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HI Kathy,

I was born and raised RC and was one for over 50 years, the last several years I said I need to know where the Bible came from and where Christianity came form, know more about God ya know, to my horror I discovered what I believed in was not true. I still struggle, its like my hearts been torn out, but I do still believe in God and follow the golden rule. Now I know why the RCC didn't want anyone to read the Bible or question the Church. I do feel truth , no matter how hard it can be to be the best, but I am unable to discuss this with family or friends cept my husband.

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Hi Luvtosew,


I moved your post to your own introductory thread which seemed more appropriate.


Welcome to the community. It can definitely be a struggle and emotionally painful when finding out what you have been handed down isn't was it was made out to be. It can be a lonely journey at times when you aren't following the masses but you are not alone in your quest for truth and there are many here that have passed through the same territory as you. Feel free to share and discuss your feelings.



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Luvtosew, I solute you for your courage and insight to follow the Truth.


We venture into the deep, but it is still connected to all zones, the shallow and the deep zones, therefore it requires no departure from
modern life.

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Welcome Luvtosew,


Congratulations on being prepared to follow through on what must have been a very hard reality to learn.


I hope you enjoy sharing and questioning here.




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