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    I am an avid reader. I like baseball memorabalia. I am a Registered investment advisor. I enjoy helping people to be content in their financial situation and to use their money in a stewardly manner. I wish I felt more confortable participating more but the academia on this site is impressive and I am quite new to TCPC.
  1. I keep going back to A Faith Worth Believing by Tom Stella. The seventh chapter of the book "Learning to Walk in the Dark" by Barbara Brown Taylor and Dr. Roger L Ray's book, "Progressive Faith and Practice"
  2. Hi to all, This is a very interesting discussion and I am excited to sense the safety of this site to express beliefs. I have learned from all participating in this discussion over the years. thanks
  3. I saw "life of Pi" last night. Very good.
  4. Anything by Robin Meyers, Diana Butler Bass
  5. A prayerbook for the 21st century john mcquisten II
  6. I do. I dont understand it. I try to listen for what the spirit tells me to do to be his/her intermediary.
  7. I belong to a evangelical/praise style church because that is all there is in my dutch community. It is a great group of people but my theology is different. I have always enjoyed your posts and am excited to hear from you again. thanks Bob VE
  8. Sharon-welcome-your story is very much like mine. thanks bob ve
  9. I must say your intro was very interesting and I hope you find the tcpc family as inviting as I do. thanks for your introduction and welcome. Bob VE
  10. Welcome Tsisqua-you are in the same situation at your church as I am in mine. Bob ve
  11. Welcome Kris and Mike from Bob ve
  12. Welcome-you are among friends here. bobve
  13. My wife and I went to dinner with a couple that are friends of ours and the wife is really searching spiritually because we live in a very fundamentalist community. This morning I am trying to figure out how best to introduce her to TCPC and what we are about. thats what I am doing today. thanks bob ve
  14. I would like to also welcome you Jarrod. bobve2
  15. Aletheia-It is so nice to here from you-sincerely Bob VE
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