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Greetings From Mexico City


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I am a Christian Counselor / editor-translator and former ED Teacher, originally from the Great Lakes area of the US. I married a Mexican professor and now live and work in Mexico City with my family, which includes twin teenage daughters. (I am bilingual.)


I come from a progressive Lutheran upbringing, but have attended many different churches, believing that no group has a corner on the Wisdom of GOD and that we all have been called to be one in love for our creator, for each other and for all of creation.


I am interested in the areas of promoting justice, human rights, improving education and improving the quality of human interactions locally and internationally. I also have always loved science, history, archeology, music, nature, religion, following current political events in Mexico, the US and around the world and discussing all of the above with others. (Foreigners like me, though, are legally forbidden to participate in politics in Mexico!)


I have been searching unsuccessfully for a progressive Christian Church in Mexico City to become actively involved with since moving to Mexico a number of years ago. I am looking for fellowship and support, even more so because my husband is agnostic and not particularly tolerant of religious experience or spirituality of any kind (having been raised anti-Catholic, but was sent to Catholic private schools for academic reasons).

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Welcome to the forum Terry. I would imagine Mexico City to be primarily Catholic and i am not aware of any progressive christian churches within our global network listed on our main site for that location. Perhaps you could start a small group yourself meeting in homes on a regular basis and see where that leads. You would think that the city is big enough to have at least one UU or Progressive Christian church. Perhaps it does but i have been unsuccessful locating one from a cursory examination on the internet.


Anyway, most here are interested in the same things you mention in your introduction post. Feel free to join the conversations or start a thread of interest to yourself. There is quite a database here of past threads that can be searched if you are interested in a particular discussion past discussion.


Again welcome,


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Welcome Terry.


I have a sister who is a missionary in Mexico City however she is very much of the fundy variety. She 'knows' God's will and His 'plan', so I don't think she'd be what you are looking for. Bit of a shame really, as she is moderately active politically, teachs English at UNAM, and has twin 11yr old boys! On the face of it she has similiar interest to you. I wouldn't know what church they participate in.


I hope you enjoy the forum.




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