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Looking For A Safe Zone To Nurture An Authentic Spirituality


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Hi, I stumbled on your site recently. I have found the posts thought-provoking and I like the tolerance for various interpretations and Christian spiritual walks. So I am looking forward to reading and relating.

I have a mixed church experience: seven years as a Pentecostal, then after a traumatic event, eight years as an Anglican (very enriching but tainted by local organizational problems). I now attend a local mainstream semi-charismatic church. I love the contemporary music, creativity, compassion in action, but struggle with aspects of the rigid theology and constraints on debate ("Stick to the party line"). This often duels with my background in biology and psychology. But I am glad I haven't left because the new generations of university graduates are now questioning the status quo.

Thanks for setting up this web page. It is great to have the freedom to explore contemporary issues and to use the brains God has gifted us.


Ella Jay

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Welcome Ella Jay,


Glad to hear you are enjoying exploring this site. There have been a lot of thought provoking posts over the years. I think most all here have had struggles with rigid mainstream theology in the past . I am most happy now not to struggle with rigid views that others have chosen to cling to. Being blind myself i can relate to such a condition and who can say why one is able to have their own eyes opened while another's is still shut and when that moment comes for each of us?.


Again welcome and looking forward to your posts.



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