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  1. If anyone is still confident that Trump is going to win, it might be worth backing it up financially at this point:
  2. Looks like the 2-minute meditation could come in handy, Bo! So much for a clear and simple outcome!
  3. Good luck today, America. Hope you get through the next few days safe and unharmed and come out with a President that is clearly supported by the majority of the people and clearly appointed by electoral college votes. I don't think anybody fancies a close race in this affair.
  4. Okay, listening to him again, I can see what you're saying, but still not sure one has to enter a heart of darkness to reach this understanding or acceptance. But of course there will be those who do. I think accepting that truth is relative to the individual, and further accepting that whilst it can be absolute to one that they can be open to transformation, is indeed liberating, and even brings a peace. I try to remind myself of this when I come up against something or someone who I think is 'wrong' - I would hold the same opinion or understanding as them if I had grown up as they did and
  5. I'm not sure it is necessary to enter the heart of darkness to find what gives you purpose, to 'find the light', but I can accept that many people who have entered such a heart of darkness have indeed come away with meaning and purpose. Incidentally, I don't know much about Peter Rollins but do really enjoy much that I have read and watched from The Minimalists. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I'm not sure you can call it gambling, Joe. Looks more like a guaranteed investment! Well, maybe not, but here are the booky's odds as of today:
  7. Not trying to reignite any passions either way, but clinically speaking, how do people think the candidates are fairing in their chances for winning the Presidency? At this stage, I think Biden is heading for a win, perhaps not overwhelming but not by the skin of his teeth either, in my view. Things can change, but I do stand to win $80 if Biden wins which I can donate to maintaining this Forum for a bit longer anyhow!
  8. The TCPC Org site has made a small donation, but that is all so far in addition to Joe, Irreverence and myself. Indeed it may be time to move on, but irrespective I am prepared to cover any shortfall ($115USD at this stage) for the next 6 months to guarantee the site doesn't just disappear at short notice. All members have an opportunity to contribute in any way to keep the site running if they want it to. What happens after April next year is unsure at this stage. I will be looking at what can be done to keep the site alive, but options may be limited.
  9. Tom, As Joseph said, keeping the site up and running for at least the next 6 months is a go. I don't particularly want it all to fall on me either as that is simply not going to be financial sustainable, but I don't want to see the site disappear either. There's way too much valuable resources to seekers here to simply ditch it all. But when I get back from work in a couple of weeks I intend to look into things more to see what options/choices there may be. In the meantime, I'm of course happy to receive any donations from anybody interested. Just Paypal at 1paulsmedley@gmail.com
  10. Pipiripi, If the 10 commandments are so important to God, what is your explanation for God not sharing these with other cultures in the world for several thousand years after their issue to Moses? For instance, the aboriginal people of Australia never even heard of the bible or a monotheistic version of God before Europeans started arriving in Australia in the 1600's (and aboriginal people had been in Australia for some 70-90,000 years before then). Why would God want to deny such cultures these 10 commandments for thousands of years? On that basis, why wouldn't God want aboriginal peo
  11. Irreverance & Thormas, Thanks for your preparedness to support the site somewhat and for all those excellent suggestions. I am definitely keen on keeping this forum alive but have to acknowledge that both money and time to maintain it may be an issue going forward. With Joseph's financial assistance and any other donations that you guys and hopefully others may be prepared to make, I will carry the balance for at least the next 6 months to keep the site running during this transition period and see what we can do about financial support. In short I am not going to be able to financ
  12. Not according to the Hebrew Bible. Why do you ignore that? Sweeney (1).pdf
  13. Continually promoting this website, which erroneously presents the message of Jesus, does seem to be your common theme here. Is it your website, Pipiripi? I have already said that I find that website sad. It promotes disinformation and a poor understanding of what Jesus was about. You would do better, I think, to learn more about Jesus. Not just what like minded people to you have told you, but do some proper, scholarly learning for yourself. I can assure you, much will be revealed if you go into such an undertaking with a more open mind. Also, it is harmful to others to try and sca
  14. WandaMc, I feel for you - this must be a very trying and even scary situation. You don't say how old your father is, not that it really matters, but I wonder if he could be suffering some anxiety or depression that is driving him to compulsively listen to these televangelists. It's possible that he may need some mental health assistance like a psychological counselor. Although, getting him there might be another thing. Something like the DAAS scale (a simple scoring system that helps identify anxiety/depression) might help you/him with a basic assessment - https://www.workcover.
  15. I doubt you can help me as it seems you don't understand them that well yourself (this might help you understand your misunderstanding of these quotes - https://evidenceforchristianity.org/what-is-the-correct-interpretation-of-isaiah-14r/). Like I said - the Devil isn't mentioned in the OT. You are confusing what you have been taught by men with what is actually written in the scriptures. Can you show me one OT reference that says "the Devil"? Attached is very informative article that might help you better understand how 'Satan' of the New Testament was developed contrary to what s
  16. Funny how the old testament never mentions the Devil.
  17. I really can't fathom why anybody is supporting Trump's management of the coronavirus following his most recent statements. Apart from his lying to the American people, now he is saying that herd immunity (although he said herd 'mentality') will see the coronavirus go away. Do Americans realize that for herd immunity to even work (if it does) that it requires something like 75% of the population getting infected (i.e. about 246,000,000 people infected). If only 1% of those infected die (and remember Trump acknowledged that the virus will kill something like 5% of infectees) then Trump is ex
  18. I don't think they were the options Trump was considering. If so, it doesn't explain why he promoted faleshoods about the virus. Saying covid was just like the flu when he knew it could kill 5% of the population instead of the less than 1% of the flu, demonstrates to me he was doing more than just trying to prevent panic. He was actively pushing for and promoting business as usual, because he was scared a better approach to saving lives would harm the economy. Well, he was right, it's just that it probably didn't have to harm the economy as much as his bungling of the virus has seen to. 2
  19. Well, I must admit, there are times I covet my neighbors ox, but then again, I don't know where I would keep it!. Largely I'm pretty good though.
  20. There is no challenge in using the bible to answer questions. That's the easy bit. The hard bit is actually understanding it correctly - in its context, in its time and with the author's intent and purposes understood. Now that's the bit many, many Christians are yet to understand.
  21. I'm surprised that more US citizens don't want to know 'why' Russia is just so intent on having Trump re-elected. For a country that seems particularly concerned about communism and socialism, voters seem pretty relaxed concerning Russian support for Trump being president. So relaxed in fact that they don't mind Russians interfering in their elections.
  22. I think God must've been blindfolded and wearing earmuffs in 2016! I don't believe Trump's excuse for lying about the severity of the coronavirus as though it really was about preventing panic - I think it is more likely he wanted to keep the economy open, irrespective of the damage coronavirus would do, as that is his main focus for re-election. It was a gamble and he lost, as did many of the 200,000 dead. I mean how many of those dead and their families and neighbours trusted the President when he said it would just 'go away' and wasn't any more harmful than the seasonal flu!
  23. I'd have to say, if Trump wasn't going to lose the election before his interviews with Woodward were released, he is now. Sportsbet are still only paying $1.80 for Biden at this moment (Trumps has started to fade, now going to $2) but I'm getting on Biden as it is easy money - Trump has lost the 2020 election. I'm happy to call it right now. There's no coming back for Trump with his lying about coronavirus, He's gone.
  24. I did look at that website and I find it to be of no value whatsoever. It misrepresents Jesus' teachings, pretends to know prophecy which in itself is confused about, is anonymous (clearly nobody wants to put their name to it) and is just simply what I would call 'sad'. There is no fear on my part. But I would encourage you to read some scholarly material about Jesus, Revelation and indeed the bible in general, if you are open to better understanding these things.
  25. Pipiripi, It might benefit you to learn a bit about the Book of Revelation - such as who wrote it, where it came from, in what context it was written, etc. I think reading it literally is a total misunderstanding of what the author was getting at. Here's a brief article on some of what Elaine Pagels has to say, but there is plenty more available (both within this forum and also external resources). https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2009/12/revelations-on-revelation/ Cheers Paul
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