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Members wishing to reach me privately concerning TCPC issues can contact me using the forum PM system or If you have at least 100 posts and wish to contact me verbally concerning this forum you may PM me with the number you wish me to call you at and i will call at my earliest convenience..


JosephM (TCPC Discussion Board Moderator/Administrator)

Brief history:

Born in 1947 in PA, USA

Raised and graduated high School in Florida

served 4 Years USAF

Worked on radar systems, computer repair, Manager Manufacturing, Commercial pilot and aerobatics instructor.

Moved to Kentucky in 1979

Worked in Computer Sales, Software Engineering at GE, Graduated as Gemologist (GIA) , Jewelry store Owner/ Entrepreneur, Ordained Christian Minister, Author of 2 published Christian Books, retired and presently Moderator/ administrator for ProgressiveChristianity.org

Religious Background:

raised Catholic (when Mass was in Latin)

Left Catholic faith at 14 with no religious preference

Born Again experience at age 33

4 years correspondence TVD Bible college

Usher, Prison ministry Chaplin and Sunday School superintendent for WV Grant Jr TV Ministries, Cinc, Ohio

Attended , ministered and evangelized at various full gospel Churches

In 2002 Published a progressive book and was no longer invited to preach or minister at traditional churches i was associated with.

Studied other religions including Buddhism and Hinduism

Found much in common with Progressive Christians and TCPC and presently grateful and privileged to be serving any way I can to share whatever I am given and to encourage others that are on a sometimes difficult journey. I am now personally no longer a seeker nor am I looking for that which has already apprehended me and Is.

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