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  1. Plot points and spoilers will be discussed below! Feast is a short film released by Disney, so this one is pretty short. Summary: A Boston Terrier puppy is searching for food in an alley when someone throws him a french fry. The man adopts him and takes him home. What follows is a montage of meals: first kibble, then kibble with eggs and bacon, spaghetti, nachos, and more. This is what the dog, now named Winston, lives for- he LOVES food! One day Winston's owner has dinner with a woman, and the dinner Winston gets is different. Instead of junk food it's veget
  2. Thank you very much for this information! I will be checking these out
  3. Plot points will be discussed below! This is a spoiler warning This post is not nearly as complete as I would like. I had a hard time breaking down this movie as I did the last one, and I think it deserves a lot more than I gave it here. Since I have worked on it for quite a bit and seem to have hit a wall, I want to make sure everyone knows they are welcome to add any thoughts and ideas to fill this out more! Summary: China is under attack by the Huns, and the emperor rallies the country's army to protect his nation. Conscription notices go out to take one man from
  4. The only Christian books I am familiar with are written by very conservative authors. These seem to be the only kind sold by nearby stores, from WalMart to Barnes and Nobel, and especially Lifeway. Since I am not familiar with any moderate, progressive, or liberal Christian author, does anyone have any suggestions that I could look up on Amazon? I'm sort of in the dark about this topic so I'm not sure how to approach it.
  5. In my view, morals in the sense of what is acting or showing care and thought for the future is wisdom and i think that is what you are referring to as living a 'good' life. Is that correct? That's what I was going for, yes I'm sorry if the quote messed up, I'm still getting used to the features here.
  6. There is no reason to make a comment like that. My point is not to discuss the existence of morality, go make your own thread.
  7. The purpose of this thread and idea isn't to break down that question. It was just asking if people would like it if I posted threads about moral lessons taught in movies.
  8. I'm really not sure what you're saying. Are you picking at this because I used the word "good" in a sentence because it didn't match to the same meaning that you held? If that's the case, I'm really not sure this discussion is going to go anywhere.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to ask? I don't know what the Gordian knot is. I will try to explain what I mean: I think moral lessons taught in movies (or anything, really) can help a person change the way they think in ways that can help them. The way I'm trying to say "live a good life", I'm saying being introduced to a new idea or way of thinking that helps you live a better life because this lesson can help you. You don't need to take in every lesson and use it, but some are really helpful. Like being taught by example why it's a good idea to have patience with others, wh
  10. When I wrote this post and my first movie discussion post, the concept of morals I used was an important lesson that can be valuable to living a good life I am not anywhere near perfect at this though, especially because this is my first time doing such a thing, so I really want to open it up for discussion from everyone. I hope I answered your question in the way you wanted, but if not I can try again!
  11. You're right about Nala not really knowing what Simba is going through. Although Simba refuses to tell her, it's not because he's being difficult, he is hurting very badly because of something terrible in his past and he's scared. I see what you're saying in the last paragraph! That's a really awesome observation and another very important thing to think about. Thanks very much for your addition!
  12. Plot details will be expounded on in this post for all those who are spoiler conscious The format that I would like to do these posts in will include a summary, and then a breakdown of different characters and the challenges they face. I know that many people know about The Lion King and have probably seen it, so a summary might seem a bit silly, but I would really like to practice this because I've never done it before. I hope it is an enjoyable read! The Lion King is one of my favorite movies. It came out when I was a child and I have watched it more times than I can
  13. I was thinking of doing each movie in its own thread, actually! So I hope that will work! I haven't seen the animated X-Men series I actually haven't seen many shows or movies that are based on super hero franchises. Maybe someone can add those!
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