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Hello From Australia


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Hello everyone,


My name is Jim and am living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with my wife (Jenette) of almost 30 years, two small dogs and a cat. I am retired and, together with Jenette spend a good deal of my time working with our Spiritual Centre and teaching Ballroom Dancing at our local branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A).


As a child in New Zealand, I attended and Anglican (Episcopalian) church but quit when I was around 12 for a variety of reasons. At high school I was a member of the Crusader Movement which was very evangelical and I rejected those views almost immediately even though I continued to attend meetings with my school mates. At University, the Student Christian Movement opened my eyes to greater possibilities and at about that stage I read John Robinson and others. Soon after migrating to Australia in 1973 I discovered a rather progressive church and became an active member almost immediately. Things started to go wrong there following the departure of the minister and the death of his successor and I left around 1987. I lived in religious limbo until a couple of years ago when I descovered Unity. Now I am a very active member of Unity of Melbourne where, amongst other duties, I m acting as the webmaster and am leader of the Prayer Chaplaincy.


However, I still seek something that seems missing at Unity: a depth that I perceive in the writings of Bishop Spong. Currently I am reading his Resurrection and finding much to fill the void. What he points to is what have been my intuitive conclusions since childhood.


I look forward to much good sharing at ProgressiveChristianity.org.


Best wishes in the Christ spirit.



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