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  1. I liked the video, Lachlan. Whilst like Rom above I don't think I should care about what Revelation has to say if it's being interpreted as a message from or representing God, but I do find it interesting from a historical point of view. And I do think many Christians would benefit from a better understanding of where the bible's writings really comes from instead of what get's passed off in Church these days as 'fact'.
  2. I agree. I don't take the bible as THE literal word of a God, so most of the points made above mean very little to me. I take out of the bible the inspiration and interest that I find of value, and leave the rest.
  3. So Joe, do you think it is more meaningful to live a life one feels more satisfied with compared to living a life that one doesn't feel satisfied with? I know it's never going to be all beer and skittles, but still, is there any relevance to what we make of this life, whilst we exist?
  4. Hmm, that is a good point. I could be that person who I might be forgiving if not for the circumstances that I'm not them, but I'm me. So in a no-free-will world where we simply are what our experiences have made us, how could we do anything but accept another's actions as they are. That could have just as easily been us. No credit, no blame. Interesting. Yes, maybe!
  5. Thanks for those links. I'll enjoy having a rummage through there.
  6. Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I see forgiveness as something that benefits the forgiver more so than the forgivee. That is to say, by forgiving somebody who has trespassed against me, I am choosing to 'let the matter go'. So the issue is really less to do with the forgivee, and more to do with how the forgiver feels. Much like how the forgiver applies meaning to their own life and how they enjoy a red chair. Obviously we live in a society (the entire world) that approaches justice from the point of view that there is wrongdoing and acts that are judged as 'wrong' by whateve
  7. Yes, that's why I think we should take 'meaning' with a pinch of salt. But if during my existence I personally feel that I somehow benefit from doing something, that would seem to personally give my life meaning to me, wouldn't you agree? I just think it might be a nicer way to live out one's existence, with a feeling that there is some sort of meaning & purpose to this brief existence simply in and of itself, with zero expectation following it, if one can. Yes, there is still a long way to go for many to understand suicide. Most suicides unfortunately, are people who don't reall
  8. I think it may be open in that people 'believe' there is an opening, but I'd be pretty comfortably betting nobody can demonstrate consciousness outside of our brain. That there could possibly be 'something' after death has to be open by the very fact that we cannot prove what happens after death. But the lack of information coming from those who have already died is deafening! I don't know about it being the 'best' - I would say Buddhism is up there but it is not as familiar because of my culture - but I do find it (or how I interpret anyway) as a good model. That is, to try and li
  9. I’ve been contemplating the meaning of life a little recently (for no particular reason – maybe I’m just getting older) and I still seem to come to the conclusion that there is no meaning of any real consequence whatsoever – it’s just what we make of it. I should clarify that I mean that I cannot see or understand any interpretation that somehow life goes on after this one and that there is anything ‘somewhere else’ that means anything or has any connection to this life. Perhaps there is, but if so then I have to say that it is beyond my understanding entirely. But I’m all good with that -
  10. Good point - I hadn't noticed that the 2020 version was still dated 2012! Unfortunately I have no idea if the ProgressiveChristianity.org website intend to release a later guide or not. Sorry.
  11. Brad, I see that the ProgressiveChristianity.org site offers a study guide for the 8 Points for $15 here: https://progressivechristianity.org/resources/study-guide-for-the-8-points-of-progressive-christianity-2012/ You can find a substantial excerpt for Point 6 here: https://progressivechristianity.org/resources/point-6-from-the-8-points-study-guide-peace-and-justice/ But other than that, I'm not sure there are any free study guides. Cheers Paul
  12. Personally, I like the good bits of the Christian faith that try to encourage love for all, forgiveness of others, less judgement of our fellow humans, and peace in general.
  13. You're far from dumb, John, I have no doubt. Hope it's now working okay for you.
  14. I guess for many, it is the comfort that they get from reading and perhaps believing in such texts. It's certainly a cultural phenomenon (i.e many are born into it) and others who might be attracted later in life either need something or perhaps are looking for something else. I'm not saying that's the best way for things to proceed, but rather just offering my two cents about why some people find ancient texts like the Christian bible as attractive.
  15. Too true Rom. I think even back in the days of ancient Rome, people were attracted to 'old' religions, philosophies, world views, etc. I think linking Christianity to the older ancient Hebrew bible was the foot in the door for Christianity in Rome at that time. But like you say, our modern knowledge of where our species came from and how it developed certainly warrants adoption of new perspectives.
  16. John, Did you have a look at Rom's guidance? Here it is repeated in case: Click on yourself top right hand corner Account settings Notification settings Mentions and My Content Highlight email You should be able to activate either or both site notifications and personal email notifications. Cheers Paul
  17. This seems to me to be very similar to non-religious meditation. I utilize an app called 1GiantMind which follows the same process, but focuses on using the word 'ahum' repetitively, and encourages you to not force your thoughts but just gently come back to the word 'ahum' when you mind drifts and starts thinking. I really find it stress-reducing and beneficial.
  18. At 8.01 the speaker says "But these contradictions in no way discount the message that these authors were trying to communicate". I don't know how everybody else understands integrity and truth-telling, but for me, if the author is making stuff up just so they can present their view, then I think it is very reasonable to discount their message, or at the very least, question it. Perhaps instead of contradiction we are simply often dealing with storytelling that has no factual basis.
  19. Hi LouAnn, I'm all the way over here in Australia so not much use to you for recommendations, but I hope you find something that suits your needs. Cheers Paul
  20. Other than quoting somebody (like I have you here - so you should have received a notification that I replied to your comment) the only other way I think is if it is your thread (like it is WandaM's here) then they should also receive a notification that somebody has commented in the thread they initiated. So in short, WandaMc should get notifications that somebody has commented in their thread.
  21. Thanks John. I will investigate Quora further. I guess you get what you pay for, hence our higher annual fee which covers the cost of the hosting and the licence/platform to use their (Invisions) Forum software. Thanks for the offer to assist with costs - I have sent you an email.
  22. I think this is why Christians (in general) have fought/do fight tooth and nail to decry evolution as a scientific fact - it destroys the original sin story of Adam and Eve. Those who do accept evolution (but still believe in Jesus being a sacrificial savior) then have to come up with a new narrative, such as original sin coming into being when human beings developed self-consciousness, but still, that eliminates the whole Satan as a fallen angel story too.
  23. PaulS

    Future of the site

    Too true 4BeanMix. This forum costs $540usd per year just to cover the hosting costs. However, I wouldn't want to discourage participation here or restrict access to the forum archives by requiring people to pay for use. A couple of members have generously contributed a month's or two fees and at the moment I simply encourage people who find value in participating here to consider donating by Paypal to 1paulsmedley@gmail.com (that's me). I'm still trying to work out ways to generate enough to cover costs here, and would welcome any other suggestions from anyone. Cheers Paul
  24. I didn't know until today that that unless you come from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), mine will always be the biggest!
  25. Just thought I'd share this pic showing the size of my state (Western Australia) against Texas and some others. I had a bit of a giggle when it reminded me of my visit to Texas in 1990 when a taxi driver called us liars and tried to kick us out of his cab. He had been bragging about 'big' Texas (we soon came to learn it was a bit of a 'tourist' thing) and telling us it took half a day to drive the length of Texas. We told him it took nearly two whole days to drive the length of our State. He simply couldn't believe us.
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