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been lurking for a couple of weeks ... thought i would make myself known.


I'm from northern ireland and have a background in baptist churches and bible inerrancy. On and off, i always struggled with doubt, but for about the last three years it intensified and after much thought and research i felt i was left with only two choices:

to turn away from the church and religion totally, or to carry on as i was, practising a religion i didnt believe in.


After a visit from a church elder recently, i admitted my doubts, and realised it was much better to be open and honest and talk about it. my wife is pretty open minded and said she would be happy as long i am open to the existence of god, and follow the teachings of christ. these are two things i can manage - i believe in a god - i just dont know how i define that god yet; certainly not by the hebrew writings. i also believe there is much good to learn in the bible, if read with discernment.


When i decided to follow this path i was delighted to find that others had lead the way before me - bishop spong has been an inspiration, and i was glad to find this site.


So i am happy on the path i am following now, my only concern is my future in the church. i still want to be part of church because of my wife and kids, but this country has a strong fundamentalist history and it is not acceptable to say that the bible is not 'God breathed'. i imagine i will not be able to keep my position in the music team. and should i take communion? will the bible study group be too awkward? these are things that i have to figure out with time.


Anyway, that was a bit longer than i intended. thanks if you read this far!



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Welcome Jonny,


I think everything will work out fine. You got this far and you certainly are not alone in your thoughts and experience. Sounds like you have a very understanding wife. Thanks for the introduction.



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I wish you all the best for Sunday JonnyB. I personally would say that the life of my faith is the path of discovering God and attempting to walk with God. I suspect in this life no one knows God completely. I do not accept that believing every word of the bible is God spoken is part of that deal. Even Jesus was said to say that loving God and your neighbour was the focal point of the faith. I do not remember Jesus ever saying well there would be this book put together from other smaller books and writings that you must believe every word of as if it was spoken by God. This book would be adopted nearly 400 yrs later as Christian scripture after much heated debate and force by the church to establish what they think is right.

I remember Spong suggesting that this raising of the bible to the status of being God spoken and using this as the only medium to reach for God could be seen as idolitary. I think it is, but I also recognise this belief has much meaning to some.

That said I remember the pain of being isolated out of the church I attended but I can promise you that the freedom of thought that this eventually gave me was well worth the experience even if it did not feel like it at the time. Just remember you will always get a welcome here whatever you choose to do. God be with you my friend.

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