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  1. I moved to Vegas last year from Reno the mountains to the desert and still l am in a Zen Garden, just rocks and cactus not trees.
  2. Life and death are one, people are living and dying and the moment I was born I was dying. I don’t feel anxiety about it because in this life I have already died many times, in my meditation, changing life style, country or mindset is a death. I don’t think about it when I left India I landed in Tehran in 78 just in time for the revolution, people were dying but I didn’t think about death I lived every day blessed with good people, feelings and new knowledge and that brought on a good sleep, which is a kind of death every night. In the 60s my parents kicked me out of the house and disowned me
  3. That is a great song showing people taking a responsability for their beliefs.
  4. Paul I have always found your post informative, respectful and challenging. I like the Christianity of unity and not exclusive separatism
  5. Religion and science if we do not regard them as absolute truth is responsible, I fee. Science as a word has evolved over time, in the early stages it meant knowledge in any field of discovery, now as Burl has done we have designed a box for it, but boundaries are always blurry. Different disciplines use different methods to uncover the relative truth that we can grasp. A scientist studies things and hypothesis and adapt their methods to the nature of the question or hypothesis asked; therefore people debate whether Psychology is science or not. The question should not be is Psychology science
  6. Our development and belief system is just like science as it gets more complicated or simpler, but what makes it more complicated and narrower is the hypothesis that what we believe is the absolute truth. We are relative and our truth is relative to think otherwise is intellectual irresponsibility. We are responsible when we don’t regard science as absolute truth. Everyone has their own relative truth in their own relative mind and body, go beyond those limits, you have an experience, but expressing it is relative so on this plane there is no absolute truth, but I feel those that are close to
  7. We have a revolution about reality and we need a revolution about Christianity or it will never change and we will not be able to purchase the latest computer. The common villain seems to be science, which I think is a savior for Christianity because it gives a clear view of reality at least on the physical and Quantum levels. Science and Christianity are both trying to describe our source or the beginning of reality and we Christians should not look at it or the hard questions as adversarial or try to make scientists kneel down and kiss the ring or word Christian, Jesus never said he was Chri
  8. I feel Jesus and ISIS leaders have in common that they are both willing to physically die for what they think is the greater good. The difference would come from the dimension that their ations come from so for me to show different dimensions I separate the mind into different layers like an onion. I feel Jesus is coming from the highest layer and beyond as the early Christians who first began to use the term martyr in its new sense saw Jesus as the first and greatest martyr, on account of his crucifixion. Socrates was a great matyr and many matyrs are courageous but are not familiar with the
  9. Realspiritik nice to see you posting again. After reading your post I landed on this essay. http://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2017/05/the-primacy-of-doubt-in-an-age-of-illusory-certainty.html THE PRIMACY OF DOUBT IN AN AGE OF ILLUSORY CERTAINTY by Ashutosh Jogalekar
  10. Thomas you are right we can't reject the past it is a part of us and I feel we have to accept it to be present. That is good advice you gave it married or dating.
  11. I think you are right most people look to the past because it is hard to be present, but i feel it is worth a try. It is good to be positive and have hope for something in the future, but I like happiness and love now.
  12. Michael Jordan’s hang time was reality on the physical plane he worked hard and perfected it; I don’t think it was an illusion except you are right it was temporary flight. Living in the present is an illusion if we have difficulty being in the present, which is difficult, but I think it is worth it. The alternative is to live in the history of the past which is alright and we all do it, but we will never be able to change it good or bad or we can live in the mystery of the future which usually causes people anxiety and to be nervous. Some of the pain you referenced is depression from living a
  13. The older I get the more fun I have. People might think it is dimensia, but I just want to forgive, forget and let things happen.
  14. Maybe we should just stay in the present, not worry about the future or try to figure out where everyone went wrong in the past. I keep reminding myself that happiness is living and enjoying life as it is after we are free from the mental process of sorting things out and trying to make everything into what we think it should be like. We can’t be happy with life and the brilliance around us until we open up to our potential, it is not a goal or something to achieve, but a condition where we accept the pleasant and unpleasant in ourself. When we are happy we don't worry about what comes after d
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