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  1. Science changes in the light of new feedback and the evidence that confirms our understanding. However, I believe faith also changes. Take Christianity. 1/ It is a Jewish sect within Judaism. 2/ It is a Sect in a gentile world. 3/ It is about a church. 4/ It is about a bible. 5/ It is about spirituality. Despite those who insist that things have been the same since the beginning the religion has undergone many changes. I believe many of these changes have been from the changing culture. PC have been the liberating group who have recognised this and grown with it instead of insisting
  2. Hey, Jason. Welcome to the forum and your bringing freebies too. WOW! I hope you find the connections your looking for and that the forum brings you many blessings.
  3. Sorry Romansh for not responding to your post right away. I had to get ready for work. I liked your link very much. Bart D Ehrmam also states this line "Even before he was born, it was known that he would be someone special. A supernatural being informed mother the child she was to conceive would not be a mere mortal but would be divine. He was born miraculously, and he became an unusually precocious young man. As an adult he left home and went on an itinerant preaching ministry, urging his listeners to live, not the material things of this world, but for what is spiritual. He gathered a nu
  4. I know some would not say I am a Christian. I know of some fundamentalists who have directly accused me of this but I do not agree that they have the right to define the faith for everyone or of me. Yet, in one sense I think they are right in that the word "Christian" refers to Jesus being a Messiah and I guess I do not. I personally see myself more closely defined as a Jesus inspired person. Not to say I agree with all that is said as being the word of Jesus and I suspect we may not agree on everything if Jesus lived his life as a Jewish judaic preacher nowadays but his life and values do ins
  5. I do not care what another calls themselves. I saw the tube vid of Christopher Hitchens and it sure was not as you say. A liberal Christian from the audience mentioned that she did not agree with biblical infalliblity and CHristopher Hitchens scolded her by saying she then had no right to call herself a Christian. I am not saying that this therefore means Christopher Hitchens is all wrong but I am saying I beleive he was wrong on that moment. I will try and find the Your tube vid again. Trouble is there is so much to wade through now.
  6. I am not bothered by them. I personally just do not agree with all they say. Some of it I do but not all. I only mentioned Christopher Hitchens because he did voice an opinion that a liberal Christian had no right to be a Christian because they did not support biblical dogma. I personally do not say they have no right to an opinion or that they have no right to be an athiest and nor do I say that a conservative Christian has no right to their view. Just that I personally do not agree with it. That said I do not agree all with this guy has to say but that is my right to an opinion and
  7. I am not saying do not have an opinion or a voice but in my experience one can debate with conservatives till one is blue in the face that they are mistaken and still they come back. Sure I debate on issues of science and those who pick on others because of their sexuality but I know that such harden views take time to change and although I argue a point of view change is not going to happen over night. I often wonder if I had not had the experience I had with the church and being isolated and sent to coventry would I have bothered to study so hard to look at alternative views. Sure I would n
  8. I can only say what works for me. I cannot say what works for another and I do not feel that is my place to do so. Sure I shudder at some of the things some of fundamentalism does but I also see the comfort it brings when people are suffering or in need. Should I take that from them? I do not think so. I am just happy with saying that their voice is not the only one around and if your unhappy with it then we are here too. That said I found the late Fred Phelp's (Westboro) stand difficult to ignore with his declarations of "God hates f-a-g-s" and his picketing soldiers funerals whilst their re
  9. It is often in my opinion that there is importance to the addition of "(IMO)" in what we say. Yet, there is an extreme on both sides of the coin that say "this is the way it is and every other view is wrong". Having been through the experience of being kicked out of a church by a hostile reaction to my view that being gay is not a sin and God loves gay people despite what some say the bible says. Hate definitely existed and I experienced it. I met some who had been my friends before hand treat me with scorn and say it is my fault that the relationship broke down because I did not accept the bi
  10. (IMO) One does not need to go to a building or follow a ritual to connect with one's faith. Sometimes the greatest spiritual experiences occur whilst sitting in silence and connecting with nature. It was one such experience that gave birth to the Quaker movement. The realisation that God and the Spiritual was there also and one did not need an intermediary. Sometimes rituals can be great experiences too but they are not the only thing (IMO). I hope you find what you want searchingmum. Yet, I think you may find that inner peace is there with you waiting to be rediscovered. Welcome to the
  11. I remember a quote. If my memory serves me well it was said by Paul Tillich. It goes "No one distorts the path to truth than those who are given the undisputed authority to tell it". This is an issue because the church and its history has given themselves that undisputable authority and also the right to condemn to suffering and hell those who object to the view that they teach. In the past thousands of people have been killed to promote the churches authority and it is something I am all too conscious of. I am sure anyone with my views in the past would likely have been burn't at the sta
  12. Welcome Whylago. I started with "The Call to Heresy" by Robert Vande Weyer and onto Spong's book "Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism" and went on from there. Once I got the idea that the Bible was a development rather than a static work from the beginning all sorts of questions came to my mind. I also recommend "How Jesus became Christian" by Barry Wilson. Welcome my friend and I hope your journey is fruitful.
  13. Pete

    New Here

    Hi Kay. I personally go with what Joseph said but also see God as the unity of all things and the creator of existence. However, I am sure that view is flawed but like Joseph also said definitions get in the way of experiences. Welcome Kay.
  14. Hi Ychild. Substiitutional attonement is one I pondered over for some time. I mean why does someone have to die just for God to say I forgive you. Why cannot this just be done. I mean if we humans went with the same logic that somone has to die when people wrong us then I suspect there would not be many, if any, of us alive. Yet the idea of substitional Attonement portrays a God who is incapable of forgiving without someone or something being sacrificed. This for me portrays a flawed God. Nowadays I see Jesus as dying that we should know of God rather than dying that we should be forgiven by
  15. Welcome Southernwonder. I see you have a camera on you logo. Are you also interested in photography? I hope get many blessings from the forum.
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