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  1. Neither can I, neither can many other Americans - it is beyond baffling. I think herd immunity is a term thrown around with little understanding. And recently trumpster said that if we discount the 'blue' states the deaths from the virus are not as bad - as if those Americans are not citizens of the same country or not worthy of consideration. If this clown is re-elected, as many have said, we fear for the future of the USA.
  2. OMG, Caputo said he is unhealthy, including mentally and started talking about shadows in his apartment. He then announced his leave of absence. And this is a spokesman selected by the trumpster himself. The trumpster is really expanding and filling the swamp with some interesting individuals.
  3. People living in the 21st Century...................like now in 2020. I suspect your end-time site does not resonate with most people living today.
  4. There that judgment again - It 'appears' that you have missed or simply ignored that teaching of Jesus.
  5. Actually I love God. Not sure why you harp on this one commandment. Does this mean you're okay with stealing, coveting your neighbor's wife or killing - since these are never mentioned? Plus you make assumptions about people and their keeping of the commandments. Should you be judging? Oops watch out for the plank in your eye. Finally remember it is not the one who says "Lord, Lord" but the one who does the will of the Father.............to Love. The most important part of the Catholic mass is the ending: "Go love and serve the Lord." You have heard the Word, you hav
  6. And that has been answered............simply not by you in a way that would be helpful to today's audience. I have no question for you since, as stated previously, you provide "no answers for 21st C people." ___________________ As for the Holy Spirit: as a Christian I was not taught nor do I believe the Spirit is a 3rd separate being. Not sure what you are talking about or whose teaching your are referring to.
  7. And let me teach you: the first 4 are summed up in the 1st great commandment and the remaining 6 are 'summed' up by the 2nd great commandment. And of course if one truly loves God then they love their neighbor and, conversely, if one truly loves their neighbor, then they love God. No one has said or suggested the commandments don't 'stay till the end of the world' - however, in truth, all the commandments are to Love. Actually some of the commandments are stated in the negative, such as 'thou shalt not'............but the 2 great commandments put a positive spin on it: thou m
  8. Then we have cancel the country with this guy Caputo telling people to buy bullets now to be ready for the insurrection! And the trumpster clown says he wants to 'negotiate' a 3rd term.
  9. Cancel culture? The trumpster tries (yet again) to cancel science in his absurd remarks in California as California burns (most of it federal land). And this is they guy who refers to himself as a (stable) genius. I wonder if he also hired people to pass his science classes after hiring one to get him into a top notch university in the first place????
  10. And with respect to other faith expressions, the discussion was Christianity and Jesus. As to Pip - it is not helpful to continually ask others if they are obeying the 10. If the 1 commandment of Love is obeyed, all is fulfilled. And 'all' that is necessary is to wake up the next day (and all one's days) and fulfill it again and again and again. The full 10 were never questioned, no one said they were. However the 10 are fulfilled in the 2 ..........which is still simply the 1: Love and do what you will (for what one wills is love). What is reminiscent of the Pharisees
  11. Jesus summarized the 10 in the two: "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." And both are about love, so 1. If mere semantics or inexplicable ...............at least I'm in good company :+}
  12. Pip, interestingly you never even try to answer questions. Seemingly, you have never considered the questions and thus have no answers for 21st C people. And I never said I don't believe in God, I simply reject your interpretations and its limited image of God. God needs no invitation as he is always present and since childhood he has always been 'inside.' You fight a losing battle Pip: I am reminded of the Pharisees and Scribes of old - the ones Jesus corrected.
  13. It is a new covenant with God that Jesus brings and the 10 are best understood as two and the two are one: Love. All else is mere commentary.
  14. I agree. I was pointing out the option open to him other than the actions he did take - which he now says were because he didn't want to cause panic. Lies upon lies -this is the mark of the man and his supporters allow it rather than calling him out and demanding better.
  15. Just read the actual option that the trumpster had that went beyond 'no panic' and 'jumping up and down' - stay calm, tell the American people the truth and lead. ______________________________ And then, this question: "If you knew it (the virus) was so dangerous and transmitted by air, why did you keep holding rallies, mock people for wearing masks and nag governors to reopen businesses?"
  16. Just watched a clip from 'Unfit' a documentary about the trumpster's cognitive decline - scary as hell and rings true given the American experience of this guy.
  17. Great point, why aren't his supporters more curious and skeptical about this issue. And look what this guy has done about intelligence briefing to Congress about this specific issue. Something to hide? One would think that 'Republicans' would be all over any Russian (or any) interference in the past, the present and in our upcoming election. But nothing from them. And they seeming also support his efforts to suppress the vote even though there is no evidence of any widespread or concerning voter fraud. Where are the Republicans?
  18. You didn't read before you read it? Say what??
  19. That explains nothing to a 21st C audience. What do you mean by the Spirit, what do you mane by Power, how does such Power work and is there really any such Power in the face of the natural and manmade evil in the world? Have you even or ever considered the question of evil? Have you ever tried to explain 'how' God works in the world?
  20. What is amazing is that the trumpeter suggested the only options before him were to lie (to avoid a panic??) or jump up and down and say we're all going to die. However, the real option, that taken by other presidents and Churchill, was to be honest with the people and..........lead. If he led, our situation would be drastically different. But that was not to be: the chickens came home to roost and the man revealed who he always was. Sadly for us, even more sad for the nearly 200k dead Americans (and those yet to die), is that this guy is incapable of true leadership.
  21. Either that or the people who 'worship' God, heard him wrong and voted for the least among us :+} ------------------------------ I agree that the trumpster is lying about lying about the virus..............to keep the economy (not even his economy but largely a holdover from Obama) going, at least the stock market. One woman who lost her father, said his only underlying condition was that he believed in the trumpster. That is an underlying condition that far too many people still have.
  22. It would be instructive if the trumpster listened not only about not blaming black people but how devious the Communists (Russia) is, especially his idol, Putin. Then again, the trumpeter depends on Russian interference. Although the guy in the video is way off base about poverty, education, blaming the police, etc. Time for an update if still alive.
  23. From your lips to God's ear :+} ----------------------------------------------------------- What really struck me was the excuse, now being presented by his minions, that the trumpster wanted to avoid a panic. Given that rationale the president, at the time, should have prevented us from learning the entire truth about Pearl Harbor. 911 and a whole host of other issues.......to keep the American people from panicking. But we don't have a president to keep us from panicking. We have a president to deal with issues: to lead when a crisis hits, to lead so that the people have the
  24. I do get a kick out of it when the trumpster states that someone (in this case Harris) is not competent - he is the poster boy for incompetence.
  25. Now they mock Biden going to honor his son, also a soldier, at the cemetery. They have no honor and the trumpster is their leader. Tragic!
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