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  1. Paul, I have no issue with a donation but I am concerned that no one seems interested in continuing. Certainly you and Joseph, at least for 6 months but other than ireverance, is there anybody else? Trying to determine if it is time to move on given a lack of sufficient numbers to make it interesting.
  2. Seems we have 7 days for a final decision. Let's see if there are others (already Paul, Joseph, Irreverence, me) who are willing. If not then I guess it becomes a question of waiting 6 months or pulling the plug in a week?? I don't want it to all fall on Paul. Thanks Paul tom
  3. Now, with the 'revelation' of his (trumpster) taxes we see what many in NYC, most in the real estate world and many others knew: he is not a good business man, owes millions, has failing businesses and takes questionable 'business expenses.' And this clown questioned Obama's taxes years ago.
  4. Makes sense but I'll let others react as I have never been part of FB
  5. Interesting, I haven't thought of Carmelites in decades. I do like your idea of 'God in the silence.'
  6. I signed up for TheologyWeb (as Burl suggested) under the same username. Perhaps if this site closes I'll see some of you there :+}
  7. Joseph, is the jury still out on your negotiation of the pricing exception?
  8. I appreciate the history of which I was not aware. Amazing that the main site did not want to provide some financial support.
  9. Should we perhaps simply invade the main site? 😁
  10. Joseph, Paul, Pip, Elen, Burl, others (some among these already contributing).............what are your thoughts? Small donations going forward for the next year or let the site die?
  11. So does this mean you would not consider a small monthly donation for say a year?
  12. Again, times are now different. To answer your question, since I suggested it, I would be willing to donate $5 monthly if, with the others making a similar commitment, that would get us to $45 as long as we have at least a joint commitment for a year. Alternately, a monthly fee or a payment for a month has some possibilities as long as there is a commitment from others for at least a year. Will wait to see what others have to say.
  13. That was the past, perhaps the new circumstances will encourage others to contribute. But we shall see.
  14. Regarding the possible closing of the site, a few thoughts come to mind: * ask the 'regulars' if they would be willing to contribute something monthly (for example $5) and suggest (or charge) others who are not regulars donate $2 if they want to participate; if they become regulars then the donation moves to $5 (if the site brings in more than $45 monthly the balance is kept in an account for future payments should the number of regulars drop). * have a minimal monthly charge for all (like the former Spong site) for membership and set the rate by the initial number of people (example
  15. Oh Pip, poor Pip.............. You read the Bible literally and, in spite of Paul's best efforts to provide reading material, you have no idea how to read the Bible, understand its construction or that it is the insights of men in different ages and not direct revelation from on high. No one can prove anything either way............and I believe God is 'sad' that people (you) fall back on the illusion of a devil, judge others for not accepting that illusion and forget the commandment of Love. You take words from the Bible and make of them idols to worship or fear ............and fo
  16. Pip, there is no devil..........there is only God in whom we have our being. We don't need a 'devil' to tempt us (or blame), we are surrounded by self-centeredness and, if we opt for it, we are blameworthy. There are not two powers, there is no such duality, there is only the One who is Alpha & Omega. I have no interest in end-time conspiracy theories or misinterpretations of the book of Revelation.
  17. Of course you feel guilty, he's your father, you love him and it is a very difficult situation. Not sure if you have a family of your own to consider but it must be a toxic situation to always be surround by such stuff - toxic even if it is just you. I agree that you need, if you haven't already, to have a heart to heart with him and if it doesn't change then you have a tough decision: live with it or find him another place to live. There is also a possible 3rd way, tough love: sometimes the best approach is to say "this is my house and I don't want this nonsense in my home. I won'
  18. Now you're saying "the devil did it." Then it's definitely not the word of God.
  19. And then we have cancel the right to vote with trumpster minions disrupting and intimating voters in Virginia. Love that respect for the Constitution. Perhaps if they were more confident in the trumpster, they would stay home and let others live out their right to vote.
  20. Now it's cancel the Republicans' word: "Oh no you can't consider anyone for the Court in an election year" and now, "Oh, we have to rush this, have to do this before Election Day."
  21. Not Revelation again..........that's not the word of God.
  22. Incredible revelations from Pence former advisor. Yet, once again, the trumpster and his minions try to discredit her (as they have tried with others) as a disgruntled former advisor. And this includes the oh so Christian Pencester?
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