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Hello To All! Looking Forward To Many Rich Discussions


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Amazing how so many journeys of inquiry led so many people to this place. I look forward to sharing this journey with many of you. I have sought for so long to find a community where I can express the Christianity I feel inside me in a way that makes sense. I often feel such dissonance in the traditional congregation(s) that I have attended. Wonderfully good and decent people, but often stories that just don't ring true for me anymore. Blessings to all.

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Greetings and welcome kshewfelt,


I imagine its great sking at this time in Colorado. Was planning on being in Steamboat Springs this month but things worked out differently. I guess i'll suffer through the warmth of S Florida for the winter. :)


Also raised with a Roman Catholic background but not with their formal schooling as yourself. You are certainly welcome and encouraged here to express the Christianity you feel inside and makes sense to you. Looking forward to reading your posts.


Again welcome,


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