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  1. Thank you, yes. I meditate and pray, but I have doubts.
  2. I was hoping others could give insight into how one "discerns the will of God" in their own lives, and if others believe that God has a plan for each of us, how we "hear" and live that plan. Or perhaps some think that God has no plan for our individual lives, and that is up to us to figure that out.. Thank you.
  3. It's seems like you're saying that Jesus' death was more to set an example for us, the sinners, to die to our former selves? Not so much substitution, but example? This makes more sense to me, but I hadn't heard it before. It is always drummed into one's head "Jesus died for your sins".
  4. This is a question that has been on my mind for a long time, but I never felt comfortable asking anyone about it. It seems like such an obvious thing, so obvious that I am perplexed as to why I don't understand it. It is said that Jesus died for our sins. That God sacrificed his only son for us, that he paid the ultimate price. The thing I don't get is....how does this work? How does the death of one release us from sin? The sins still happened. The consequences still resound. How does the son of God dying "pay" for this? What is "payment" in this context? Is it like an exchange? A barter?
  5. Today I had a medical procedure which I have been dreading. All's well, thankfully. Home with the family for pizza and books. Tomorrow, we'll be attending son's hockey game and then going to watch a skateboard competition
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  7. UCC. Formerly Episcopalian...of the liberal variety.
  8. THank you Jenell. I have the Oxford Bible Commentary, which I enjoy very much. I wonder how similar it is to your suggestion.
  9. I too like the NRSV translation the best. However, I can't seem to find a study bible that I like using NRSV translation. I own a few study bibles which are really quite worthless to me (New Living Translation gifted to me) and am looking for something more informative and historical.
  10. I have the NRSV and an ESV (not the one I linked) and I actually find them quite comparable in most places that I've compared so far. That said, if they had this study bible in an NRSV translation I would prefer that...but they don't. Thank you for your suggestion! I am looking at it now on Amazon and it looks very interesting. I am going to try to find a preview online so I can see some sample pages. Thank you.
  11. Hi-I am new here; please excuse me if this topic has been discussed or if I am posting it in the wrong forum. I am trying to learn more about universal reconciliation. I have read a few books, and I would like to learn more (books, blogs, etc.) Thank you for any suggestions.
  12. Can I ask what people think of this study bible? I've had my eye on it for a while. I understand it's a bit more conservative than I'd probably like, but the maps and history look interesting.
  13. Hi there Just joined here. Looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here. I am Halcyon, I live in Florida with my 2 boys and my husband. I am currently attending a UCC church that I just found after spending one too many Sunday mornings in churches that were not a fit for our family (well, DH doesn't come to church, he's a non-practicing Jew). I used to live in NYC, and attending a wonderful Episcopal church, but Florida churches seem to be more....conservative.... Hopefully the UCC church will be more of a fit. I look forward to reading the posts here. Halcyon
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