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  1. I think you're right, John. It's easy to laugh at this stuff, but really it is scary to think that so many Americans are so convinced of these beliefs. I'm sure they are a minority, but a very dangerous minority nonetheless - like the mob that stormed the Capitol carrying christian flags and banners. What if they had succeeded? What if Trump has succeeded in overturning the election? Would the US eventually be experiencing a Theocracy? Is such that far off? And how twisted is the thinking that their version of God put Trump in power (with, to put it mildly, all his character flaws),
  2. Without a doubt there are millions, if not billions, of people who quite rightly would feel that the world is not getting any better, based on their personal perspective and actual experience in particular. But we are getting better, in lots of ways. Life expectancy has increased tremendously across the globe, including in Africa and Asia and the world as a whole average. Child mortality rates have plummeted in the last 100 years - even in India where families lost 50% of their babies only 100 years ago, today experiencing rates of 5%. Global income inequality has been on
  3. Seems to go hand-in-hand with Progressive Christianity, IMO. Thanks for sharing, Irreverance. I never even knew Theopoetics was a 'thing'! Cheers Paul
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Irreverance. I have now transferred those posts across to the more appropriate thread - Discussing PC Cheers, Paul.
  5. I don't think to date anybody has had to 'wade through it' on this forum, but I certainly am mindful of it. Well, you know what you would like, so that is a fair enough comment/observation about any forum you may wish to participate in. My approach is to allow some leeway and tolerance and see where it goes. Like I said, in all my years here, it's not really been an issue.
  6. I'm not sure if you had a look at the website, but it does seem to be a reasonably genuine attempt at developing soem serious attention to that area. As they say on the website: "There are almost no significant conferences or symposia on this question which could appeal to scientists, academics and others with advanced training. This is partly because such research is not taken seriously by the current scientific paradigm. It is probably time to end this close-minded approach. We at BICS believe that the only way to do so is to appeal to qualified professionals who have the power to creat
  7. I don't agree that progression 'depends' on oppression, but I acknowledge there's lots of it. Indeed, and we are immensely priveleged to be here regarding other people's suffering. I can do some things to help, but I can't do everything. I'm not sure that is accurate. I think oppression is lessening in the world, but there is still too much of it.
  8. I came across this promotion where entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow and his Bigelow Institute are offering $500,000 for the winning essay that is judged to provide the best evidence of the Afterlife. To me it reads that one doesn't have to 'prove' the afterlife, rather just convince the judging panel that their essay is the best evidence for. http://bigelowinstitute.org/ I'm afraid I don't have much to submit, but was wondering if anybody here wanted to (and/or were brave enough to) share any stories or personal experience they may have for an afterlife. I'm hoping maybe people can j
  9. I can understand your concerns John, but over the years I have found that with this forum many people come and go. Some stay for short periods, some stay for long ones. Some views may be ludicrously to the right, others ludicrously to the left, and every shade in between. For me personally, I engage where I feel it is beneficial, and I try to leave it be where I feel its not. Personally I tend not to jump on contributors unless they decide to come in swinging with little regard for our guidelines. Sometimes its a balancing act and I often find it hard to bite my tongue concerning so
  10. Indeed, but then again, it didn't happen, so maybe we can take some faith in that? Definitely!
  11. I think that it may well be only a drop in the bucket, but it's a drop that wasn't there a few thousand year ago, so, progression. I definitely agree that it is a bit of a 1st World view, but the fact that anyone can even have a 1st world view indicates some progression as a species to me. But I'm not just talking in a material way - many people genuinely do want to help and do contribute to their fellow humans climbing out of the cesspool of poverty, hunger, filth etc. But yes, we can't sugarcoat our development - there's a lot of people who get trodden on and conveniently 'ignored'. Ther
  12. Welcome aboard John56, we are happy you've joined us here!
  13. Thanks for sharing Kellerman and I agree with John, a very moving and thoughtful post.
  14. Yes, I would agree that should be a given and that is what I am used to in Australia. But when you were referring to a 'media out of control' I didn't think we were really talking about the likes of Fox or CNN actually breaking laws. It seems to me their transgression is that their focus is less on reporting of the facts and more on reporting with an opinion, even a bias. They have become influencers more so than simply reporters of the news. But if you are talking about smaller forums and discussion groups then yes I would agree, they may well need to be held to account if they are breaki
  15. Indeed, today's conservatives may have been yesteryear's progressives. I see the human species as continually refining and developing into the future. Sometimes it may seem like a bit of a zig zag, but generally I think we're moving forward.
  16. Personally, I think the term 'progressive' unfortunately does create judgement and may even be a little condescending to those who aren't considered 'progressive', but we humans do like labels and it is hard to characterize similar ways of thinking without identifying a label per se. I think the term has probably come about because there are people who do want to identify with Christianity but whom do not want to be lumped in with a traditional Christian point of view. Sometimes I think it might just be easier to say what one 'is not', rather than what one 'is'. In comparison to traditi
  17. In my opinion, media is a product and not the cause. Although I can imagine it being the other way around, I just don't think that is the case. For instance, Fox news didn't promote a Trump bias but rather, I believe, it tapped into an existing market. CNN didn't make Democrats form certain views, it catered to them. But in that 'tapping in' and 'catering' to a certain audience I agree that media can 'feed' certain mindsets and influence cultures. Add to these the many 'dark web' sites, chat groups, forums etc, and it is easier nowadays for anybody of a particular mindset to find supp
  18. I agree that hindsight is always better, but there were a lot of people calling on Donald Trump to do more in the mask wearing/social distancing space since long ago - and he pretty much ignored or disparaged them (Trump even openly mocked Biden for wearing a mask). Trump certainly didn't start encouraging your population to wear masks or practice social distancing very well at all - part of his 'playing it down' strategy I guess. And quite simply, the other party wasn't in control, so I'm not sure why that is an issue. We're talking here about the effectiveness of the person who WAS in c
  19. It’s hard to imagine that the US was putting its best foot forward when it’s leader was deliberately ‘playing down’ the severity of the virus to the people, in conjunction with politicizing the wearing of masks and social distancing. Could he have done better? Absolutely.
  20. Yes, finally after 2 months of fighting and crying that the election was fraudulent and stolen from him, finally after months of saying he will not concede, finally after 50 court cases were rejected or lost, finally after the Electoral College upheld the State's rights, finally after the Senate and Congress upheld the Constitution, finally after the Capitol was invaded and 5 people sadly are now dead, finally Trump says there will be a peaceful transition. The hope I guess John is that 7 million people more outvoted those that voted for Trump and the Electoral College produced the same '
  21. I don't disagree, but the AP is just one such 'conglomerate' when there are literally thousands and thousands of news agencies around the world - any one of which could report the evidence that Trump has to demonstrate that the he actually won the election in a landslide but that the Democrats stole the election. That would not be hard to demonstrate and reflect in a single media article - if the facts actually existed. But we all know they don't. And this is exactly what Trump plays on - a skerrick of truth that there is some voter fraud (as there is in all elections), but nothing,
  22. I find it too hard to imagine that all of the media in the free world is involved in a cover up of a fraudulent election. It’s this nonsense and Trump’s promotion of it that will now cost the Republicans their two Senate seats for Georgia and control of the Senate. It isn’t a ‘realization’ of anything - it’s buying into Trump’s delusions and not accepting Democracy in action. This is what Trump had been about since day one - dividing the country, not uniting it. You reap what you sow.
  23. Yeah, I'm no biologist either, but it would seem to me that our 'self' is simply a product of our brain, so in that regard, self really is just part of the 'all', I think. I know that I have no knowledge of 'self' before I developed a certain level of cognitive function in my brain (at around 2-3 years of age I think I recall) and I highly suspect I will have no understanding of 'self' after my brain function ceases. So to me it would seem that 'self' isn't something that needs to be transcended, but rather is something that is precisely what we are - our brain functioning. I'm not sure act
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