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    we might be the way the Cosmos learns about itself.
  1. IMO, The Trinity is an invention to make the human Jesus divine, connect God, the Old divinity with Jesus, the New divinity, and explain why Jesus did not come back in his followers' life times, A handy little package of ideas that should never have become dogma. Dutch
  2. Norm reminded me of one of my favorite tv series, Joan of Arcadia. Here is a conversation between Little Girl God and Joan which has a good definition of resurrection. Little Girl God: And they all lived happily ever after? (Joan turns) There's a surprise. (Joan scoffs) You guys really like that ending. Joan: Yeah, well, you have a better one? Little Girl God: They all moved towards spiritual growth and enlightenment? Joan: Yeah. That's gonna work with the kids. Little Girl God: Ever notice that the guy always has to risk his life and the girl is nearly dead when he finds her? It takes
  3. No I don't for transfusions. and it is against Fed'l law to deny them for minors. Because I think further conversation is needed about abortion and where possible the State should not flatten religious expression unless absolutely necessary and the crazy structure our ACA provides coverage separately if employees can't get it from their employer ,the Hobby Lobby case is acceptable as it was adjudicated. .
  4. I think Hobby Lobby should be allowed to continue with their current insurance policy. The craziness about the Hobby Lobby insurance is that the government would provide coverage for the morning after birth control drugs. That the Little Sisters of the Poor don't want even to touch or fill out forms seems extreme to me. Blood transfusions - usually the first example to challenge the policy. I think the courts are perfectly able to pick their way through this brier patch. They have done so in the past. Again this is the point of my question. Where is boundary? In what situations can rel
  5. Isn't there unity before awareness/distinction followed by the struggle for unity?
  6. A knowing tree and a not knowing tree - is there a difference? Aren't we asking questions of actions which is making meaning. Making meaning is always separate from the event.
  7. Walking is an action. Asking questions after the action is making meaning, an activity far distant from walking.
  8. If the baker was willing to make the cake for the same-sex couple but declined to put two grooms or two brides on top of the cake would he, should he, have lost the lawsuit against him?
  9. When the SCOTUS decision was made public I went to the Hobby Lobby Facebook page and posted many times suggesting that they were hypocrites. I would not do that now.
  10. I think we need to make some compromises on abortion issues and for me, the Hobby Lobby case is an interesting case to explore. Unfortunately the case may not be about religious beliefs and abortion. Once I open my mouth I have to read, research and ruminate. Yes romansh The big picture is that the Hobby Lobby case and the up coming Little Sisters of Poor case (they don't want to fill out the form that says they will not provide birth control) will begin a series of steps that will eviscerate the Affordable Care Act. Based on the wikipedia entry the Becket Fund does not seem l
  11. My liberals consider me apostate. I think that Hobby Lobby should be allowed their policy. They don't ban all contraceptives. Employees have other choices. Is there room in America for this diversity or is this like other civil rights that must be applied universally? Can you be friends, or maybe just an acquaintance with someone who enjoys a good game of golf but is a Birther who is adamant that Obama is not an American citizen? Dutch
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