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  1. Thanks, Raven! Gotta share this one on my own FB page..... Jenell
  2. Yes, unfortunately, "gluten-free" has become a diet fad thing, see it being recccomendned all over the place for any and everybody, as if gluten is somehow 'bad for' all humans to eat....I think you should stress that your own need IS based on actual celiac disease rather than fad and fashion. Jenell
  3. Suffering TCPC withdrawal symptoms.... :/ Lots of hours getting back into the flow working again, been getting more hours than I'd hoped for just getting back into it, plus helping my daughter make full use of my laid-off son-in-law to get some repairs around both their place and mine here caught up before he finds another job or the company he's been working for gets a new contract... Jenell
  4. I see a basic flaw in these idea of there being "choice" in matters of heaven or hell, accepting or rejecting god, in that before there can be "choice" there must be informed options frown which or between whuch to choose. And I simply do not see that humans are universally and inevitable informed of such options as "choosing" to accept or reject god, or an ultimate destiny of eternity in heaven or hell. This was a critical flaw evident even to my own young mind as a little child, and it baffled me even then hwo the grown-ups seemed unable to see it. And it seemed there was such incinsiste
  5. I've read about, seen some documentaries on, Lourdes and a few other sites with such reputation. And, the rigorous process through which the Catholic Church might consider or decalre any such healings as 'miracles.' I do respect the Catholic Church greatly for that, in comparison with how careless and downright untrustworthy claims of miraculous healings are touted and accepted in fundamentalist and charismatic churches and 'ministries.' I can't say i know what is/isn't true or 'real' in these matters. but what I've seen does leave me with some intriguing questions. Given the huge num
  6. I don't make a practice of putting myself in a postion of needing one. I'm much more likely to BE the desginated driver! Intrigued at the idea and potentials of 'ethnobotanicals' when I was around some into that kind of thing a few years ago, and one of my hobbies being North American cacti, I actually added to my collection some species known for their 'usefulness' in that way...they are growing quite well for me, and I have learned about 'extracting processes' for their 'use', but I'm too chicken--maybe I'm a control freak and can't get into the idea of deliberately entering a state in
  7. We can be angry with someone's particular behavior and still love them. To love someone doesn't mean you can't object to some offensive behavior, that you have to put up with whatever bs someone dishes out, without protest or anger. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people actually do operate out of just such thinking. If someone else does something I don't like, I won't love them anymore. That is often at the root of dysfnctional relationships, one keeps another or others walking on eggshells, always trying to please, lest that one withdraw his/her love and support. I've had that game played on
  8. I don't think of it as God 'causing' or 'allowing' or of suffering having some 'purpose,'...suffering, of the physical body, mind, emotions, is simply part of the conditions of this life experience in this world. Jenell
  9. Norm, all I can attest to is what I've experienced. When that therapist worked on me, i knew nothing of energy work, or that she was 'using' anything like that. So it was neither belief nor placebo effect. Later, when I've encountered it again, I can feel it, experience it, through the touch of some people, and that even without any knowledge of that person or that they are an 'opened' energy channel, or worker. I sometimes detect it in just the most casualtouch, a common social handshake, someone casually touching my arm or some such. It is a very distinct feeling, somewhat mildly electrical,
  10. I hear or read about the really stupid and downright dangeorus, even cruel, things some have induced others to do while "under the infleunce" of some mind/consciousness altering substance, or that someone has experienced while 'high' or 'tripping' alone or only with other 'trippers' without a trusted "sober" person, in a safe place, and think, that's got to be a form of insanity. While I've experienced alcohol, I've never used other such drugs or substances, but even if I'm going to drink a bit, may even possibly more than I should, so I'm impaired, the danger of not having a trusted sober co
  11. Welcome! This is a very special place...I hope you find it feels like home! Jenell
  12. Wise words to keep in mind...always be very careful in choosing traveling companions! And that's especially important in choosing and appointing a designated driver for a trip! Jenell
  13. I think part of the mystique of trees that touches something within many of us is that they are about the only living thing most of us will encounter in our lives that span multiple human generations. I have wonderful large old trees in my yard...when I look at the 3 bald cypress, 1 native pecan, 2 red oaks, and 1 Southern Magnolia in my yard, that the old man I bought this placed from told me he remembered helping his mother plant as just little saplings, when he was just 10 yrs old, in the same year I was born, and then at the papershell pecan that is even at least a decade older then those,
  14. On this matter of "kingdoms" I'm along the line as some others have expressed here, I don't think even as use of kingdom of God is used, it could be so easily sorted into two or more distinct kinds or interpretation of 'kingdom', whether Earthly, worldly, spiritual realms of the here and now or in the here after. It gets even murkier when you try to sort out where it is "kingdom of God" or "kingdom of heaven", are they the same thing, different things? Pretty clearly a good bit in the N.T. suggest there was belief that there was to be a literal 'end of the world" sometime soon, even within
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