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Introduction. Robert Cole


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A little bit about myself. I am a retired cartographer (Fed. Gvt) and will be on social security next year. I started my studies abouit six years ago and they have become quite a hobby for me.


I aggree with many of the conclusions of Bishop Spong, but often for different reasons, so I do not know how to classify myself in the religious order of things. In some ways I am to to right, and some to the left, and many in the middle.


I volunteer in a local hospice house and am helping home teach one of my grandchildren. My routine is generally I read some from a a couple of books every day (have been through a couple of the Bishops books) a couple chapters of the Bible, and am currently reading some from a book about the Civil rights movement and a book about closure. I have just finished a book on the trinity and might tackle LaCugna's book. I have also read Merton and Borg, amongst others.


My work experience base is fairly broad, as I was one of those people who made a career from many different Jobs, but most of my time was spent in the Federal Government in one capacity or another. Jobs I have had run from being a garbage man to working with teenage drug addicts to being a map maker. I worked for about a year for the Iowa DOT helping on an interstate project. And I live in Iowa.


My ex and I get along as she is very dear to me. We have three children and four grand children. We were a mixed race couple (black and white, me being the white). We were married for 20 years.


My understanding of religion is developing.








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Greeting Robert,


Thanks for the introduction and welcome to the community. As you , i also shared in a large number of different jobs during my working career.from trash collecting to government work to entrepreneur . Life is a journey so whatever you do you might as well enjoy the ride, your family and your development.



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