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  1. Paul, I apologize if I mis-interpreted the intent of your post. George, IMO, understands respect and most likely understood the policies to keep the forum respectable. But, there must have been some disagreement what was respectful and George evidently decided he couldn't continue to post under this strict policy of respect. Goodbye my friends, Ron
  2. <...It needs to be noted that there was no policy that saw the disengagement of George, other than his own convictions.> All, Reading the posts tells me George left because a post was deleted that should not have been according to George. It's my belief George left not because of policy but for strong-arm actions unexplained by Administration to him and the members. I'm not here to fight George's battles, I'm here to try to understand how a better forum can continue. George's comments are mostly why I'm here and now he's gone. Again, he was instrumental in my journey. Can
  3. <> I don't think George's view was not tolerated because he did not agree with the powers that be, but rather that the judgement of those who are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping this site a place for respectful (my emphasis) discussion was not properly understood and accepted by George.> All, Obviously, I'm not unbiased in this discussion. But, an indication that George was not respectful grates at my respect for George. And, above all, he would understand respectability and understanding. Accepting them(?), obviously, he didn't. That's why he peacefully is gone -
  4. Harper's Bible Dictionary under the definition of Sabbath pg 889 states: In the earliest Christian community, observance of Sabbath regulations fell into disuse among Christians of Jewish descent, principally because Jesus himself had been lax in his obedience to them (e.g., Matt. 12:1-8; Mark 3:1-5; Luke 13:10-17; John 5:1-10) even though he continued to take part in synagogue services held on the Sabbath (e.g., Luke 4:16). Jesus’ claim to lordship over the Sabbath (Mark 2:28) was an important element in the hostility he aroused in those who felt that Sabbath traditions were incumbent on
  5. George and George's Friends, Some may have read between the lines of some of my posts. George and I go back a long time. There are few days when I don't ask, "What would George do?" I'm not exaggerating. George and I met on another message board which was eventually joined with this forum. With George's and other's guidance I've become a "soft" atheist to the point I don't like being referred to as an atheist. George had much advice, mostly in question form, leading me to my current appreciation of religion and Jesus. He most famously always stated religion is not the problem, the peo
  6. Bill, Thanks for the Cain recommendation. I just finished rereading Macobby's The Mythmaker and Cain may be my next read. Ron
  7. Way, I'm not familiar with "Jesus' gospel." Am I behind times? Ron
  8. Dr. Tabor's overall thesis, which is not unique nor new, is that Paul hijacked (my word) Jesus's religion. My take was the Jesus movement was within Judaism and was not to drastically change, just newly interpret, Pharisaism. Paul was in more conflict with the inheritors of the Jesus movement than is portrayed by ancient and current Christianity. And obviously Paul, not followers of Jesus, founded Christianity. Ron
  9. Bill, Can't agree more with everything you wrote. Obviously, you're reading the same things I read. Have you read Tabor's Paul and Jesus, yet? Ron
  10. Bound, Great topic. My reply to the instructor's question would be that Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian. Ron
  11. The reference to thievery in a culture reminded me of Sam Harris' FAQ on Violence rebuttal to criticism of his gun control stance. He quoted an interview of a couple of UK hooligans. The interview is worth reading. The difference in personal codes is pointed out in this part of the interview. - I: If you are such a good fighter why didn’t you have a fair fight with him? Steve: It was a fair fight. Where we come from that was fair an’ square. Just because we don’t follow Queensbury don’t mean that what we do ain’t fair. You know wot I’m sayin’. The only person at fault was the d**k I st
  12. I personally have no problem with it. Some situations might work. Jealousy is a spectrum sometimes to extreme, so in most cases this scenario would be a problem. Today's society is wont to accept only traditional relationships. It's pretty much only a mental exercise. Ron
  13. Jonny, Dr. Ehrman's lay books are quite readable. There is overlap in some of his books as he likes to give background to most of his points. This makes each book pretty much stand alone. That is, they don't necessarily build on each other. A Brief Introduction to the New Testament might be a good start. It's not the usual 240 page-turner as some are, but I think it's a good starting point. Good Luck, Ron BTW, I didn't find Haidt's book easy to read. I think readability is dictated by the reader's interests. A friend once told me he never reads anything he doesn't agree with.
  14. Mr. Orlando, Thank you so much for your post. And thank you so much for your promise to bring your film to Missouri. Within 150 miles, I promise to view it. There may be a supernatural watching over me after all. Thank you also for your input clarifying your understanding of Paul's bribe. Ron
  15. Neon, Many months ago my quiz results came back as a non-believer. I don't recall the exact term, probably atheist (I dislike that term even though it would describe me so others can understand. I like Apatheist better, but is hard to explain). Thought I'd try again after your post. The quiz crashed prior to completion. Telling me something? BTW, I had been receiving a conservative newsletter, NewsMax, and never knew how I got on their list. Finally took time to unsubscribe during the election process. This morning I received another one from "NewsMax Media Beliefnet." Solves that my
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