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Hi everyone!

Here's a little introduction. I go by the name "Bean" I am a teacher, a coach, a runner, a parent, and many other things.


I used to be a fundamentalist and a very staunch conservative politically. About 6 years ago, I went through a complete transformation. My eyes were opened and mind opened to the possibility of thinking for myself. I gradually became more moderate politically, then more moderate in theology. I eventually became "progressive" in both.

I've since left the non denominational church that I was part of for 12 years, returning to my roots as an ELCA lutheran. Have not been happier with church since I made that move.


I have been voraciously reading and seeking out truth the past few years. At this point in my life, I am sure of just a few things.


There IS a Supreme Being/Creator...Jesus came to show us The Way...We are ALL children of God...The Bible contains God's word if we listen.


I'm not sure about a lot of other things!


I've been reading a lot. Stealing Jesus was a great book. I'm currently in the middle of "Rescuing the Bible" by Bishop Sprong. Mind opening. Freeing. Have to say I have learned so much reading these books. Oh yeah, the shack...Fiction, but very good.


I used to believe that the Bible was absolutely 100% without error, the literal Word of God. I used to believe that every sentence in the Bible was to be read like a manual. Using my brain I can now see that God wants us to see the big picture...

That's a longer intro than you needed I am sure. I am looking forward to many great discussions and learning from all of you!



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Hi Bean,


Welcome to this little community and I hope you enjoy and participate in the discussions.





PS: I am sure of one thing - I don't think I can ever be sure. :)

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Mr. Bean one of my favorite comedians. Being a runner says it all, I feel runners alter their consciousness, which is similar to meditation. I respect your devotion, desire to know and the revelatons you might share with us from your long runs. Great introduction.......

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Glad you joined us Mister Bean. I think learning is a two way street. We also learn from you too. I, like you enjoyed Spongs book Rescuing the Bible and I also came from a conservative background. If one had asked me 20 years ago what my views would be now I think I would have been very surprised at what they are now. It is good to find another traveller on the road. Welcome..

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