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Hello everyone. I am excited to find this place. Here's me: I am an active Roman Catholic who loves Bishop Spong, loves Richard Dawkins and sees no serious contradictions in those attitudes. I very much admire Muslims for their dedication to prayer and also appreciate agnostics for what I perceive to be the most probably accurate depiction of God yet. I mean, really, who does know? A critic might say I am wishy-washy - I prefer the more kind diagnosis of having been born with a high tolerance for ambiguity. If I ever get enlisted for a demonstration, my picket sign will read "I could be wrong about all this".


I started reading Sins of Scripture by Bishop Spong and was immediately launched to the Web to find him. Ended up here. My browsing indicates some pretty good interchange of ideas and I am looking forward to more.



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Welcome to the forum. So glad you found us. My middle name is "ambiguity" and it is shared by many others here so you can feel right at home. I also find little or no contradictions in much and have much respect for all on their journey to find Truth. Welcome to the 'wishy washy' of TCPC. :)



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Hi Hollis. i'm new here as well, and found it through bishop spong.


i laughed at your sign - 'i could be wrong about this'. i can relate, i am a lifelong fence-sitter. i cant even pick a football team


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