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  1. Amen to your musings, Joseph, because I think if we refer to being "Christians", which is based on the life and stories of what Jesus is supposed to be about, just what are we looking at? In my mind, the messages of what Jesus has reportedly been about, is what Christianity should be about, plain and simple. Although Jesus wasn't a Christian (that would be time travel) and I'm not completely convinced that Jesus actually ever existed, although I have strong thoughts that he did as well as other Jesuses before him, my response to your musing, is that yes, all of it is way to over-analyzed a
  2. Dear Georgewerkema, I'm responding to this because I have some personal conclusions regarding this particular point. Thank you for your post. First of all, I think while it's true about the decline in active Christian practice in most denominations, the evangelicals are strong in number from what I've been reading. Yes, "Christianity must change or die" was the first book I read by Bishop Spong. I have to say that I didn't really grasp his many explanations of that conclusion, but I agree on the premise. But, I think that many Christians have the right thought process, but ha
  3. Hi Mike! I tried finding some of your posts, but all I could find was people checking your profile and not responging.(typo intended) So, I'm responding and want to say, "hello". What's on your mind these days? Kath
  4. Hi Rivanna, "If the world were free of poverty, hunger, and disease, would there be peace and cooperation? does technology have the capacity to change the tribal mindset that leads to conflict and violence? " I think that, yes, technology had the capacity a long time ago. But technology is a tool for evil as well as good, and sadly, evil is in coltrol and had been. However, 'good' just might be the Jedi of Star Wars, and I think it's gaining strength because of the internet. I think it's going to take much effort to free the world of the evil grasp, but once it's done, yes, i beli
  5. I think I should have started in this section of this forum when I was transferred through the Spong hosters. I was the first person to have natural childbirth in our area hospital with my daughter in 1971. Being an animal and not all that knowingly evolved and connected to the mishap in the garden of eden, I gotta tell ya, it was not fun. If anyone ever watched Bill Cosby's classic, "himself" (sure you can google and find it), he described childbirth as pulling your lower lip over your head. Just imagine the painful implications. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's the truth. But we had
  6. Hi Marsha, Yes, I completely agree. I get their email weekly or so and watch their youtubed programs of interest. It's a very subtle, tongue-in-cheek presentation and I love it. If people take him seriously, it only adds fuel to the fire, but seriously, a fire can burn itself out eventually, or we'll all end in the furnace I love Bart Ehrman. A member of the Spong forum who used to be my friend (who actually turned on me, sadly) loaned me some cd's of his lectures and I've listened to him being interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio) and am a total fan. Here's a man who i
  7. Just keep digging and make up your own minds. If anyone here is from the original Spong forum, you might remember that when Tim Russert 'died' I was skeptical, since I've listened to him questioning those in government and his questions were very pointed, and challenging. Specifically to Bush, Kerry, and others who may or may not be involved in the 'skull and bones' society, but allegedly are/were. I just googled 'was tim russert murdered?' again and this is what I want to pass on to you if interested.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVaJhpMonsA You see, I'm just now learning that o
  8. Video deleted by JosephM as Moderator. This area is for CASUAL TALK between members on what ever you like but promoting conspiratoriaL therories with videos or having an outside of PC agenda is not appropriate anywhere on this forum. More than a casual conversation will not be allowed. Added 5-24-2010 JosephM _____________________________________________________________________________ A two hour watch, but was worth it to me to spend the time and pass on. I've learned that for every thing that happens, to go deeper into the reason. Most people don't do that, and that's okay. I thin
  9. Juan, I had to comment on this as I was sent an email this morning about a response to a topic I was watching. Not that it will change anyone's thinking, of course... The news reports of OBL (not to be confused yet again with BO ), are from mainstream media, which is highly controlled and in many cases fabricated for an agenda, as many of us know. The reason there are so many conflicting 'reports' is because there are conflicting truths. OBL is not responsible for 911 and was used to instill hate and fear in the people of the US, not to mention further excuse to continuing
  10. Dear Joseph, You have disappointed me. I still have a paid subscription on this forum since the Spong forumers had no choice in the matter. So, I check in once in a while to see if there is anything I find I'd like to engage in. Bishop Spong is a radical, yet still a Christian, so I can understand why the transition was made. However, some of us who were drawn to his forum were attracted to his perspectives which involved politics and world view. He actually became more involved in those perspectives as time went on.If anyone notices, he's doing that more and more. So now our S
  11. Juan, It's very clear by this time that the disaster in Japan was no accident. But bringing this up on a forum such as this one is really peeing into the wind. That was made clear by a new resident, George, who you and I both know is hostile to what you and I and others try to bring to the attention of interested parties as he is somehow connected to government based on what I have observed. This subject is part of the large picture which most people do not want to even think about, so.... I'll end with an invitation to google "chemtrails", "what on earth are they spraying?" and to
  12. Thanks for some great and thoughtful responses. I'm a bottom line kinda gal, and no matter how I look at it, the foundation of this forum is Christian based. I knew this when I decided to participate since there are sections for threads aside from the 'eight points' Christian conversations, and all topics are very interesting to me. In response to this comment: "...So, why should I care if someone identifies as Christian? It seems to me the only logical basis to object would be if there is something inherently objectionable to being, or identifying, with Christianity...." I'm
  13. "Aren't we all Christians?" was the topic. I thought this deserved a thread of it's own. I loved the story of how he was protected by the circle of gay men in one of the topics. I wonder if some of those wonderful people did not really consider themselves Christians, or even believe in God, yet participated in the heroic act of protecting one who was being attacked. My pont is that I believe there are many secular people who are Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, and all sorts of other religious cultures who would also stand together for the same purpose. Does it really matter whet
  14. Hello, Hal~ This thought has occurred to me often, regarding aliens and God/Jesus. Since there are other stories similar to the Jesus story (Horace, for example), I have wondered how the same story could have spread over vast territory of land and time. It would make sense to me that something or someone could have planted both stories simultaneously for a specific purpose. There are even stories of underground populations and headquarters of aliens, intermingling and controling our government. That wouldn't surprise me at all. I've often mentioned on the old Spong forum, if you re
  15. Yes, Joseph, "...He teaches without a teaching, so that people will have nothing to learn...." Kath
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