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Feeling Drawn Back To Something...

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Hi everyone. I'm not quite sure how to begin this...not really sure if I'm here to ask questions, or just ramble a little and see if anyone feels interested enough to comment. Anyway, here goes.


For the past few months I've felt myself being drawn back to some sort of spiriruality. For quite some time I considered myself an atheist (though not of the anti-theist type). Now, I'd say I'm more of an agnostic, but one who feels that spiritual matters have an important role in our lives. To me it seems that all spiritual paths are ways that we, as humans, connect to something that is somehow 'beyond' us. I don't know whether that something is real in any objective sense. Sometimes it feels like it is, but our minds are strange things and can fool us so easily. Yet another reason for my agnosticism. :)


I do feel very strongly drawn to the story of Christ. Of course, as someone who was raised as an Anglican, I suppose it's only natural that the faith of my childhood would have more resonance with me than other paths. That said, I have always felt a certain attraction for some forms of neo-paganism and in many ways I would say my overall world view is rather Pantheistic.


Anyway, it's getting late here, so I'll wind this up for now. Im hoping some like-minded souls on here will maybe post some responses. I think we can all learn a lot from each other in places like this.


In the words of the late, great Dave Allen, 'Goodnight, and may your God go with you'



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Hi Stephen,


Feeling drawn to something that is beyond us is, i think, most normal at some point in the journey of life. It seems to me that it is not so important that we give it a name as it is that we stay focused on the source which inevitable points regardless of our religion to our connection with each other and all of creation and the Divine which is in my view, one and the same.. While it may only appear as a feeling at times, It would to me seem closer to reality than the thinking mind since we are indeed experiencers of life as sentient beings.


Progressing along seems to me to be more about removing those things or obstacles (beliefs, views, opinions) that come between us rather than learning any new mind knowledge. To me, Truth is always present and not outside of one self. When conditions are ripe it appears of itself. In my experience, there is no forcing that which draws us and only a humble, loving and forgiving spirit is required to cooperate.


Anyway, Glad you have found this community and hoping it is of mutual benefit to us all,


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Stephen I like your train of thought. You are strong enought to break with tradition, and sensitive to the present-moment awareness to see deeply into the interconnectedness and the cause and effect of our most important resource, which is the energy that comes from an ever- present source. May the thought journey lead us to bliss, God, energy or service to others.

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Thanks to everyone for the replies. I've been reading some other threads and this seems like a very open-minded forum. It's great to have somewhere like this where one can discuss this sort of thing without being preached at or be the subject of an attempted conversion.

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