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Honored To Have Bishop Spong At Our Conference!

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Hello all!

I am a huge fan of Bishop Spong, and was delighted when he accepted my invitation to speak at the annual conference I produce. It's a unique program called The Science and Spirit of Death and Beyond, sponsored by our organization, The Death Awareness Institute. Please take a look at our website, and I hope you'll consider joining us!


I look forward to being part of this board and getting to know all of you. I'm an ordained interfaith minister and a hospice/hospital chaplain, based in Portland, Oregon. I'm a graduate student in an online Pastoral Care program at Fordman, and my undergrad degree is in Religious Studies.


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Welcome, Terri!


I'm a huge fan of Jack Spong also, having read a number of his books and listened to many talks he has given. Wish I could be there to hear the good bishop. I haven't yet read his latest book on eternal life, but I'm sure your conference is in for a treat! Best regards.

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Wow! What a very fascinating combination of topics that interests me: Bishop John Shelby Spong and Death, Dying and Hospice!!! You don't have to tell me twice to check out that website! I hope I could see the conference while I am there! I think I love this website too, because I get to meet fascinating Christians, like you guys! Wow! Okay, I got a little excited!

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