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  1. BAD LANGUAGE! BAD LANGUAGE But watching this I thought of the parable of the Pharasee and tax-collector.
  2. Hey, thanks for the replies here.
  3. Thank you Yvonne, Dutch and soma for your replies. It seems like I often do that I've focused on "shoulds" and inevitably ended up condemning myself. Resting in forgiveness and acceptence seems like the right way to go, but I often forget that and put the cart before the horse. I find that easily in Paul, with his teaching on law and grace, but I admit to having a more difficult time seeing it in Jesus, maybe because he doesn't spell it out and break it down like Paul does.
  4. You're here, your ideal is over there, and you can't make any progress towards it. What if you find that you cannot follow Jesus' injunctions to love your enemies, to do unto others, to walk the extra mile and turn the other cheeek? A person who lives such as that is likely, I'll concede, a free person, free from fear, free to live. But what if you find that you can't even leave the house without an evil thought towards your neighbors (not even enemies)? What if you can't see beyond fear and live the way Jesus taught? It seems the only thing left is to hate oneself for not being the p
  5. So what do you all think of New Age teachings? I realize the category if very broad, but has anyone here found anything in New Age teaching to be valuable? I admit to being a fan of the Emmanuel books, Emmanuel being a "channelled" entity. I don't know if there is any validity to channelling, if Emmanuel and other are really distinct personalities or maybe a personification of the channeller's subconscious or connection with a larger reality, but some of the stuff is compelling (to me). Last weekend I was blown away by Ken Carey's book The Starseed Transmissions. Any thoughts?
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naikan Has anyone here ever tried this? I tried it a few months ago; just playing around with it, and only for 10 minutes, but the effect was profound. At the end, I felt diminished, very small, my ego was checked, and yet I didn't care. I felt light and supported, held up by some kind of grace.
  7. I love The Keep! German troops in WWII guarding a mountain pass in a remote Romanian village accidentally release a demonic entity from an ancient citadel. Plus, Tangerine Dream does some of the soundtrack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAVjEURN0JU
  8. . http://www.nembutsu....neko4.htm#where Good article from a Shin Buddhist perspective about ultimate compassion.
  9. There are good ones (to me!). Jesus Before Christianity by Albert Nolan. The Gospel According to Jesus by Stephen Mitchell. Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time- Marcus Borg When We Talk About God Let's Be Honest- R. Kirby Godsey.....this one is one of the greatest books I've ever read. I had to buy a second copy because the first had too many highlights in it. The book radiates grace. How to Believe in God- Clark Strand A Faith Worth Believing In- Tom Stella Common Sense Christianity- C. Randolph Ross Wisdom Jesus- Cynthia Bourgeault
  10. One really catches hell for not believing in hell. Another person worth mentioning is R. Kirby Godsey. He was put through the ringer because of his 1996 book When We Talk About God, Let's Be Honest. (Magnificent book, btw). The Georgia Baptist Convention tried to have him removed from the chancellorship of Mercer, but he cut the school loose from them. All because he believed the "good" in "good news".
  11. Rennyo


    “Thou doubtest because thou lovest the truth. Some would willingly believe life but a phantasm, if only it might for ever afford them a world of pleasant dreams: thou art not of such! Be content for a while not to know surely. The hour will come, and that ere long, when, being true, thou shalt behold the very truth, and doubt will be forever dead. Scarce, then, wilt thou be able to recall the features of the phantom. Thou wilt then know that which thou canst not now dream. Thou hast not yet looked the Truth in the face, hast as yet at best but seen him through a cloud. That which thou seest no
  12. I have a book of excerpts by George MacDonald, from his sermons and novels. I am just blown away by the stunning vision of God he has. If GM's image of God was presented to me as a kid, I would've had a very different life. Anyone else?
  13. Thank you for that, Tariki. I guess I have been caught up in terminology, and I should know better. There was a time when I was put off by terms used in Buddhism such as "emptiness" and "the void". I found what those terms signify something much different than what I thought.
  14. Honestly, I would take Jehovah. As bad as he is, the worst he would do is kill you. Jesus will cast you into hellfire for eternity* I have mixed feelings about Jesus. I remember that on one occasion as a kid I prayed for God to protect me from Jesus.
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