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  1. But is there a need to transcend self? Can we not just accept that 'self' is part of the 'all' and that's that? I think sacrificing carrots, even by a vicious stoning, would have been a much better option for humanity!
  2. I'm not sure the US is out of the woods yet, with the way Trump is behaving! One can only hope this sideshow will finish soon enough. Then again, there seems to be millions of Americans who seem happy that Trump is behaving this way. Go figure.
  3. No, not daft at all John, and I for one enjoyed your little examination of each religion and what they have to offer. I wonder when 'we' did start believing? I expect it was when our distant relatives first started to develop self-consciousness. As you mentioned elsewhere, there is early evidence of our relatives the Neanderthals practicing ritual and ceremony - it's not a big step for me to imagine earlier hominoids asking questions about what they didn't understand (which would have been a heck of a lot I imagine way back then) and developing spiritual answers instead of scientific
  4. I wonder what people's thoughts are on Trump's efforts to overturn the election results, to have the Senate reject the Electoral College's outcome, and his encouraging of a protest in DC on 6 Jan?
  5. I wonder if religions, like Christianity, start out with good intent but as they become further and further removed from the initiators, they get changed and warped by well-meaning, but ultimately mistaken, individuals and groups. I certainly think Christianity morphed from what Jesus actually meant to later early Christians making excuses for Jesus not returning when they expected. 'Theology' started getting developed around Jesus by people who didn't know him and were several generations removed from the Jesus experience. I think most religions have something to offer, otherwise they
  6. Let's hope we can work on that in 2021, John! I know there are lots of great people who have previously been involved here and that new people come through all the time, so I expect we will see peaks and troughs. Numbers wise 2020 was a bit of a trough, but I can see that changing this year. 4BeanMix, I am not and have any never been a member of Christian Forums, so I can't rally speak from experience with them. Here we have very rarely banned anybody from this site and have only on the rarest occasions suspended anybody for a short period (1 or 2 weeks). This has always been pre-
  7. Hi all, just an update. I am now funding this forum by myself at a cost of $540 USD/year. I really don't want to see the forum go by the wayside and am investigating ways to make it more financially viable past 2021. In the meantime, if you find any value in maintaining this forum, please consider contributing a month's worth of fees or in fact anything you consider reasonable to help share the load. Please know that your use of the forum archives or participation here do not, and never will, require you to make any donation. It is only if you feel the urge to help out that I ask you
  8. Here's wishing all members and visitors to the Progressive Christianity Forum here, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year, no matter which country you live in, and we look forward to things improving on the Covid-19 front in 2021. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Satisfying Saturnalia - whatever your reason for the season, best wishes and may you experience health and well-being throughout 2021. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi there Faith, Welcome to the forum. I hope you like participating here and I hope you might even get some answers to what you are seeking. When I read your question I looked into paganism and its connections to Christianity and found that there is a thing called Christopaganism, where adherents combine the elements of both Christianity and Paganism. So it would seem that indeed there are those who believe it is possible to be both Christian and Pagan. I can't say I have ever had any feelings for becoming a witch, Christian or otherwise, and I don't label myself as a Christia
  10. Understanding evolution has a lot of implications for theology and Christianity I believe. Perhaps that's why many try to deny the science. Each to their own, I guess.
  11. So true, John. I think it also 'hardens hearts' to a certain degree. Christians who believe their loved ones, family, and friends who are not 'saved' so either deserve or simply will suffer eternal misery, whilst they experience eternal joy and bliss in Heaven, must have to harden their hearts to some extent to shield themselves from feelings for those they are separated from. I just cannot fathom how my mother could ever be happy in Heaven knowing that myself and her grandchildren are suffering eternal torture and pain. I can only imagine that these people need to start hardening their he
  12. I thought Neanderthals were also humans, albeit a different species or even subspecies, but I get what you mean. Perhaps once we developed self-consciousness, these questions began to appear.
  13. For me personally, I find it hard to imagine a God separate to humanity 'out there' somewhere, but still loving us as if we were his physical children. For me personally, such a God would have way too many questions to answer, e.g if you do really love us, why do you let little children suffer paedophile rape and torture? Are you powerless to intervene or do you think that sort of cruelty is beneficial? Why do little children get cancer and die painfully? Why don't you 'play your hand' so to speak and make it beyond all doubt that you are an existent creator? Etc etc. These were quest
  14. Welcome Phyllis, I hope you enjoy the forum and perhaps it may even be helpful and contribute to your seminary studies. I see you have already asked a question concerning creation and evolution, so I look forward to participating in that discussion next. Once again, welcome. Cheers Paul
  15. John, I'm still learning what functions we can and can't perform on the forum (I'm no IT guru and the forum platform is an off-the-shelf hosted one), but I think that if you choose to 'follow' a thread you will receive an email when a comment is made there? The 'Follow' button is roughly in the top right hand corner of the thread. I think also you may get an email notification if you are 'quoted' in a thread, but not a notification just because somebody has posted within said thread (unless you ar efollowing the thread as per above). You can also see what might be new on the forum overa
  16. Hi John, Welcome to the forum. We’re a mish mash from around the globe here - I’m in Australia myself. We’re also a mish mash of different beliefs, ranging from the odd evangelical through to atheists, and many different degrees in between. I hope you enjoy participating here and find our little forum useful in your journey. Cheers Paul
  17. That's an excellent tool, Bo! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Speaking of golf, I seem to be on the improve. Yesterday I hit 58 on each of the front and back nine, where normally I’d be in the 70’s!
  19. Without a doubt, many (i.e. a lot of) media outlets are more and more putting their slant on reporting. More and more they are catering to their audiences. That's what business first is driving these organisations too. Typically I read from Fox News and CNN and then figure the truth is probably somewhere around the middle. Often facts about actual occurrences are not in doubt, but anytime I read a media outlet 'interpreting' what some of these facts mean, I am dubious. I didn't mean to imply that Biden is having a calming effect, just rather that when you question why ‘Democrats’ are
  20. I don't see the 'Democrats' being worried about recounts or challenges (I think there's a difference between what the media portrays and what is actual) - if anything Biden actually seems to be the Presidential epitome of calm and restraint where he is saying nothing other than "stay calm, we won, let that sink in for Trump, and eventually all will be well", and come Jan 20 Biden will be President. What I think any fuss may be about is that many don't like to see Trump not acknowledging Biden's success, not being prepared at this stage to embrace the transition which is so obviously going
  21. I wonder what members think about the election result. Did Biden genuinely win or was the election rigged as Trump has claimed?
  22. Personally, I don't believe a supernatural place called Hell exists whatsoever. Certainly, the kind of Hell somewhat portrayed in the New Testament (a place of eternal suffering and punishment) has nothing in common with the previous +500 years of teaching in Judaism, which although English versions of the bible use the word 'hell', it is actually referring to their belief in Sheol, a place where all the dead go (except for maybe a few exceptions such as Moses and Elijah). A burning, punishing hell is a Greek development that was adopted by Christianity. Bart Erhmann, who is an expert o
  23. Well it's a good result for me in the election. My betting agency has already paid out for Biden AND during the counting they blew the odds out for Biden to $3.50 at one point, so I dropped another $45 on him. So thanks Trump, Biden and the American people - I have a tidy $200 profit to my name now!
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