😄 Just a little bit of humor to change the course of events. lol Joseph PS. Rom, good to see you back. Delete requested done.
  5. That seems like a great starting point to me.
  6. While there may be a myriad of reasons, it seems to me, ones personal life experiences contributes most greatly to ones beliefs.
  7. Hindsight is always better. If the other party was in control, who can say what would have been done. They most often take opposite points of view even if they might agree. One thing that is wise to remember.... Whoever controls the media, controls the narrative and whoever controls the narrative controls the minds of the masses. With the latest impeachment, there will be only be further division. Parties need to stop acting like children and if unity is wanted a party needs to move on , not further agitate those who believe differently. Trump would be gone in another week anyway
  8. John, You have to look at deaths per million population and take other factors into consideration like density of population. Italy and the UK and others have more deaths per million population than the US. Were all their deaths unnecessary? We are 12th in death rate per million population. Also alot of countries like China and Russia may not be reporting accurately. Austrailia is a different beast as its population is spread out. except in a few big cities. NY , New Jersey and Mass which are tightly populated lead the US in deaths. I doubt anyone could have done better. On vot
  9. Well, while i don't have a conclusion of a cover-up of a fraudulent election here, i do see that the Associated press is very capable of and does use propaganda. The AP is a powerful non-profit cooperative published and may i say blindly in many cases republished by more than 1,300 newspapers and broadcasters. The AP operates approximately 248 news bureaus in 99 countries. Trump may be delusional among other things but if one looks at mail in voting one may plainly see it is more subject to fraudulent voting than voting in person with a valid ID. Only a small percentage are caught and
  10. Perhaps they are seeing something the media doesn't report? Perhaps free elections in the US are not as free as originally thought in schools or by past propaganda and many people are now realizing it?
  11. It seems to me "self" is indeed a creation of brain . However, there is a larger "Self" that is part and one with the All . One is fictitious in that it is not real as in a product of ego that perishes with the using and the other is part of the eternal substrate of existence itself. While it seems to me it cannot be proved, it is never-the-less capable of experiencing. Just my own take.
  12. That would be my view also. Some have changed more than others and I find myself hesitant to rate them as the thread title asks.
  13. Greetings Phyllis, Welcome to the forum. Also looking forward to hearing more about seminary school and your thoughts on progressive Christianity. Joseph
  14. Hi John, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have pretty well made the rounds in Christianity. Gardening can be a great pastime and pleasurable experience. Had a farm in Kentucky at one stage of my life and tried a little bit of everything. Hope you find this forum of some benefit and would like to hear some of your thoughts on Christianity today and some of your personal inspirational stories from your journey. Peace, Joseph
  15. 😄 No that's not the worst. I could show you many more Biden videos but what's the point? It is what it is and I am okay with what is and don't remember having been given the power to change it. Anyway if so, that would interfere with my golf, wouldn't it? 😃 On the bright side... golf today... the market is up... Going to the shooting range tomorrow and golf the next day.
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