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Back From The Outside World


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I haven't dropped by for quite some time ...it's nice to see some familiar faces /alter egos and reconnect with the PC.org vibe.




Has anyone else been a prodigal son/daughter with this site at times? For me I became less 'regular' in the process of moving back to New Zealand, having longer working hours, finding a real time church that works for me (hooray, it's basically the first time ever), and having a computer break down.




Annie G


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I've had a little bit of an absence with my career taking a new direction last year (change of industry) so I found myself participating here a lot less. Probably also partly because I think I am less 'searching' now than I was when I first started here some 5 years ago - well a lot less than 5 years ago, but more 'less' in the past year or so. However I do enjoy the community here and re-entering discussions is not a problem.


Glad you've had a chance to re-engage a bit Annie. I hope you're move to across the pond is working out well for you.




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Hi Annie


Yes, another drop byer here...... :) Discussion forums of all shapes and sizes have been a blessing for me - from my very first hesitant post on an old Tricycle Forum about twenty years ago up until now. From being someone afraid to say boo to a goose I am now able to express myself as I wish without fear.......which is good with a Father of the Bride speech coming up fast! After time spent on Buddhist Forums, Agnostic Forums, Secular Forums, Atheist Forums, Christian Forums, Islamic Forums, Interfaith Forms (Some might have slipped my mind) I have now virtually retired. There is really little I want or feel the need to say and like Paul has also said, I am not "searching" anymore. What is left of me is resting contentedly in this rather strange world of ours which we need to love and have mercy towards no matter the circumstance.





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Annie welcome back and I am happy your life is filling up as you imagined. I also retired and have filled up my schedule already: traveling, fixing up my house to sell, staining cupboards, painting, changing door knobs, screens and the list goes on. I try to write and rest in the ground of being like Derek just taking things as they come and contributing where I can. The other day at the gym I was meditating in the sauna and when I opened my eyes, there was this 84 year old man with long white hair and long beard, I really didn't recognize him, but said "Crazy Bob". He looked startled so I said his formal name first and last and the name I had 45 years ago when I met him. He was in my yoga class at the prison and the first inmate released to a half-way house for prisoners that we started. I had a health food store and he use to organize concerts so the store promoted them until our roads separated and then suddenly came back. Time is linear on the physical plane, but multidimensional when we realized we never left in the first place.

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