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I took a course in Progressive Christianity several years ago, and I was very interested in finding Christians who believe as I do. I go to a church that is very welcoming to everyone, and I really enjoy our discussions. I find I still am a bit on the fringe in that I like to really dig in and analyze what Christians claim to believe. I don't mean to imply that I am critical of the beliefs of others, but I do find that many people are bound to the "party line" and really don't pay much attention to what they say they believe. Anyway, I am here to learn from other people as well as to discuss Christianity with thinking people. I am 69 years old, was raised in a Baptist Church, attended a non-denominational church until it was taken over by fundamental Christians, went to two Lutheran churches, and now I belong to an Episcopal church that I dearly love. Religion and spirituality are very important to me.

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