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Hello, my name is Austin! :)


I'm a Christian, and I love photography and writing.

I am also fascinated by other languages. Right now I'm learning Spanish, and next I want to learn Mandarin.


So, yeah. I'm not good with introductions!

So hi! :D

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Welcome Guapo.


Of course we have met through our PM-ing, but publicly I'd like to encourage you to be open to what others may say on this forum and be prepared to discuss your points of view with open-mindedness. Other users here will provide you with the same respect.


Enjoy the forum.




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Hi Austin,


thanks for the introduction. I guess you are somewhere in the state of Florida. I just spent the winter in lake Worth. Spanish would sure come in handy while i am there. "tengo mucho gusto en conocerle" I don't remember too much Spanish from high school where i attended in West Palm Beach.. Not familiar with Mandarin. Seems like it would be a hard language to learn. Do you plan on traveling to China? or just interested in learning it for a third language? How did you find this site and do you attend any particular church? You are certainly welcome here whatever one you do or do not attend and i'm looking forward to getting to know you better.



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