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    Animals-- dogs, cats, and saltwater fish. Current population-- 1 Corgi, 2 cats (Maine Coone and Siamese/Maine coone mix), 40 gal reef tank.<br />Snorkeling. Astronomy. Harry Potter crazy. :-)<br />Like to discuss religion with like minded folks.<br />I'm a special ed. teacher attempting to run private practice tutoring <br />with mostly dyslexic kids. (I'm a lousy business woman and am trying to get a real job.)<br /> I spent a long time reading and figuring out what I believed. I grew up in a strict Christian Science family. Went off as an agnostic for awhile; went to Christian encounter (encounter groups talking about religion), was in a private religious discussion group, read about Buddhism, and finally read Matt Fox (also attended several of his talks). His thoughts very much resonated, and I ended up at a UCC church he talked about in one of his talks.<br />I am mostly happy with the UCC church I attend, but if I am ever on the church council again.... Well just no way! <br /><br />--des
  1. I would be the first to agree perhaps that equality is not distributed equally, so isn't exactly equally. This definitely applies to the poor. I'm not sure how to respond to this otherwise. But I agree on that single point, as well as the one about solving the War in Iraq. Perhaps I can appreciate the situation of gays, because I feel that there is some level of that feeling in myself. I don't know that any of us is in entirely straight or entirely gay. But I think there is a range. I don't think that Jim Wallis is using the issue. I think he is trying to create one where there coul
  2. Well I see no problem with your argument if you think the Bible was meant to be taken literally. Or if you think that a decree to go out and multiply should literally be given to all ages. After all, we have too many people right now, esp. in the third world. Obviously homosexuality makes little sense from a procreative sense. But this all presupposes that homosexuality is a choice like wearing a certain type of clothing or something. If it is ingrained in a real way, which I think it is, then giving it up is not really an option. Groups claiming to "cure homosexuality' are lyers. Most
  3. Hi GWB, Actually I don't have a problem with gay unions. The thing is that they would have to have absolutely equal rights. What we learned from the civil rights movement is that often times things like this just aren't entirely equal, but if they could be it would be ok in my book. Actually, what Jim Wallis' writes about in God's Politics is something I would support. All unions (gay or straight) would be "civil unions". The church would no longer have authority to "marry anyone" (gay or straight) under the laws of any state. An individual church would be able to marry who they
  4. >Your comments are too kind. It was a combination of homoerotic and sadistic pornography of violence - a constant in many Gibson movies, including his newest. I saw the trailers and that was quite enough for my stomach and brain. The addition of anti-Semitic elements , I can't comment from my own viewing-- at least from what I read, was a nasty addition. >This thread was interesting with the intervention of a fundamentalist, what was that about. Gosh, I don't know. The thread was sort of already long dead, and he apparently was reading very old threads in the archive. Th
  5. Jack, I find it troubling as well to see the way love is somehow twisted to exclude others, and gays seem to be the current scapegoat. One guy on tv, said he was looking for what caused the moral decline, so now he was looking at gays and then abortion (he ended up with the UN!). Gays are blamed for marriage on the decline, as if heterosexuals need any help with this. I see cowardice in a literalistic reading the Bible to exclude gays (why don't they take the same seriousness re: wearing clothes of two fibers?). I also feel that there is some "canary in the coalmine" sort of ph
  6. I love to edit my own posts, esp after the edit option is no longer available. :-) Anyway, I was in the dentist's office today. I'm not sure how old the Time magazine was but it was this year anyway. :-) There was an article on how quite a no. of young nuns are putting the veil and habit back on. (I would say it isn't quite as extreme a one as I remember from way back.) But anyway, not all chose it, but the older nuns were definitely not interested, it was the younger ones wanting it. So I thought that was an interesting commentary on our times and doesn't support Karen Armstrong's con
  7. I've heard the average out of pocket costs for teachers is about $450 a year. Let me assure you I spend well over that. We are not given kleenex, paper, pencils, chalk, etc. We do get books though. I saw a bumper sticker the other day, "Give no child a dime". (That, of course, is a play on "No Child Left Behind", Bush's "gift" to education. Because of this, schools now waste enormous amts of time and energy on totally silly school remediation strategies in their desperation. One teacher I know had to do "mission statements" with her kindergartners. :-o The idea is by 2014, I think,
  8. Here, here!! (I hate "me too" posts, so "me too". :-)) --des
  9. I'm sure she is writing with a certain "lens". And she does seem progressive or moderate. I don't think there is truly such a thing as a "lens"-less history, as we might have been led to believe when we studied it in school. I have gotten a little farther and it reads a little faster. She has divided the end half of the book into the philosophers, the mystics, the reformers, the enlightenment, etc. and takes a look at these from each of the three monotheistic traditions, heavily an Islamic side (at least for the philosophers). I think it fascinating that there was at one time a st
  10. Flow, what a wild idea. Crazy really. There used to be a bumper sticker about something about funding the military thru bake sales. I think that's an idea. There are two reading teachers in our school with 650 kids in special ed (I'm guessing 90% have reading problems). I don't know how many we have in English as a second language but I'm guessing high. Anyway, we did the stats on it, and we should actually have 25 reading teachers, not two. We are able to work intensively with the kids and actually remediate these disabilties but it would be better to do this when the kids are younge
  11. Anybody read this? I am in the process of reading it. It is a LONG book! The subtitle is the 4000 year history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is about 4000 pages long. One year per page. ;-) Just kidding but it is long. And it isn't quite like reading Harry Potter (I am a huge fan, as some of you know). But I am finding this very rewarding. One thing: the really good quotes from the Quran, which aren't quite like reading the born again sites on the net, where they quote all the nasty things in the Quran. Another is the history of Islam which is quite interesting. You als
  12. Hi Gary, Well I was curious about your login!!! Funny thing about your tale with the keyboard. I used to use text to speech. This was back in the old days when it was about 70% accurate (it's up to about 95%-98% now). And you used to have to speak every.. word.. like.. this.. and.. spell words like this delta.. echo.. sierra (that's des). Anyway if 70% sounds good, well that's 3 words out of 10 wrong. Anyway I couldn't type so it was tolerable. It made very funny mistakes. I used to keep a file of them but lost them when the computer died. Sometimes they were strangely true, like
  13. I don't think that was quite DCJ's point, Jenn. I think it was just that morality wasn't really based on being a Christian or not. As many of us know many people in prison these days are not sociopaths but drug addicts as you point out. They tend to be the most poor and least enfrancised. Many years ago, my mom visited prisoners for her church (which at that time was the Christian Science church--alas), even then my mom used to tell of her experiences and how most of the guys seemed to be good people, who had gotten into drugs basically. All were poor, most were minority, and
  14. Hi, I haven't seen this. Interesting how Hollywood is now actively marketing to the "Christian" pocket book each Christmas two years running. Last year with "Narnia". BTW, read a review in sojo. net. Said while the family looked the part the baby Jesus didn't. Interesting. (Though I saw something once on how they test out baby "actors", babies have quite an audition! So maybe they just couldn't find one that met their standards.) --des
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