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  1. Jsawyer How do you define "Christian Atheist"? How do you define the God which you do not believe in? What do you mean by the "immanent spark" that exists in us "in the Buddhist sense"? You do know that there are Christians like the Quakers who believe in this spark and there are Christians like Meister Eckhart, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Avila as well as other mystics who believed in a notion of God that was not theistic if that is your rejection.
  2. Norm you asked a good question about what it was about the Jews that pissed people off. They weren't the most technogically advanced bunch in the region, they're not known for their philosophy and culture like the Greeks. I think that they got away from the tradition mode of religious belief - from a polytheist outlook to a monotheist outlook - thatdde them unique. Maybe that was the reason. They had no god whose image in stone could be broken so easily by an invading army. That seems to be what held them together even if they did not necessarily get along with other tribes of their group. Of
  3. So, this is a list of definitions of the term "great". How do we define this term "greatest" if we want to ask if Jesus' sacrifice was the greatest? Can we say that it doesn't qualify in the minds and hearts of the world under say definition 5, or that people who do believe in a more conservation fashion don't apply Definition 8, 9, 10, and 11 to Jesus. I know we have our opinions, so if you don't believe, it wasn't the greatest and not significant. To those who believe there are various levels of what they accept or don't accept. Very large in size. 2. Larger in size than oth
  4. Neon, if any Christian thinks that Anne Frank or anyone else for that matter, are going to hell, because they're not Christians. Well, people who believe that are not Christians. The I AM, Brahman, Tao (whatever you want to call it) is not limited to a first century, illiterate Jew who was inspired by the heart of his Hebrew scriptures. It's in every manifestation of the Divine Presence. It doesn't care of you're a Christian or not. Huston Smith, in his book The World Religions, does point out regardless of what "really" happened, the event of his crucifixion -- which most scholars accept
  5. No offense to anyone but God should be sued for negligence.
  6. That makes more sense than taking it as a serious treatise. The fact that is supposed to be placed chronologically during the time covered by Genesis and references to "sons of God" as if there is a band of them running to and from earth makes it seems it's an ancient myths.
  7. Jenell I like that analysis of Job. That suffering just is. God coming in the whirlwind doesn't provide him with an answer other that "You don't understand." This makes it seem almost like a cosmic joke especially since we the readers are the conversation between God Nd the Adversary. We are told that God restores Job's prosperity but maybe Job just accepted his lot and got on with his life.
  8. I think your opinion of Tillich is write on. He is dated to some extent and made an impact on religion as is evident from making the cover of Time. I've read some opinions from theologians critical of his work but I have to scratch my head at them and wonder if they read tge work of the same person they do. Theology is as much existential and about us as it claims to be a study of God, I think. He makes scripture valid to modern times whether it is spiriitual or philosophical. What I meant by saying that Jesus puts himself in the position he does has to do with how I see possible outcomes
  9. If I come up with something to contribute I will. I have learned much from the insights offered and I think everyone is right.
  10. rivanna, I understand your feeling about Jesus rebuking smelling of evangelism. But not just in this case, but in most, if not all accounts, Jesus is always stuck in the middle of two type of followers, or between believer and non-believer, debating something that has to do with him, whether something they think he should do, or how they should act around him. Though taken as a rebuke, I see him essentially saying, "Dudes, chill out, stop fighting. Here's the way things can be without all the fuss." He draws both sides back to him and his take on it, which without getting too religious, is a m
  11. And in confessing my sins, I admit that if I slide in that direction of the "either/or" is because I want to get a better sense of where others are coming from, moreso that what we say about ourselves on our profiles. My desire to connect with others on these topics outweighs my patience to allow people to, as you say, Jenell, reveal themselves "over time."
  12. George I have failed in this and other posts to accurately articulat my belief. I don't believe in a theistic God the way someone in the Reformed or even conservative vein of the evangelical movement might. I don't see God as Christopher Hitchens saw it as these conservatives which is a ruler sitting on a literal throne wielding power. I am more of a process/existentialist. That said my considering God as a "person" involves my experience through the natural world, through my mind (meditation and prayer in the Benedictine tradition), through my direct experience with the shared "imago dei
  13. After reading Mike's posts on the topics of Buddhism I am beginning to think that everyone is a Buddhism at heart, they just don't know it. The Dalai Lama called Buddhism the only honest religion. Makes sense. If I stay on this message board long enough I might decide to become one.
  14. http://bible.org/ser...trine-suffering Here is the link, which is on the prior post. My understanding is what links all Buddhists acknowledge the laws of karma and reincarnation. I don't think one can call oneself a Buddhist without that. Even Pure Land Buddhism focuses on it. "The Hebrew Bible is a conversation about why such horrible things had happened to the Israelites from the perspective of captivity. Ezra and Nehemiah had come to a conclusion. But the conversation is not over just because the church quit adding to the canon. There is more than one theodicy in the Hebrew Bib
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