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Evolutionary Christian Mysticism - Would You Attend This Church?

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All below are excerpts from an extensive pamphlet used by Bruce Sanguin's church to explain who they are. It brings so many strands of current thinking together and weaves them with Scripture.


What is Evolutionary Christian Mysticism?

Bruce Sanguin



a booklet to provide a little theological context for his own congregation members practicing what they identify as "evolutionary Christian spirituality", and for those visitors to Canadian Memorial who want to know more about what's going on there.


Rather, God “makes” a world that can make itself.


The universe moves in a biased direction toward increased wholeness (unity), orderliness (which includes random activity), creativity, and consciousness.


But the promise of God is that, even with all of its imperfection, suffering, and tragedy, the story will be meaningful, fulfilling, and ultimately a story of Love’s progress.


To be Christian, then, is to take on this spirit that is continually breaking open—not replacing—and advancing tradition. By interpreting evolution from within the Christian tradition, and interpreting our tradition through the lens of evolution, we are being faithful to the spirit of Jesus. It is the very heart of our lineage to be watching for how Spirit is moving to evolve the tradition.


But the greatest scientist to have ever lived, Albert Einstein, said that the mystical emotion is the highest emotion available to us. The “mystical emotion” is grounded in an experience of unity: the awareness and experiential feeling that Reality is One, and we are expressions of that unity, manifesting in wondrous diversity. This mystical sensibility that there is only one, seamless reality and that we are an expression of that unity is grounded in solid science and in the mystic sensibility of mystics of all religious traditions, including Judaism and Hubble-telescope-Merging--003Christianity.


Science is revealing a universe that supports this mystic intuition.


We are the interior dimension of the universe evolving. And this interior dimension is filled with “God”: the Mind (Conscious Intelligence) and Heart (Love) that is the ground of Being or the “divine milieu” from which a universe emerged and evolved 13.7 billion years ago and continues to emerge and evolve. The paradox is that we are That which we’ve been seeking our entire lives. What we mean is that we are embodied expressions of the Mystery of the Holy One and the Sacred Oneness of Reality.


These are divine qualities and characteristics that abide within each of us, but it has taken 200,000 years of evolution for us to realize; that is, to make them real within ourselves through conscious awareness. Given that we are evolutionary creatures, the capacity for love, wisdom, creativity, and the wise use of our power is still in the process of being realized.


This is evolutionary Christian mysticism: persons on the path of Christ, consciously evolving in community, one with the evolving cosmos, and one with the divine Heart and Mind, in loving service to our one Earth community.




I would attend this church



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In answer to the question "Would you attend this church" - yes, for 2 reasons: curiosity, that is, to see if it is what I understand it to be and because of the term "mysticism". I'm reading a lot of books just now - for my MDiv - on mysticism, and I think I am a mystic (if not a very good one.)

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Attend as in a 'once off' or attend regularly? I don't see any harm in going once or twice to check it out further. They're philosophy is interesting, but that said, I agree with Myron that some interpretations seem a bit off the mark. Just who's mark - well that beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. So if it is a line of thought that interests someone, and they are looking to join or participate in such a community, then who am I to say don't attend. I wouldn't though, because I'm not interested in becoming involved with organised religion again (at the moment anyway, maybe never).




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Given the background, and the question ....


No, I would not attend this church. The interpretations seem a bit off the mark.




Can you explain more why you find it "off the mark?"



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