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  1. The key word is "inseparable." There are two: 1) the seer and 2) the seen. Awareness is the third that looks at the seer and the seen.
  2. When a tree knows it is a tree, is it still a tree?
  3. Who is it who sees grace given and received? When I see myself walking, who walks?
  4. Two birds of beautiful plumage, comrades, Inseparable, live on the selfsame tree. One bird eats the fruit of pleasure and pain; The other looks on without eating. I am two birds. Both of the world and not. I am the seer and the seen. I am that and that is me. Add awareness and there are three.
  5. Some people worship the bible more Than he at that idols core.
  6. When the all is reduced to the one, to what is the one reduced?
  7. Yes, the Bible is more than partially forged. History boods are also partially forged.
  8. God is get dressed and eat breakfast.
  9. No, Jesus did not die for our sins. To appease an angry god with blood sacrifice is very primitive.
  10. John 13:5 "...he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him." John 13:15 "I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you."
  11. Yahweh is certainly presented as vindictive and he punishes humans quick and harsh. I think this goes back prehistoric times. If the volcano explodes it meant that the god of the volcano was angry. They could see no reason for that god to be angry so they believed it must have been something wrong that they did. The Hebrews ran with this idea: if they were good, God was good; if they were bad, God got mad and punished them. It is all made up and pretend.
  12. The cultural parameters of sin defines it as such. Stealing is wrong, is a sin. However, for a 19th century Nez Perce war party to steal horses from a Shoshone Indian camp was great honor. For an Israelite to burn incense on his own in any place he chose was an abomination to God. Burning incense in your house today is no big deal. Many Christians even belief that failure to do something one can and ought to do is a sin, the sin of omission. (Is not pulling over to help someone change a flat tire on the road a sin of omission or not giving money to a street-corner beggar?) The most horrific concept of sin is Original Sin. Just my rambling thoughts probably off-topic.
  13. What finger is this pointing to the moon? A beautiful finger, Form to admire then to cherish and lust. Easy to see, understand, and discuss, So familiar, Comforting like a childhood dinner. What moon is this out there and up? Mysterious, without definition, Or classifiable with common reference, Taboo they preach, Not solid rock to build on, The devil of deceit.
  14. Addiction overrides free will to choose and then to act.
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