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Nice To Know There Are Others Like Me!


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Hi fellow travellers and seekers! I am new to this forum and somewhat new to this way of thinking. Well, not new to thinking as a progressive Christian but ADMITTING that I have always thought like this & was too afraid to admit it. I've lived in the South all of my life and been an Episcopalian most of that time. I have always been proud of that because I have been encouraged to learn and read and THINK. But even now I am finding that my thoughts and beliefs are not in line with the church I attend, and it makes me uncomfortable. It gets in the way of my worship. I don't even know how to pray anymore.

Anyone who has been walking this road for awhile, please help me find my way....Is there something specific I should be reading that would be helpful? Are there any particular denominations more open to this way of thinking? How do I find others that feel this way? Can you warn me of the pitfalls I should avoid?

I appreciate your thoughts on this....I don't like this spiritual limbo I am in.

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Hi Ginger,


You are in no way alone in your thoughts and feelings. Many here have been that way before. It takes time to get past the feeling of being 'in between 2 worlds' I am not much of a reader but i am sure others here can give you some good pointers on what books to read to help and you will find a wealth of helpful views/information on existing threads on this site. I am most aware how painful it can be when taking the step you have taken . It may helpful to read the views of members here on "Just What is Progressive Christianity to you" by clicking .... HERE.


Also some of the heartfelt stories and replies under the "Personal Stories and Journey's Forum" might be helpful.

Welcome Ginger and make yourself at home.


PS If you will give your city and state , i will be happy to look up some progressive churches for you in your area.



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It would seem that Bishop John Spong, author of "Why Christianity must or Die" and many other books, could make you 'proud to be an Episcopalian'. :)


Welcome ginger,


Most of us discovered we were on the journey after we had been on it for a while. I am not sure there are any pitfalls except being certain that there is a right or wrong way.


For a few years I was on staff part-time in a church that had a significant fundamentalist and evangelical group. Where we had obvious disagreements about faith matters I tried to ask myself what was true about their position and why was this position important to them. Many times this would help me stay in a working relationship.


Even though I have moved and have an excuse to leave I may stay connected to this church for some sense of community. The pastor's sermons have recently given me new readings of a couple Gospel passages A new experience there.


United Church of Christ (UCC) in general are very liberal and focused on social justice issues.


I hope we can provide with conversations that meet your needs.



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Ginger, welcome. You will find others here who have been down similar paths. There have been a number of threads here dealing with some of the issues you bring up.


You ended your intro with several questions. It might be worthwhile to start a thread with a more specific issue or question.



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Welcome Ginger,


Others here may be better placed to provide you with advice. I would just offer you my hand in friendship and hope that you might find some peace and answers from the many wide and varied topics and resources found around here. As others have said, you are in no way alone in your thoughts and discovering a mismatch with your church - but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. Enjoy.




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Hi Ginger, I know from experience it can feel difficult at first when one breaks from the dictates of a church and especially so when one has friends who attend. All I can say is that looking back on things, it was one of the best decisions I made. One is free to believe what one does without being made to feel guilty or ill at ease with what a church is saying. I am personally with Dutch on recommending books by John Shelby Spong. John says what he believes from his lengthy studies and leaves the rest up to you without making one feel obligated to always agree. I found that refreshing and I feel his love for people is shown throughout his writings. He explores the development and changes of the faith and one can see the journey that the church has taken the faith to what it is now and it is not always for the best of reasons (IMO). I enjoy the freedom to worship and believe what feels right to me without having to remain silent because of comprimise due to some dogma that is unable to be discussed at a church. I recommend the journey my friend. It is amazing what you discover. I personally feel more deeper in my faith and able to say that I do not always agree with the churches stance and be more true to myself. I wish you success in finding a more enlightened church and remember we are all here to talk without any obligation should you wish too.


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