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I'm 79, former RC Benedictine monk, RC priest (monk from '52 to '69, priest from '58 to '69). Went into banking upon departing the priesthood, did that for 18 years, then wrote novels for a while (Got 4 published--whodunits), then--20 years ago--decided to devote myself to the life of the mind, studying whatever comes across my plate. For a few years, back in the '90s, I studied the New Testament--deeply. I was lucky enough to have majored in Latin & Greek classics, so had enough knowledge of Greek to be able to read the NT in the original language. Of course, I didn't go into this study cold, having had beaucoup courses in scripture during my seminary training, but this was study on a much deeper level than what I engaged in, during the seminary years. I was also, at the same time, reading lots of NT commmentary by the "experts". As it happens, Bishop Spong was NOT one of the authorities I read at the time, but I think he'd have approved of my choice of "advisers": Ray Brown, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, Jim Charlesworth, & a bunch of others on whose names I'm unfortunately drawing a blank. (Did I mention I'm 79 years old?) I formed some ideas on what the NT is all about, & having now read some of Dr.Spong's books, I can say we're pretty much in sync.


For the past 10 or 12 years, my interests have run more toward the scientific--Steven Pinker & his ilk now being my favorite line of study. But I retain my intense interest in the NT. Some of my atheist scientific buddies cannot understand how ANY wisdom could possibly come out of studying folks who lived before the scientific revolution, & I respect their viewpoint, but I think they're being a bit shortsighted. -Bill Love

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Welcome. I very much look forward to your contributions to our discussions. You mention being a Pinker fan. Have you read his latest, The Better Angels of Our Nature? I am in the middle of it now and enjoying it a great deal.



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